Homemade Mayo Recipe: Learn Easy Technique for Making Fluffy Mayo

making homemade mayo

This homemade mayo is an easy recipe to make. Commercial mayo just doesn’t hold a candle to this stuff, honestly. It only requires four ingredients to make my homemade mayo. Anyone who needs an easy homemade mayo recipe should be able to easily whip this up. Sorry for the cheesy pun. I just couldn’t resist myself. The inner nerd was screaming inside my head.

Easy Homemade Mayo: It’s a Matter of Having the Tools

Someone who gave me mayo advice a while back said that there was nothing that compared to real, fresh, honest mayo.

Boy, was she right.

I have attempted to make homemade mayo before, but it wasn’t until recently that I finally cracked the code. I have tried several different recipes both online and even the one found in my beat up Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook that has navigated my kitchen with me for years.

I have always failed. It didn’t matter how many times I tried, my homemade mayo never  wanted to thicken properly. If it did it would deflate as soon as I added the oil. Homemade mayo was my nemesis. That is until I ran across a Wilton candy making tool.

I discovered my problem. Thankfully, my chocolate addiction is good for something other than my waist line. I wasn’t using the right tools.


  • 1 lemon (or if you haven’t got one, vinegar will do. Just make sure it isn’t white vinegar if you are gluten intolerant or have corn allergies. To be on the safe side I always use apple cider vinegar when a recipe calls for vinegar.)
  • 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt
  • around 1 1/4 cup canola oil (or any preferred oil) Filled into a squirt bottle like the the one you see pictured (it’s a Wilton Melting/Decorating Squeeze Bottle.)
  • 2 egg whites (about 1/4 cup)


A low carb and naturally gluten free easy Waldorf salad recipe with homemade mayo.
Make a low carb Waldorf salad recipe with your fresh homemade mayo.

Put egg whites into a glass 2 cup liquid measuring cup. Beat on high with an electric hand mixer. (I have tried blenders, kitchen aids, mixing with beaters in a wider bowl, etc…. Nothing else worked for me). After the egg whites have become whipped and fluffy begin to add the oil in a slow drizzle with one had while continuing to beat with the other. Homemade mayo will start to emerge as you continue this process SLOWLY for about five minutes. Keep adding oil until the oil is completely used up. It has to drip into the cup at a slow drizzle. If you add it too fast, poof! Your homemade mayo will liquidize. When you have the desired consistency add the juice of the lemon and salt to taste.

That’s it! Your homemade mayo tastes like a really simple Hellmann’s mayo without the EDTA!

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  1. I found this recipe by accident! Thankfully my family and I don’t have to watch for things like gluten in our food but I was happy to see an easy recipe for mayo nonetheless. I will use it AND pass it on to my friends. Thank you!

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