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My Library DV Tips for Homeschoolers

homeschoolers can now get free educational videos

Homeschoolers: My Library DV is a broadband service that local libraries can subscribe to for their patrons. All you need to get free movies is a library account in good standing and high speed internet access. This is a great service for getting movies in a hurry and without having to get in the car and go to the library. If you are in need of immediate access to a video, you do not need to wait for another patron to return it or for your library to acquire it on inter library loan as is often the case with popular titles.

All My Library DV videos are at least 3 to 5 years old but typically older, so don’t expect to get new releases. Patrons just simply download the movie to their machine. They get 30 days to view it before it deletes itself. Once the video begins play patrons get 24 hours to complete their viewing before it will delete. Check with your local library to see if My Library DV is available near you.My Library DV

Channels available run the gamut from old Hollywood movies (our library has a lot of black and whites), to community films, documentaries, food programs, health videos, how-to programs, kid shows, literature, and travel. Our library’s selection includes the “Liberty’s Kids” series for kids 7-12. It is a cartoon series that features two young reporters who time travel back to the American Revolution to witness events first hand. Patrons can also view shows like Cyberchase, from Trash to Tunes, and other toddler programming.

Directions for Homeschoolers:

To download a video, patrons are asked to type in their library card’s bar code number for access. This is the future in public library holdings, so if your library doesn’t yet have My Library DV, ask them about it.

If you are interested in checking this out, here is a PDF listing of My Library DV videos.

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