Health Benefits of Grass Fed Meat: Why it’s Good and Where to Buy

There are many health benefits of grass fed meat. If you aren’t eating grass fed meat, I’d like to offer you a few reasons why you should try it. As heart disease and obesity have steadily risen over the past few decades, it’s important to look at how we can take proactive steps towards our health. And it all starts with the food that we put into our body!

If you are worried about obesity and heart disease, consider the many health benefits of grass fed meat. Are you familiar with the term “you are what you eat?” We all know that the food we put into our body contains vital nutrients that help us do all of the things our body is meant to do.

Learn the health benefits of grass fed meat vs grain fed and how to buy it.
Pasture fed cows on meadow in Germany. Photo by: Andreas Krappweis courtesy of stock.xchng.

Why We Need Good Quality, Healthy Grass Fed Meat

When our diet is poor, our energy level decreases, our mood becomes imbalanced, our skin looks dull, and our digestive system gets out of whack. As organic, local, and whole foods become increasingly popular, people are becoming more and more conscious of the types of food they are putting into their body. But as meat eaters, we also have to be conscious about what is going into the animal’s body. This is why it’s important to know the health benefits of grass fed meat versus the health risks of grain fed meat.

When we eat animal products, we are also eating everything the animal has eaten. It’s important to know where our animal products come from, what they are fed, and how they are treated, because when it comes down to it, “we are what our animals eat.”

Not too long ago, animals roamed free on the farm, fed on grass, grew at a natural pace, and lived a stress free life. Fast forward to the 1950’s and large factories and grain-fed animals became increasingly popular as demand grew and techniques for increasing production and lowering costs were developed. Genetically engineered grain and soy (GMOs) were subsidized by the government and therefore became a low cost alternative for food. However, nutritional experts believe that the switch from the health benefits of grass fed meat to unhealthy grain-fed animals has had a dramatic effect on our overall well being.

Health Problems are Common with Grain fed Animals

Grain-fed, factory farmed animals present a variety of concerns that, in the end, affect us as consumers.  Factory farmed animals are raised in confined spaces where they can barely move. Their spaces are dirty, contaminated, and covered in feces. These conditions promote the heavy use of hormones, antibiotics, and other drugs in order to keep the animals alive. Sometimes the animals are so sick and on the verge of dying, that they have to be fork lifted to the slaughter house because they can’t move on their own.

Not only are grain fed animals eating an unnatural diet of GMO grains like corn and soy, they are also eating waste products such as garbage, stale food, and even candy.

As you can imagine, these animals live a stressful life. We all know the affect that stress has on our own body and it’s no different with an animal.

The Health Benefits of Grass Fed Meat

Fortunately the health benefits of grass fed meat is now an option for many consumers again. Pasture fed animals are making a comeback. These animals are raised on a pasture and are able to roam free and grow naturally without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

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