Lils Dietary Shop in Chicago Having Grand Re-Opening Celebration

Lils Dietary Shop is on the far southwest side of Chicago in the Mount Greenwood/Beverly neighborhood. It has recently expanded. To celebrate, the store is throwing a  Grand Re-Opening kick-off. All customers new and familiar to the store are invited to meet Lils Dietary Shop staff and new in-store dietitian, Anne Kozek, RD, MS, LDN and enjoy free samples and a friendly chat with Marcie Harvey, the store’s owner and her employees.

Marcie Harveys Lils Dietary Shop in Chicago, IL

How to Get To Lils Dietary Shop:

Just stop in at: 2738 West 111th St. Chicago, located West of Western Ave. and East of Kedzie, on the north side of the street just behind the coffee shop. Hours are: Monday October 12, 2009 from noon to 7 p.m., Tuesday October 13 through Friday October 16 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday October 17 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Harvey is a diagnosed Celiac. She understands the struggles a newly diagnosed Celiac and his/her family is forced to deal with. She prides herself in being a tough sell for food companies that often label foods gluten free but practice unsafe manufacturing. Because the laws in the States are lax this is a complicated problem for many sensitive celiacs. Marcie’s diligence in providing safe foods has helped her to develop a loyal customer base.

Lils Dietary Shop has been the biggest exclusive celiac products store in the area for many years. Harvey prides herself in being able to offer her customers many hard to find products. Many products are imported from Europe and are exclusive must haves that can’t be found in any other area health food store.  She also offers local products, well known favorite brands, and has a tremendous freezer section packed with ready to heat convenience items.

Kozek has been a dietitian for over 20 years and has a bachelor’s degree in Foods and Nutrition from Rosary College (now Dominican University). She also has a master’s degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Kozek specializes in modified diets for children and adults. She has worked with individuals who have developmental delays, failure to thrive, cardiac problems, renal failure, endocrine problems, and inborn errors of metabolism while employed through UIC and Rush.

Kozek met Harvey when Lils Dietary Shop first opened 6 years ago and the two have forged a friendship. “I am excited to be part of Lil’s. Together Marcie and I can offer practical, everyday knowledge and general good nutrition guidelines to promote overall nutritional harmony in all aspects of dietary therapy,” says Kozek. Interested clients can contact Kozek to make an appointment by calling her at: 773-429-9614. Curious shoppers at Lils Dietary Shop will find Kozek most days in the store/office working on various projects. Kozek is happy to help people find foods, answer questions, discuss recipes, etc while they shop. She also suggests folks with lengthy questions and specific needs make a formal appointment. As for what to expect, an initial visit lasts usually 1 1/2 hours. Kozek explains, “We go into a lot of detail of daily life and what foods my client likes. From there I make recommendations on changes or foods or whatever that person is being seen for. Follow-up will depend on diagnosis, where family is at with the diagnosis, etc. Some will only be a one time visit.”

What Can You Find at Lils Dietary Shop?

Need a pie for an upcoming dinner party? Marcie has one, fully made and ready to heat. Need an individual-sized container of ready to heat chicken noodle soup? Marcie has that too. Maybe you have the munchies  and want a fresh tasting, gluten free granola. She carries it in three flavors. She also has a seven-layer chocolate cake that is gluten and casein free. New customers will be happy to find condiments, dry mixes, and a new and expanding dairy-free section that will make lactose-free and casein-free dieters quite happy.

Lils Dietary Shop is not exclusive to the Celiac shopper. Marcie states that they are and have been an official supplier of the Illinois Division of Specialized Care for Children (DSCC) for several years. Lils Dietary Shop offers low protein diet foods for PKU and has recently expanded her product line to include low carb for diabetes as well.

Customers dealing with multiple food allergies will find many suitable products at her store. Kozek says that she is currently working on a small shopping guide for Lil’s. This will help folks with multiple food allergies shop better. Harvey says that if a desired product isn’t available the store is happy to accommodate their patrons to make shopping easier. In some cases Lil’s will order bulk quantities of the hard to find item for customers who request it.

If you are not sure what you will do at Halloween time for your child who needs a special diet, Lils Dietary Shop also carries a large variety of hard to find gluten, casein, and corn-free candies that also meet the needs of folks following the Feingold Diet. Harvey also takes online orders through her website at:

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