Make Your Kids Successful Athletes: Tips for Parents, Coaches

3 simple steps to make your season enjoyable and memorable.

How to make your kids successful athletes: tips for parents and coaches

Make your kids successful athletes: As parents and coaches, you want to make your kids successful athletes. But adults, in general, put a lot of pressure on kids to excel in sports, and this often has an adverse reaction. Too much pressure, whether it is for performance perfection, stamina, or over emphasis on skill and drill, can ruin a kid’s drive and desire to compete. The best approach in how to make your kids successful athletes, especially for kids who do not have that natural born instinct in sports, is a positive, encouraging attitude. If parents, coaches, and young athletes follow just three simple steps, they will make their season an enjoyable and memorable one. And most importantly, the young athlete will be inspired to try harder rather than threatening to quit.

Tips for Parents on How to Make Your Kids Successful Athletes

Parents to make your kid a great athlete always try to encourage your kid to do the best they can do. Every kid is capable of being a sports player you just can’t leave all the work to the coaches. I’m not saying you have to teach them and run drills with them. I’m telling you that a good way to make your kid better and more positive player is by encouraging them, these are just a few suggestions from the owner of After their game you can tell them everything they did good in that game. That will make them feel happy and encourage them to do better every time they step on to the field, court, or track. Another way to help is to wear something that will identify the whole family, like funny bowling team shirts to support each other. A good book that offers positive parenting advice is: Changing the Game: The Parent’s Guide to Raising Happy, High Performing Athletes, and Giving Youth Sports Back to our Kids.

Tips for Parents:

  1. Always encourage your child to do good.
  2. Don’t push your child too much let the game come to them with a little practice.
  3. Let your kid have fun playing whatever sport he/she wants to play.

Tips for Coaches on How to Make Your Kids Successful Athletes

Coaches are the most important person that can make your child a star athlete. The coaches are the people who teach and guide the kid throughout the course of their season. Every coach should start with the basics like scoring, defending, and passing. After that is finished the kids should be much more capable to do more than the basics, unlike scooters which you can find here MyProScooter. Every coach should have a positive attitude towards everyone on his/her team. You cannot win games with a negative attitude even if you’re on a 3G pitch surface. A great coach is a coach that believes that his/her team can win games and believes that each kid can do the drills and practices. A good book to check out with tips on how to be that positive and motivational coach is: Coaching Strategies: The Top 100 Best Ways To Be A Great Coach (Sports Coaching Strategies for Conditioning Competing & Motivating Along With Team Building Skills).

Tips for Coaches:

  1. Always start with the basics.
  2. Always have fun at practice.
  3. Teach your team to be the best and the kids will do the rest.

Tips for Kids on How to Become a Star Athlete:

Kids must learn all the skills and techniques. This is most important. The ideal athlete, the star athlete, is not always the kid with the most natural born talent. This kid is often the person that has to try his or her hardest and be inspired to do good by their parents and coaches.

Every kid is capable of doing their best and trying to achieve skill at whatever sport they are playing. Each kid should always strive to win games. Every kid should try their hardest and correct all their mistakes at every practice. Every practice translates into a game. If you had a good practice you would have a good game but you have to want to play and win to have a great game.

Another way to become great at a certain sport is being dedicated to that sport. You can’t just sign up and go to practice and play games without any care. You must be willing to practice and play hard. Never try to practice too much that you are hurting yourself (strains, cramps, and other injuries that can be severe) as well as in your job I suggest to wear proper shoes, you can find the best ones at they never let me down. Always practice with caution. Every good athlete stays fit by exercising and eating healthy. A kid should always eat healthy at a young age so they can grow into a strong athletic person. You can get more information A good book that offers advice for kids on how to develop a positive attitude and mental toughness is: Bring Your “A” Game: A Young Athlete’s Guide to Mental Toughness.

Tips for Kids:

  1. Always try your best at practice and in games.
  2. Listen to your coach and parents.
  3. Always have a positive attitude in any practice or game.
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