Sculpey Nature Prints: Fun Craft Project for Small Children

Easy Clay Art Project for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

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Try making Sculpey nature prints with your kids this weekend. It’s a fun little craft that even little ones can do. I recently read a great little post  up about making sculpey nature prints with the kids on a craft blog. The pictures there will make you want to try them. If you haven’t used a polymer clay (such as Sculpey) and would prefer to work with something that you don’t have to bake, you can.  An alternative material to try is Makin’s Clay Air. They have an air dry polymer clay. It’s easy to find at your local craft store, and you don’t have to worry about possibly baking toxins in your kitchen. Look for the bright green wrapper.

If you Can’t Find Sculpey

Yet another option other than using Sculpey nature prints is air dry paper clay such as Creative Paper Clay or Delight by Creative Paper Clay. You can also look into Activ-Clay, which is sold in several craft stores including our affiliate, Stuff4. Activ-Clay is a non-toxic ready-to-use natural clay that does not require baking. Activ-Clay can be used for coil & pinch slab jewelry making as well as nature prints. Kids can paint it when it is fully dried, too.

Getting Started with Your Sculpey Nature Prints

Pick a nice day to do the craft, and you’ll have a great time searching for things to press. The Sculpey nature prints project starts out with a fun forage in the backyard or local park.

Kids should choose interesting objects in nature to press. Leaves, twigs, dried flowers, pine cones, and tree bark are just a few items that my kids chose. A jagged edged rock or even a smooth stone might be interesting to press.

When making Sculpey nature prints, parents and kids should first roll the Sculpey into balls.  Then place your foraged nature piece on a flat surface. Put your ball of Sculpey on top of it. Then press down on the ball with your palms to flatten it. Set your nature prints aside when finished. Then bake them according to the package directions.

Also check out for more info on this Sculpey nature prints craft and additional craft ideas to do with kids as well.

If you’d like to see additional Sculpey nature prints, check out

About the Author

Elaine Luther, Chicago area artist offers a simple craft for homeschool families: making Sculpy nature prints.
Artist Elaine Luther

Elaine Luther is an artist in the Chicago area who uses assemblage, collage and direct sculpting to get her message across. In her paintings she uses image transfer, metal, photographs, images she hunts down and thrift store finds.  She studied jewelry making in college, trade school and through two apprenticeships. She has been featured in several publications and gallery exhibits. Elaine has a studio and offers art classes to students of all ages. Elaine has taught metal-smithing, working with Precious Metal Clay, mixed media collage painting, simple printmaking, felting (wet felting from roving) and art history. Visit her website to learn more about her:

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