How to Make a Felt Christmas Advent Calendar with Jesse Tree Ornaments

felt jesse tree advent pattern for advent calendar.

If you’d like to learn how to make a felt Christmas Advent calendar this year, why not try a Jesse Tree? This week starts the celebration of Advent. It’s our family’s favorite season. We love the excitement leading up to Christ’s birth. Last year I created Jesse Tree ornaments to decorate a felt Christmas Advent Calendar I made for advent. We read from our picture Bible stories about the lineage of Jesus in December. This year quite a few of you asked for tips on how to make a felt Christmas Advent calendar. Here are my tips and a free iron-on transfer download, too.

Here’s the pattern I created for how to make a felt Christmas Advent calendar. I apologize for the sloppy job. It’s just a rough outline showing the fabric sizes and cuts. When I have more time I will try to make something better for you and upload it.

You can make your Jesse Tree trunk and branches in any way you’d like. You don’t have to follow my exact design. Just use my measurement markings to get you in the right direction. The sizing creates a huge Jesse Tree that is perfect for a classroom or church vestibule. It can be done in felt as I did or just with colored paper.

How to Make a Felt Christmas Advent Calendar

Jesse Tree Felt Board with with free Jesse Tree Patterns
My free Jesse tree patterns on my felt board design.

You may have already been to my Jesse Tree ornament post where I offer all of my ornament designs as free downloads.

In case you haven’t, I’ve included a picture of my felt Christmas Advent calendar.

From start to finish this sewing project took about 4 hours to complete. The yellow squares at the bottom are pockets that hold and store the ornaments. I used peel and stick letters and numbers to add the dates for each pocket.

I originally thought this was a fabulous idea.

So did my baby girl, who spent quite a bit of time taking them out and decorating the tree with them.

The boys and I didn’t mind, although we had to be careful she didn’t lose any. We just rearranged them each night after she went to sleep.

One important step when figuring out how to make a felt Christmas advent calendar is choosing a good iron-on transfer fabric. You can’t see too clearly in the photo, but my ornaments are not made with felt. I used a quality cotton knit fabric that is common for cloth doll making. It is tightly woven and does not wrinkle easily.

I planned to adhere the ornaments to pieces of felt with crafting glue so that they would stick to the hanging felt advent calendar. On a fluke I realized that they stuck on there quite nicely on their own.

Special Tips on How to Make a Felt Christmas Advent Calendar:

If you’d like to create your ornaments on cotton knit fabric, you need to print inverted ornaments and print them with ‘backwards’ lettering using iron on transfer paper. If you are confused about how to do this, don’t be. I’ve gone ahead and created a download that is already good to go.

sample jesse tree iron on image
a sample iron-on transfer image for felt pattern

This sample iron-on transfer image is an example. If you print your image frontwards it will look just like this one when you’ve ironed it onto the fabric, which is bad.

When learning how to make a felt Christmas Advent calendar with iron-on transfer ornaments be careful. It can get messy. Before you start, make sure the iron is good and hot. I use a piece of cloth between my iron and my ornament on the transfer paper. This keeps the sticky transfer ink from getting on your iron and smearing the image. Expect to leave room for error when you buy fabric and iron-on transfer paper.

Iron on the ornaments one sheet at a time. Don’t cut out your circles until after your ornaments are ironed on and cooled. My pdf file includes 3-6 ornaments per page.  If you drag the iron or try to remove the paper too soon you will smudge your iron on ornament. Try to hold the iron down steady and resist the temptation to glide it around.

Download Free Iron-on Jesse Tree Ornament Patterns

Ready to get started?

Get the full collection of  3″ iron-on transfer Jesse Tree Ornaments in full color by clicking HERE for my free download.

This file includes the new 2013 Abraham’s Tent Jesse Tree ornament, too. View our Jesse tree felt pattern by clicking here.

Thanks for visiting. I really do appreciate all the support from our many visitors and readers. Your response to our Jesse Tree Ornament project has been overwhelming. Our family feels blessed by all your kind words of gratitude. Merry Christmas!

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