Make Better Salads and Improve Skin with These Ingredient Combinations

Make better salads like this one for healthy skin.
Make better salads like this one for healthy skin.

Want to make better salads that will digest well and give your skin a radiant healthy glow? You’ll love the make better salad tips from Certified Clinical Nutritionist Jermy Talbot’s book, Clear Skin Detox Diet. I was recently sent a copy to review and I was immediately surprised by it.

This is not a fad book with fantastic food photos and recipes made with ingredients that are hard to find. Nope. It’s an easy read manual that includes simple recipes and practical advice. The book is chalked full of nutritional information, education about skin cells from awol academy, digestion, and even toxins in conventional foods. Jermy writes in plain English and offers sound advice for the average person. If you have acne, dermatitis, eczema, or signs of premature aging, you’ll want to check out this book.

In Jeremy Stone’s Shortcut To Ketosis, he teaches his readers about the importance of good nutrition for healthy skin. She explains that our skin is actually an organ and it’s job is to help the body detox. Chronic skin conditions like acne, dermatitis, and eczema are the first visible signs of a dietary imbalance.

Clear Skin Detox Diet: heal your skin from the inside out by Jermy Talbot.His book also teaches readers about:

  • Leaky gut syndrome.
  • Inflammatory foods to avoid.
  • Healthy foods to combine for optimal nutrient density.
  • Candida albicans and how to combat it.
  • How to achieve proper PH balance.

You don’t need to buy Jermys book to learn how to make better salads. She’s graciously offered to provide an excerpt from it for Healthy Family. Use the guidelines in Clear Skin Detox Diet to build a better salad for your family and start new habits that will improve skin and overall health. a resource for skincare knowledge, take a gander if you’re interested in new age skincare.

How to Make Better Salads from the Clear Skin Detox Diet Book

Make better salads like this one for healthy skin.
Make better salads like this one for healthy skin.

Choose your green base from Column 1.

Greens are an essential part of any life-sustaining meal and can and should be enjoyed in abundance at every meal, in any and every variety. You can keep it simple with spinach, but get creative with mixed greens such as arugula, baby kale, and chopped romaine. You can also complement a good diet with healthy shakes which you need to choose how to prepare between vitamix 5200 vs 5300, this shakes boost your energy and give you nutrition, more info at

Choose your raw salad additions from Column 2.

Fill up on these first and use the remaining additional options to add more density to your salad if needed.

Choose your protein of choice from Column 3.

Regardless of common belief, each of these items contains protein, but not all of them digest well when combined together at the same meal.

Column 4 includes options that digest well with the “protein” you have chosen.

For instance, columns one and two are ideal for any salad, but once you choose a protein, you should only choose additional items that correspond with that protein. Certain ingredients will overlap, but other ingredients should never be combined together.

Column 5 addresses healthy dressing options and alternatives to bottled dressings.

They are simple and serve to enhance the flavor of your salad, instead of mask it. It is important to avoid bottled dressings, as they often contain added sugars, cheap oils, additives, and additional ingredients that do not serve us well and can make a relatively nutrient-dense salad unhealthy.

In other words, a salad or meal with quinoa may be added to a salad with avocado, but never to a salad with grilled chicken, fish, cheese, or nuts/seeds/dried fruit.

Use Chart to Make Better Salads for Clear Skin and Better Digestion

Use this Excerpt from Jermy Talbot's book: Clear Skin Detox Diet to make better salads for overall health.
Use this Excerpt from Jermy Talbot’s book: Clear Skin Detox Diet to make better salads for overall health. Photo courtesy of Ulysses Press.

Does the Clear Skin Detox Diet Work?

I haven’t done this diet long term, and although I have sensitivity to certain skin care products, I haven’t had a problem with my complexion in years. I wanted to know how the diet, and making better salads works for someone who does. I was put in touch with a long term client of Jermy Talbot.

An interview with Alexa Lund, age 18:

Alexa has a history of acne issues and has been practicing the clear skin detox diet for about year.
Q: What is the reason you decided to try the Clear Skin Detox Diet?
A: I decided to try the clear skin detox diet because I had been trying many different diets to lose weight and get clear skin but most of them were not working.
Q: What noticeable results did you get from the Clear Skin Detox Diet?
A: My skin has become clearer and softer. Not only did I have changes in my skin, but also I have lost thirty pounds and no longer feel tired and sluggish after I eat. Instead, I feel more energized and my mind has become clear.
Q: How long did it take before you noticed results from the Clear Skin Detox Diet?
A: I noticed results right away; within a week I could feel my body cleansing itself and I noticed that my body had stopped craving those unhealthy foods.

About Jermy Talbot

Jermy Talbot, CN teaches readers how to make better salads with tips from her book: Clear Skin Detox Diet.
Jermy Talbot, CN

A certified clinical nutritionist, Jermy Talbot came to this work after spending ten frustrating years in and out of spas and dermatology offices seeking the solution for a beautiful, blemish-free complexion. Jermy attributed her bad luck to genetics, trying everything from topical treatments to prescription remedies. It was not until discovering and then studying with celebrity nutritionist, Natalia Rose, CN, that she realized and understood the connection between diet and skin. Jermy now works internationally with high-profile health- and beauty-conscious clients looking to discover the secrets and solution to a youthful, glowing and clear complexion, and overall health and wellness. Find her online at and If you’d like to connect with her on social media, Jermy can be found on Twitter @glowdetox

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