Healthy Eating Children’s Book: Hookitty Tookitty Tah by Antonio Mugica

Hookitty Tookitty Tah's Bully Dragon learns to eat healthy.
Hookitty Tookitty Tah's Bully Dragon learns to eat healthy.

Healthy eating children’s book Hookitty Tookitty Tah tells the tale of a heroic boy and the bully dragon he outwits.  This picture book is available in hardcover and as an iPad animated book app in the Apple Store. Hookitty Tookitty Tah was written by Antonio Mugica, a musician and writer who has created poetry, fiction, children’s fiction and screenplays. Mugica is also the founder and CEO of the Smartmatic Group, a technology solutions company.

Mugica’s healthy eating children’s book Hookitty-Tookitty-Tah was recognized with a Gold Medal from the prestigious Moonbeam Award for Best Book in the Spanish Language. If you are interested in the Spanish version, check out: Húkiti-Túkiti-Tá.  The English version is available as a hardcover and an iPad animated book app.

Teach kids that junk food is bad for them with this healthy eating children's book that also touches on bullying too.
Healthy eating children’s book Hookitty Tookitty Tah is cleverly written in verse.

The very talented illustrator of this healthy eating children’s book is Hermann Mejia. Mejia is a Venezuelan born plastic artist from New York. Mejia is a self-taught master drawer. He won his first award when he was seven years old. In 2003, he won the National Cartoonist Society Reuben Award. Mejia is a watercolorist, and this technique is used in the art he created for Hookitty Tookitty Tah.

Hookitty Tookitty Tah’s dragon is partly adorable and slightly menacing. Mugica says, “With active imaginations my kids scare easily at this age so it’s important I don’t feed them any content that will give them nightmare’s later. The illustrator got the dragon just right!”

Hookitty Tookitty Tah's Bully Dragon learns to eat healthy.
Hookitty Tookitty Tah’s Bully Dragon learns to eat healthy after junk food makes him sick.

Teach Kids to Eat Right with a Healthy Eating Children’s Book

Take a sneak peek at the iPad version available in the Apple app Store. This version includes all the same beautiful watercolor illustrations with additional animation:

Hookitty Tookitty Tah Preview on iPad from Healthy Family on Vimeo.

What’s the moral of the story in Hookitty Tookitty Tah?

My favorite takeaway is definitely teaching kids about eating right. The mean dragon is tamed when he gives up junk food and starts to eat healthy salads instead. But this healthy eating children’s book is a multifaceted story that can have more than one life lesson. But if you’re interested in more of an adult read about health and how to help yourself to be in the health state you want to be, you should read about miracles from the vault, that will help you reach your true health potential.

Here are a few life lessons from Hookitty Tookitty Tah:

  • Eating right will make you healthy and happy.
  • Over indulging on sweets will make you sick.
  • If you make a mistake, keep trying.
  • Don’t be afraid of a bully, stand up to them.

In Hookitty Tookitty Tah the dragon changes colors every time the main character in the story cooks up something for him to eat. He wants to get back to his original color, and with each change he gets meaner and more demanding. The dragon has an obsession with junk food and a very hot temper. Everyone in the town is afraid of him, except one boy, Hookitty  Tookitty  Tah. He rescues the town from the bully dragon by outsmarting him. Hookitty Tookitty Tah tries several things to stop the bully dragon. Finally he decides to indulge the dragon with too much of a good thing. He makes the dragon sick from eating too many sweets: candy, cake, and ice cream.  The plan works.

The dragon learns that eating junk food will make you sick, mean tempered, and tired. He changes his ways and decides to eat healthy salads instead. If you are looking for a healthy eating children’s book, check out Hookitty Tookitty Tah. You’ll enjoy the message, beautiful illustrations, and entertaining versed writing style.

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