How to Eat Organic Food on a Budget: Four Tips on Cutting Food Costs

How to Buy Organic on a Budget: A trick I will use is sometimes purchasing some conventional produce known to have less pesticides.
Conventional Produce that is Safer to Buy When Shopping Organic on a Budget

Want to know how to eat organic food on a budget? You are not alone. There are a growing number people realizing how important healthy food is. I get a lot of messages from people starting out. Many Healthy Family readers ask for tips on how to eat organic food on a budget. I thought I would take a little time to explain how I fit it into our family budget. You can learn how to buy healthy organic food without breaking the bank. It does take a little planning, and a shift in priorities. I’ve put together a list of tips for families starting out with organic foods. Check them out!

Cut out the Fast Food and Save Big

The number one budget buster for any family worried about food costs, is believe it or not eating out, especially fast foods. If you are like us, a larger family with 4 kids or more, a simple trip to the drive through at your local burger joint for fries can cost you 10 bucks. Add a couple cokes and a few burgers and your cost has nearly tripled.

So what do you spend on one meal at McDonalds? The average is about $5 a person these days. For our family it would cost over $30 easily. That’s just one meal, one cheap, genetically engineered, high fructose corn syrup laden bag of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Here is one way our family manages how to eat organic food on a budget. Now if I were to take that $30 and go to the grocery store I might get a package of organic chicken ($11), a huge container of organic baby lettuce ($4), a 5lb bag of potatoes ($3.50), a large fair trade chocolate bar ($4), a container of organic heavy cream ($2), and a large container of organic strawberries ($5). I can make a great meal with these ingredients. Organic chicken broiled with spices, boiled potatoes, a salad with vinegar and oil (add honey for sweetness), and for dessert: chocolate dipped strawberries with homemade whipped cream.

I’ve spent about the same money but more often than not, my organic meal will have leftovers. I’m not going to serve the entire package of lettuce. We may eat all those strawberries but we will only graze the heavy cream. But yes, we will probably polish off a 5 lb bag of potatoes. What can I say? I’ve got three boys and an Irish husband.

So I encourage you to tally up your eating out costs. Do this before you start thinking about how to eat organic food on a budget.  Get a figure in your head of how much you spend per family. Do you eat out for lunch at work? Does your spouse? Do you take the kids to the drive thru? How often? What does it cost? Once you have a figure, use that number to figure out your potential organic eating budget. Tuck aside a certain amount of it for the occasional treat. We all need mad money.

I do have one trick for how to eat organic food on a budget. Our family still goes out. We aren’t big restaurant goers, though. Any time we go places with concession stands and food courts we usually always take a pass.  I have a huge purse and every time we travel it gets filled with healthy organic snacks.

To successfully eat organic food regularly without breaking the bank, do the following:

  1. Buy in bulk.
  2. If you are going to go non-organic know which produce is safer and cleaner. (I’ll show you.)
  3. Use a deep freezer. Make sure it is working, if it isn´t, contact Maximus Chiller Service to make sure the job is done correctly. (You will be shocked to learn what I successfully freeze.)
  4. Grow a low maintenance garden. (Too busy? Get the kids involved.)

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