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Free educational online games for kids are organized by age group and type on this handy resource page. Are you new here? Welcome to our Healthy Family Kids Central page! Here you will find a long list of free educational activities and online games for kids of various ages. I have compiled this long resource list of free online games for kids that are educational and fun. Every online gaming site is organized by category. This resource page is perfect for kids who love to learn though online games and parents who need games that will fulfill educational needs.

Free educational online games for kids and activities can be found at Healthy Family's Kids Central page. Resources are separated by age and subject. Come check it out!Please enjoy this list of free online games for kids. I have a growing list of all kinds of fun and educational activities. This section has been our home for all links to kid-related stuff since 2008. We’ve newly updated this list of free online educational games in 2011. In the future we will be adding a section for the best gaming monitors reviewed and compared to the latest gear. Eye saftey is a major concern to us and therefore we will do our best to educate you about it.

The web is a fast-paced and ever evolving place, so each resource was checked to assure the link was still there. Healthy Family is focused on continually bringing educational and family-friendly online content for children 0-12 years of age. Our top picks are featured, reviewed, and organized so that your computer savvy kids will be able to bookmark and navigate this page themselves or with your supervision. We have featured kid-friendly websites, product reviews, free online games for kids, online activities, crafts, and places to create fun projects, too. I have organized the listing by topic and I update it periodically. Check back from time to time to view the updates and watch this section grow!

An Anchored List of  Free Educational Online Games for Kids:


Online Resources for Toddlers:

Lil FingersLIL’ FINGERS is a great site for toddlers. Developed in 1998, this is an absolutely free online games for kids website. Not contaminated with unwanted ads and offering simple games that can be run on older computers, this is the perfect starting place for playing computer games with your littlest child. You’ll find SHORT STORYBOOKS with audio, COLORING PAGES, and several simple games for teaching the alphabet, shapes, TELLING TIME, and matching. There is also a simple paint game and a very cute virtual FUNNY FACES game much like Mr. Potato Head.

Oochy is a gaming website for toddlers ages 1-3Play 7 games with OOCHY, from, a company devoted to offering online games for kids. The cute little character shape teaches children about patterns, shapes, colors, directions, problem solving, and sorting.

The animation is simple yet beautifully colored. Each game also offers an explanation for parents with references to books written by authors that correlate with each educational skill being taught in their online games for kids ages 2-5. Just click on the phrase “about this activity.”  OOCHY is a great pre-reading resource for children ages 1-5.

free online point and click games for toddlers

Free Online Resources for Preschoolers

Up to TenThis is a favorite website for early education online games for kids. It is completely bilingual in both English and French. Viewers can access for free or subscribe for additional benefits. UP TO TEN uses a special icon system to organize their almost 1,400 games and activities: Green icons indicate motor skill development; Blue icons indicate intellectual agility development; Orange icons indicate computer literacy development; and Red icons indicate that an adult presence is necessary.

Poisson RougePOISSON ROUGE, also a bilingual resource for parents and teachers, is a pictorial website for toddlers and preschoolers. It is purposefully designed without any written directions, which is fantastic for non-readers and ESL kids. Kids can peruse the site’s over 200 games, activities, and animations to learn French, English, and Spanish, as well as play a board game, experience optical illusions, paint, work with numbers, play piano, and visit an art gallery, to name a few. The makers also have a store that sells CD roms, DVDs, coloring books, and t-shirts.

Inkless Tales INKLESS TALES offers educational activities and online games for kids ages 3-5. Your children will solve simple 12 piece puzzles online with PUZZLE PIECES, Drag and drop letters from a given word to spell your own new words with MAKE-a-WORD, or beat the computer at TIC-TAC-TOE when you visit INKLESSTALES.COM. Inkless Tales has many other available games including a drawing game, a shapes game, a numbers game, and concentration. The website is home to stories that utilize high frequency “Dolch” words, animated and audio poems, finger puppet crafts, connect the dots pages, and fun at-home activity or craft projects like making catcher’s mitts out of milk jugs and quilting. You should also take a look at our post listing the TOP 10 EDUCATIONAL AND FUN WEBSITES FOR YOU AND YOU PRESCHOOLER.

online games for preschoolers

Online Resources for Kindergarten through Second Grade:

Sid the Science KidSID THE SCIENCE KID is a new Jim Henson Company PBS program debuting this month. This educational animated television series uses comedy to get kids exploring and discovering science. The site offers educational online games for kids that expose preschoolers to various science subjects. Sid’s website has three discovery zones: the Super Fab Lab at Sid’s school, the playground, and Sid’s family kitchen. Each zone offers science games complement the show’s curricular themes. The site has a child-friendly video player that lets kids view show exerpts, including songs and real-world investigations. They have printable coloring pages and other offline activities for parents to utilize. Parents and other caregivers can print out lab investigations from the website and experiment at home after the show has ended. PBS has 40 half-hour episodes of the show slotted. Check to see if the show is available on your local PBS channel!

Super WhyPBS KIDS SUPER WHY! This educational website offering free online games for kids is based on a new TV series. The show and website is created and produced by Out of the Blue Enterprises and Angela C. Santomero, one of the original co-creators of “Blues Clues”. SUPER WHY! is an interactive reading adventure that begins in Storybook Village and features favorite fairytale characters solving problems. Young viewers (ages 3-6) will enjoy getting involved in each episode and learning valuable reading skills. GET YOUR COLORING PAGES HERE: SUPER WHY, PRINCESS PRESTO, WONDER RED, ALPHA PIG,GROUP & SUPERYOU.

Word WorldDebuting in early September of this year, WORD WORLD is a WTTW Channel 11 original. To date already over 97% of 348 PBS stations in the U.S. have picked up this show and run it daily. In each episode, 3-5 year old children will join the cast of WordFriends™ – Bear, Dog, Sheep, Frog, Duck, and Pig – as they explore the world of words humorously taking shape around them. The website gives sneak peeks into shows, has educational online GAMES for kids, & gives a nice introduction to literacy. Look for Word World on your local PBS kids channel. GET YOUR COLORING PAGES HERE: DUCK, BEAR, SHEEP, PIG, FROG, DOG

Online Resources for Elementary School:

I Know That websiteI KNOW THAT is a great one-stop resource for free educational online games for kids by school subjects from preschool to 6th grade. Login as a visitor for free or pay either $5.95 a month or $49.95 a year to access all the curriculum materials available on the site. Games are designed to meet children at their grade level and encourage critical thinking and self discovery. The website offers free games to non-members, but without membership the website utilizes ads. More privileges are available for ad-free members, as are progress reports, the message center, and a homework help resource. Our all time favorite activity is PAINT WORLDWIDE.

Kids Spell KIDS SPELL is a free online spelling program for kids K-6. They have over 6,600 words for kids to work with. Kids can work with existing lists or can make a custom list based on their spelling lessons at school. This is a perfect companion program for homeschool families to use and for busy parents juggling several kids with homework assignments every night. The parent can title the spelling list, and enter all the required words for their child to practice. Teachers, if you have a classroom webpage each list you create will have its own url, so you can link each list to that homepage. When your students or child visits the website all the games will feature the list you generated. I think that is GENIUS!

Astronomy for KidsKIDS ASTRONOMY is another fine website from the Kids Know It Network. Visitors will learn about the moon, planets, asteroids, and comets. They will travel the depths of the known universe to learn about deep space. If you are like me and have a kid who loves science, this site is chalked full of fun online games, news, an online dictionary for students, and it even offers free online classes. Kids Astronomy also has activities and resources for visitors, all free of course. They can be found on Facebook and Twitter, too.

Internet Public Library for Kids Can’t get to the library? Visit the INTERNET PUBLIC LIBRARY for KIDS.  It’s a public service organization and learning/teaching environment brought to you by the University of Michigan. It’s hosted by Drexel University’s College of Information Science and Technology. This is a vast database of educational online games for kids and activities on all subjects for all ages. Be sure to visit this one with your kids as you venture through all the wonderful resources on: health and nutrition, art and music, sports and recreation, history, religion, reading, math and science, computers, and just plain fun stuff. This site is vast and the possibilities are endless. It is a real treasure trove of information at your fingertips.

Ed HeadsEDHEADS is a fantastic website for the budding scientist or future doctor. Your child can perform virtual surgeries such as a HIP REPLACEMENT or KNEE SURGERY, view real live photos of surgeries, or study COMPOUND MACHINES and SIMPLE MACHINES, or learn how to predict the WEATHER. Healthy Family loves the free educational online games for kids at this site. Players must be able to read to play the games, or should at least have a parent present while performing the many mini-quizzes. There is an audio component and an option to turn on captions. You will not be disappointed with this site!

 Count OnCOUNT ON is a great math website for intermediate level kids. They have many free educational online games for kids that teach math concepts. There are many games that teach skills like: geometry, fractions, patterns, code breaking, and even how to make an oragami. Need a challenge? Try to get out of the PENTAGONAL ROOM or play WHO WANTS TO BE A MATHONAIRE. The site also includes tons of external links for parents and teachers, as well as news and other math related info. For a complete look at what’s available from their website, view their index at:

Multiplication.comMULTIPLICATION. COM They offer over 100 games for kids and are currently on pace to add one new game each month. All games are designed to help students learn the times tables. The games are all free, but viewers also need to check out Timez Attack, and new high-tech game that they sell for $39.95. The game is also offered through a site license for schools. This game has very good graphics. If you’d like to check out the free version that looks like a playstation game, click on the link:

Math Chimp free online games for core math skills grades 1-5MATH CHIMP is a fairly new free online hub of math gaming websites. Parents and teachers can find games according to their child’s academic levels. The site currently categorizes math games for grades 1-5.

The website is ‘hosted’ by ‘Harry’ the chimp and has a community of players that rate the games. Math Chimp chooses games that practice necessary skills for standardized achievement testing on the common core skills expected for each grade level.

online math games for kids

Dance Mat Typing WebsiteDANCE MAT TYPING is an introduction to touch typing for kids ages 7-11. If you have an early reader this is a great place to start some early typing skills because it uses free online games for kids that teach typing accuracy and fluency. There are four levels, each with three stages, and children progress at their own individual pace. Sponsored by the BBC, this site also offers worksheets for off-line reinforcement of skills and has a scoreboard for kids who like to be competitive. Calla Marie, Dainty the Hippo, and several other animal characters take turns teaching your child how to type efficiently.

ChillolaCHILLOLA is great for teachers looking for educational online games that  explore a foreign language or culture. The site teaches English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian through online activities for kids. Children will hear correct pronunciation and will interact with free online games that will teach and reinforce various elementary language learning vocabulary. The website has an interactive first foreign language picture dictionary with audio. This is completely FREE! Learn the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, foods, parts of the house, etc…. This site is a diamond for homeschool families on a budget.

Don't Buy It, smart consumerismPBS Kids “DON’T BUY IT” is a media savvy site that educates kids on advertising literacy. If you are a teacher wanting online educational activities that teach advertising, check it out.

The site will encourage kids to analyze, interpret and evaluate media tactics to get consumers to purchase products. It’s a great learning tool for kids who want to buy everything that they see on television. The website offers screen savers, wallpaper, and stickers. They also take kids behind the scenes on T.V. music, and magazines.


Club Tuki CLUB TUKI provides a child-friendly browser, offers selected educational online games for kids. Unlike other kid websites online, TUKI members earn awards for playing educational games and they are redeemable for real prizes through the clubs ‘TUKI BUCKS’ given to registered users. Games are free to all. Full membership costs under $100 a year per family. Club Tuki’s main focus is internet safety. Their games and website features are geared toward keeping kids safe from online predators. The club now offers kid safe TUKI.TV. It’s a “Kid Safe YouTube” browser that only includes child appropriate videos reviewed by TUKI staff and ‘deemed child appropriate’ based on their Kid Safe content policy. Your kids can see and hear all movies, cartoons, and videos that have been approved to be clean, fun, educational and age appropriate. Well worth the membership if you have kids that like to browse the web.

Kid Zui free browser for kidsCreated by a conglomeration of teachers and parents, KID ZUI is a free browser for kids. KID ZUI creators built this browser to keep kids safe from stumbling onto inappropriate content while searching the web. KID ZUI also screens YouTube videos. It will block online chatting with strangers on online gaming websites too. The browser is easy to set up after a simple download. Once downloaded, KID ZUI offers millions of pre-approved websites, including educational online games for kids, videos, and pictures accessible to your child.


Nourish Interactive At NOURISH INTERACTIVE you can play nutrition games that teach about the food pyramid and healthy lifestyles. This website offers many educational online games for kids that teach nutrition. It was developed by an ICU nurse who worked at length with children suffering from obesity. The website features characters and stories that will engage kids and help them learn about proper diet and exercise in a fun and interactive way. The website offers many resources for parents and health care professionals as well.

NanosurgeonPlay National Geographic’s NANO SURGEON, a game where the player becomes a world-renowned doctor and must battle human viruses at a microscopic level to heal his/her patient’s body and win. Kids left-click on their mouse to fire same colored antibodies against viruses floating around their body. When three or more virus cells of the same color are touching when the antibody strikes they will die. Don’t let the viral infection spin out of control! You must kill all the viruses and advance to the next level and wait for the next attack!

space janitorFun for older kids and non-readers alike, this short game will keep your kids coming back day after day. Play National Geographic’s SPACE JANITOR, a game where you fight orbiting debris to save the international space station. Players must use their mouse to move the astronaut. To fire the cosmic cleaner players must left-click on the mouse. Aim for space garbage the same color as the cosmic cleaner, and when you have three balls in a row of the same color the debris will be destroyed. Watch out, if you are not careful the debris can accumulate and reach the space station, destroying it.


Play virtual board games and card games at is a new favorite free online board game website. If you are looking for a site that offers board games that can be played virtually, check it out. The kids love to play virtual chess, Battleship, Monopoly, and even offers popular card games like cribbage, solitaire, and 21. Members can join for free and either play publicly with other kids in a virtual space or can make their game private and play with a distant relative out of state or overseas. This is a fantastic website to use for grandparents who are not living near their grandkids. There is no audio when you play, so we like to put a call on speaker phone while the game is going on.

Play online chessKids wanting to play free online chess should check out Participants can take lessons, play virtual games, and also play against the computer. is another great website for kids wanting to learn how to play competitive chess. There are optional printouts available, but the most valuable tutorials are Coach Henry’s magic theater flash movie lessons.


Make Your Own Board Game online and print it out at home.Teachers, would you like to make your own board game? Visit TOOLS FOR EDUCATORS and use their Board Game Generator that includes their database of MES-English flash cards. Homeschool families and Elementary Teachers can select up to 20 images for their board game that can cover up to 50 preloaded subjects that include anything from adjectives to Christmas. The game board should print fine on both 8×11 paper and A4. If for some reason the game gets cut off, you will need to adjust the margins before you print it. This is a fun and easy project that takes about 30 minutes to complete and print at home, and the best part? It’s completely free!

The GINGERBREAD BABY BOARD GAME is a free game from renowned artist and author Jan Brett. It is free to download and print (half of which is shown here). Jan Brett’s website is a fantastic collection of supplemental activities that complement her books. You will find all kinds of online games that feature Hedgie, as well as coloring pages, printable activities and a greeting card design center. A special bonus is an AUDIO ONLINE BOOK entitled: Hedgie Loves to Read. There are quite a few new sections including a mural making project complete with printable templates, and a make your own section that offers several creative project ideas for you to do at home. Check out this site it is packed with many wonderful activities and ideas.

Healthy Family's Farmer's Market Board GameHere’s another free educational board game for kids. Get out your pennies and nickels and stock up on some apples and peaches, it’s time to play Farmer’s Market with your kids. THIS IS A FREE PRINTABLE BOARD GAME COMPLIMENTS OF HEALTHY-FAMILY.ORG. Just simply click on the link to print this PDF file and start playing! This game is great for teaching beginners the value of pennies and nickels and how to count by ones and fives. Good for 1-4 players.


Don’t have the funds for an iPad, Nook Color, or Kindle Fire? TumbleBook LibraryTUMBLEBOOK LIBRARY is an excellent resource for amusing and entertaining animated audio books (that highlight text as it is read to the child aloud by an animated narrator). This technology has been around for a while, and is available through your home computer for free right here at TUMBLE BOOKS. The site also has puzzles, games, and language learning activities. Your kids will love this place, and so will you. If you have trouble viewing the books from the above links, just click on THIS LINK and choose the button on the right hand side that says “click here for TumbleBooks” to view the sample books!

Zinger Tales and the Bee Hive Library for KidsFrom the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library comes ZINGER TALES. Visitors can find a book, listen to a story and do activities. Let your child “bee” the author of his or her own story at THE BOOK HIVE. Kids are welcome to write a 6 page story about Zinger the Bee to view online. They simply pick six pictures then write their own captions. When finished they can print to create their own storybook or email the book to someone special. The Book Hive also features ZINGER TALES, RealPlayer videos of professional storytellers telling children’s tales.

Learn to Read at StarfallSTARFALL offers six 10 page CHINESE FABLES. They are written at the 2nd-grade level and have audio capabilities. The child can either read alone or simply click on a word to hear it pronounced correctly. Starfall also offers THREE LITTLE PLAYS, nine FICTION AND NONFICTION selections, six famous FOLKTALES like Chicken Little, GREEK MYTHS, and finally COMICS for more emergent readers. The site itself has a vast majority of literacy materials including movies for preschool and kindergarten age children that teach phonics in fun and engaging ways.


Enchanted Learning Online Curriculum Materials for TeachersENCHANTED LEARNING has over 30,000 pages of materials to view. The site requires an annual $20 subscription to access all their materials, but they do offer a large selection of sample curricula for viewers to use free of charge. Materials to be purchased through the subscription can also be viewed, however visitors to the site will not be able to download and print out those pages unless they are members. Printable books to choose from on all sorts of topics include: Holidays, ,Sciences, Geography, Foreign languages, Seasons, etc…. It is well worth the investment, especially for homeschool families and early elementary teachers.

K-12 Online Science Curriculum for freeNeed a science curriculum for your child? Check out M.S. NUCLEUS for a complete science guide ages K-12. You will get material for all the major areas of scientific study for children: applied science, life cycle science, water cycle science, the universe, plate techtonics, and rock science. In addition to labs and worksheet materials, there are also online activities and storybooks. Check it out. The project has its roots in a project conducted in the 1980s. There are many elements here that are quite useful for parents and teachers alike!

Frank Curkovic's PBWork Art Curriculum ideas for kidsPBWORKS ART HISTORY Frank Curkovic put together a nice series of art history lessons for elementary school kids called “ART INSPIRED.” There are 34 lesson ideas with links to additional websites for activities and information about various artists. The first lesson starts with the basic elements of design: Line, Shape, Colour, Space, Texture, Balance, Emphasis, Movement and Rhythm and moves on to subjects like portraits and cartoon art.


Storynory has offered free audio stories for kids since 2005. They offer a mixture of their own original stories, classic fairytales, and specially adapted myths and histories. They provide some verse, and readers will be happy to find classics like Alice in Wonderland by chapter, short stories by Oscar Wilde (The Selfish Giant), and Rudyard Kipling (How the Camel got his Hump). Get the books at your local library and download the audio from Storynory onto your iPod or MP3 player. Your child can follow along in the book. It’s a great way for kids to practice reading fluency.


Disney's Family Fun CraftsDisney’s FAMILY FUN has music crafts, paper crafts, and tons of seasonal crafts for families to do together. They are easy and inexpensive to do in a pinch when the kids are getting restless in the house. No need for a storage cabinet of materials or a trip to the store, most of these projects involve only a pencil, scissors, glue, and various kinds of paper that you probably already have laying around the house. Quick projects for little kids include: The Name Frame, The Paper Star, The Photo House Card, and Paper Dolls. The site also offers directions for a 3D Cardboard Barn that can be built in an afternoon with help from mom and dad.

We often visit MARTHA STEWART’S KIDS PAGE for craft ideas around the holidays. My sons and I recently created their HANGING PAPER BATS project as an at home Halloween craft cool enough for boys to do. But aside from paper crafts, Martha Stewart also has several food craft ideas, party crafts, and organizational ideas for kids. Got little girls? Check out the SUNGLASSES craft or decorate a pair of flip flops. Paint your sneakers, or make bead clay necklaces together at home. Martha Stewart’s Crafts page is updated regularly and offers a subscription for busy folks who prefer getting updates in their inbox.

If you’d like to build’s own exclusive BARRY B. BENSON BENDABLE ACTION FIGURE, then check out our instruction page. All you need is 4 small (1 1/2 inch) styro-foam balls, an old toddler sock, yellow fabric paint, one twist tie, sculpty modeling clay, 10 black pipe cleaners, two wiggly eyes, two small white pom poms, a black marker, and either paper or netting, and glue. If you liked this project, then VISIT 10 BEE MOVIE CRAFTS AND ACTIVITIES FOR YOUR KIDS for 9 additional activities that you and your kids can do together to stretch that cinema dollar. We have linked to a host of other sites that offer online puzzles, games, a coloring page, an edible clay dough project and more.

Around for several years and recently updated, This website offers much to its visitors. Turn your household “trash” into treasures your children will love when you and your kids complete these project ideas at DANIELLE’S PLACE, a favorite stopping place for homeschool families and Sunday school teachers. You can make a pair of binoculars, a milk-jug mask, or a cardboard house, among other projects. Danielle’s place also includes a huge CRAFTS SECTION with many Christian themes and offers activity ideas for Vacation Bible School programs. Check it out!


The Kids PageChoose your favorites from WWW.THEKIDZPAGE.COM, a website that offers free educational online games for kids, parents, and teachers. Get materials for Winter, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Easter. View their online and printed activities (word searches, jigsaw puzzles, and coloring pages.) Visit the entire website for additional games and activities. Visit their virtual ‘stay in the lines’ online coloring pages.


The Color.comAt THE COLOR.COM kids can save interactive online coloring pages that they have finished to a special gallery. Kids can also print the coloring pages or email them to friends and family. No java, flash or applet is necessary to load their online coloring pages. Budding artists can create gif files of their own artwork and submit it to the for possible inclusion at their site. Looking for some holiday themed pages? Check out their THANKSGIVING section and their CELEBRATIONS page that includes New Baby pages, Bat Mitzvah pages, and Baptism pages for kids to color.

COLORING.WS is a real gem. The site is managed by a family of crafters and it has coloring pages that you won’t find anywhere else: cartoon characters like SPIDERMAN, the TRANSFORMERS, and SUPERMAN. They also have a host of other famous characters like BARBIE, BLUES CLUES, and SCOOBY DOO. But the fun doesn’t stop there. This is the place to go for typical pages for THE HOLIDAYS, the ALPHABET, BIRTHDAY themes, >DOT TO DOT, and COLOR BY NUMBERS. This should also be your first stop when trying to find less common themes like: visiting the DOCTOR or DENTIST, CONSTRUCTION WORKERS and MACHINES/TOOLS, SIMPLE MAPS of different countries all over the world. You will find pictures for various COMMUNITY WORKERS, KINGS AND QUEENS, and FIREFIGHTERS etc…. The list is long and thorough. If you are looking for something in particular, chances are COLORING.WS has it.

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