Kids Learn about Food with Yummiloo Adventures by Traci Paige Johnson

The Yummiloo Rainbow Power iPhone and iPad app helps kids learn about food and nutrition. It helps develop good eating habits.
Download Yummiloo Rainbow Power iPhone and iPad app for kids through iTunes.

Preschool kids learn about food and nutrition with Yummiloo. It’s a new media series by Blues Clues creator Traci Page Johnson and Caroline Baron. This week they published a brand new iPhone and iPad app. I’m excited about this new series because nutrition education is sorely lacking in today’s cartoon media. Yummiloo changes that with their interactive children’s media company called Yummico and Yummiloo app.

Johnson and Baron are mobile app marketing gurus, they launched Yummico where preschool kids learn about food and healthy life choices. Both women have a fabulous history in media work. Johnson is also the co-creator of the successful PBS series SuperWhy. Caroline Baron is an award-winning producer of acclaimed feature films like Oscar-nominated Capote and Monsoon Wedding.  Yummiloo is bound to become a trusted destination for parents wanting to educate their preschoolers about nutrition. I was given a sneak peek at the new app. Here’s my thoughts:

Yummiloo Helps Kids Learn about Food That’s Healthy

If you are like me and tired of seeing junk food commercials on TV plastered with cartoon spokes characters, Yummiloo is for you. The app is geared toward preschool, but I think it’s appropriate for primary school aged kids too. Your kids will learn about food, healthy ones like colorful fruits and vegetables. I’m happy to see cartoon characters promoting whole food instead of processed junk food. Move over Tony the Tiger, Yummiloo’s Plum Yum has got something to say about healthy food.

Yummiloo Rainbow Power – Night & Day Studios, Inc. w/Traci Paige Johnson.

What is the Yummiloo Rainbow Power Series About?

Yummiloo characters Pear Yum, Plum Yum, Rooty Yum, Beany Yum, and Bun Yum
Meet Pear Yum, Plum Yum, Rooty Yum, Beany Yum, and Bun Yum

If you’ve got a kid that turns his nose up at fresh fruit and vegetables and craves potato chips and cookies Yummiloo is your ally. In this iPhone and iPad app Kids learn about food and how it makes energy. As parents we know we need to make healthy food choices. Our kids need to learn about food and how it fuels the body. Yummiloo helps teach healthy eating with their cute animated characters and catchy songs.

If you are creative you can help your kids learn about food with additional at home food prep activities. Take the Yummiloo concepts and use them to make snacks. Create foods with pears, plums, carrots, and blueberries. Make smoothies. Add the foods featured in the Yummiloo app to your dinner, too. Do this and your Yummiloo kids learn about food in both the virtual world and the real world.

Yummiloo Rainbow Power is 1st App Released by Yummico

Here’s the gist of this preschool kids app: The app is based on a helping kids learn about food, healthy foods of many colors. This concept is known as ‘Eating A Rainbow.’ Kids join the Yum Yums as they head to their annual carnival. But the Rainbow Machine that powers the carnival is empty.  Your child must harvest as many different colored foods as possible to get the Yummiloo carnival working again. With Yummiloo Rainbow Power your preschool kids learn about food with different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Our Healthy Family Review of Yummiloo

I love the concept behind the Yummiloo Rainbow Power iPhone app. Yummiloo Rainbow Power is also available as an iPad app, too.

I really wanted to test this out on our iPad, but we’ve got an older model. If you are like us and have an iPad that’s not running on an operating system of 6.0 or better, you won’t be able to use Yummiloo Rainbow Power. Lucky for us, our iPhones are newer and we were able to easily download it onto them. Phew!

In my research I discovered that Yummiloo was programmed by Night and Day Studios. That’s the company that developed the ever popular “Peekaboo Barn” app that my kids have adored for years. It is a wonderful game for little fingers learning how to use touch screens. Yummiloo is much more sophisticated, though. When you open the Yummiloo app a video starts that take you to Yummiloo Land. It looked like it could be part of a series on a cable television station. The graphics are beautiful and the music is cute.

In this app my kids were exposed to many different colored foods like broccoli, cauliflower, hazel nuts, strawberries, blueberries, potatoes, onions. Their is a wide variety of other healthy whole foods in Yummiloo, too.

The iTunes app for iPhone and iPad won’t teach specific nutritional values about each food introduced, though. But it does teach kids about spoilage and the need for a variety of colorful choices. If you visit the Yummico site you’ll find coloring pages and information on how to make a rainbow smoothie. As with any educational app, use it to help your kids learn about food in addition to things you do at home.

I think Yummiloo may prove to be a useful tool for that picky eater in your house. Exposure to various healthy foods and vegetables will get positively reinforced while playing the game before and after meals.

Like Yummiloo and Want to see More?

Yummiloo is just the 1st app from Yummico media company.  Yummico plans to use digital games, interactive shows, apps and ebooks as well that help parents reinforce educational themes like healthy eating. Yummico also plans to use traditional narrative animation, print books and other consumer products to help kids learn and grow. So keep this company on your radar as it expands.


Healthy Family was contacted by Yummico with information about their new media company and Yummiloo app for preschool children. They offered us the opportunity for a free sneak peek of Yummiloo in exchange for the opportunity of a possible review. Healthy Family was not paid to write a review for Yummiloo Rainbow Power, nor were we obligated to write one. This review is an honest opinion based on our personal experience with this app.

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