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Makeup Allergies causing your face to get puffy, red, blotchy, or itching? Do you have issues with sensitive skin? Have you been recently diagnosed with a common food allergy or intolerance?  Makeup allergies require safe cosmetics from green cosmetic companies.You may have a makeup allergy. Changing your makeup brands may alleviate your skin sensitivities to makeup. Makeup allergies are not uncommon for people with autoimmune issues.

Do you have a lot of chemically laden makeup? You may have to do a little purging this weekend. Many favorite name brand cosmetics and personal products are full of common allergens. Did you know that they also are known to have cancer causing toxins?  Many times makeup allergies can be relieved by simply switching to a green, organic, all natural brand. Safe cosmetics are becoming more and more popular as consumers become better aware of chemical toxins in their personal products that don’t have to be there.

Makeup Allergies: You Might Have an Autoimmune Disorder

Watery eyes? Swollen eyelids? Burning itchy skin? We've discovered some fantastic safe cosmetics brands. Check them out and stop suffering from makeup allergies.
Is your face suffering from your makeup?

It is quite common for people with celiac or gluten intolerance to have skin irritations when they use makeup made from wheat products.  Food allergies can also trigger makeup sensitivity. Food byproducts are used in many formulations of brand name makeup and skin care products. Itchy scalp after shampooing your hair? Check to see if there is wheat germ in your shampoo. Is there? Think about whether or not eating wheat is right for you. Your itchy head might indicate gluten intolerance, believe it or not.

People with corn allergies also have difficulty trying to find safe cosmetics that don’t aggravate their skin. Corn is a very common byproduct in most cosmetic brands.  Corn is often genetically modified in the U.S. and known to cause health problems, (it’s commonly called GMO corn). As a result, people are becoming more and more sensitive to the crop. Corn allergies are on the rise, and so are autoimmune issues. If you think you have developed a makeup allergy try eliminating cosmetics with corn byproducts.

But some people are intolerant to the artificial colors and preservatives that are found in most cosmetics. If you have makeup allergies you may also want to take a long look at your soaps, deodorants, perfumes, and lotions in your cosmetics bag, too. Some people, especially after a long-term or life-threatening illness, become hypersensitive to chemicals in their environment. Liver conditions, kidney problems, and other illnesses that tax the body’s detoxing organs become over loaded by environmental toxins. This includes cosmetics and personal products. If you fall into this category you need safe cosmetics and personal products to combat chemical sensitivities.

Take action to alleviate makeup allergies.

Makeup Allergies Sometimes Begin After Years of Cosmetic Use

I used brand name cosmetics and personal products for years with seemingly no problems. As I aged and began to start a family I noticed I was having had a few strange reactions. The popular drugstore cosmetics brands  I tried were not agreeing with my skin. I finally switched to high end cosmetics only to find that even those irritated my skin. Makeup allergies forced me to become an occasional makeup wearer. But now there are better options available for women with sensitive skin and makeup allergies. Not only will your complexion improve, and your confidence, but you may actually feel healthier too when you start to use safe cosmetics.

How Common are Makeup Allergies?

According to the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, “Various studies reveal that up to 10% of dermatologic patients who are patch tested are allergic to cosmetic products or their constituent ingredients. Causative products include deodorants and perfumes, skin care products, hair care products, and nail cosmetics” [1].

I have always had sensitive skin. As a teen I was wrought with blemishes that came and went in seemingly cyclical fashion. I would still get minor appearances of the odd pimple well into my thirties. During this time, I spent quite a bit of money on foundations and concealers. I never really considered that what I was feeding my body could possibly contribute to my complexion. I never considered how toxic makeup ingredients can be. It wasn’t until just before I went gluten free that I noticed my face reacting quite strongly against certain brands of makeup and moisturizers. Some popular makeup brands caused my skin to get blotchy and itchy. Other cosmetic products made my face puffy. Certain brands caused my eyes to get extremely watery and irritated. I realized that I had developed makeup allergies to the products I had been using successfully for years.

In Search of Safe Cosmetics, New Companies are Emerging

I found a few companies that didn’t contain any of the toxic makeup I was allergic to. These green cosmetics companies offer organic or all natural cosmetics and personal care products free from toxic chemicals.

Makeup Brands

Red Apple Lipstick Cosmetics

Don’t let the name fool you. Red Apple Lipstick has a wide range of products for women with makeup allergies. Are you looking for corn and gluten free cosmetics? Red Apple Lipstick is the company for you.  Actually, their non GMO cosmetic company also has soy free, paraben free, and toxic chemical free products. They cater to all women, but are especially interested in helping women with makeup allergies. The CEO of Red Apple Lipstick confirmed that corn and gluten free shoppers can purchase any product they sell. That’s right. Shop freely for your cosmetics there. It’s all safe for corn and gluten free women. Every single product. Get your favorite lipstick shade,  lip liners, eye liner pencils, eyeshadow, and lip gloss. And coming soon in 2014, Red Apple Lipstick is launching a brand new soy, corn and gluten free mascara! Yes, ladies– we are going to finally have a truly hypoallergenic mascara that is safe to wear for all women with makeup allergies. If you’d like to be one of the first to know, visit Red Apple Lipstick’s Lash Project and sign up. Let them know you heard about it from Healthy Family.

Mineral Hygienics

MineralHygienics.comAlso check out Mineral Hygienics. Again, not all of their products are gluten and corn free. They offer foundations and finishing powders that are made with rice powder rather than corn starch. Their silk translucent finishing powder is corn free, however their matte finishing powder contains zea mays, which is corn derived. Their Bronzer, Illuminizer, Eyeshadows, and Mineral Brows powder are all gluten and corn free. I have contacted the manufacturer to find out whether there are any corn derivatives in the mascaras, liners, and gel products. They reported that their xanthan gum is not corn derived. They couldn’t verify whether or not their glycerides were. As soon as I hear back from them, I will post an update.

Makeup and Personal Product Brands

100 Percent Pure

Organic and All Natural Beauty ProdictsAll of 100% Pure Cosmetics products are gluten free except for their mascaras. The company spokesperson tells Healthy Family that they are very sensitive about declaring possible allergens in their products. The folks at 100 Percent Pure know many people suffer from gluten and other allergies. Although Vitamin E is often derived from gluten, the Vitamin E used in 100 Percent Pure products is gluten free because it’s derived from cold pressing rice bran. All of 100 Percent Pure’s products are also free of soy and corn. This company is a favorite. Their cleansers, moisturizers, lip gloss, and foundations are all fantastic. They have a body scrub made with essential oils that doubles as a nice shaving cream and moisturizer, but also make sure you get the best shavers, at you will find the best ones. Shop for makeup from 100% Pure – no synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins.

Aubrey Organics

Aubrey Organics also has a line of hypoallergenic cosmetics and personal care products for people with makeup allergies. Gluten and Corn allergy sufferers will find a long list of safe cosmetics. I have compiled my own safe list, based on information I received from the company spokesperson. Do double check with Aubrey for accuracy before you order any hypoallergenic makeup product.

Gabriel and Zuzu Luxe

Gabriel and Zuzu Luxe also has a line of green, hypoallergenic health care products. Some of their hypoallergenic products are also gluten and corn free for women with makeup allergies. They can be found at Whole Foods as well as specific health food stores in your area, just visit their store locator page. Not all of their hypoallergenic products are gluten and corn free, so you must view their complete ingredient page prior to ordering any product if you have makeup allergies to natural ingredients like wheat, soy, and corn.

Personal Product Brands

Buttercup & Jake Natural Skin Care for Kids

The entire Buttercup Naturals product line of skin care products is gluten and corn free. Buttercup and Jake offer Cocoa Calendula Balm, Golden Calendula oil, yummy lip balms in three flavors, and soothing skin cream. All products made by Buttercup and Jake Natural Skin Care for Kids have a “Champion” status on the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Database for their commitment to product safety. All of their products have received the safest 0 – 1 ratings on a scale of 0 – 10. These products are great for dry skin, skin rashes, eczema, chapped lips, and everyday face moisturizer. The company owner told Healthy Family that their customers are not only kids. Plenty of moms use Buttercup Naturals too, under their foundation, and they love it.

Natural Family Botanicals

Natural Family Botanicals is another green beauty care company that offers some hypoallergenic products that are both gluten and corn-free. All their facial and body oils, massage oil (although it contains soy), salt scrubs, lip and body balms are safe for folks with makeup allergies to gluten and corn. Their creams and lotions contain citric acid, and are not corn-free, but they are gluten-free.

Savonnerie Gluten free Soaps

Savonnerie Gluten Free Soaps offer a collection of hypoallergenic personal products that are gluten, casein, soy and corn-free. It is also fragrance, and dye free. Unlike some of the other companies mentioned, this company does use chemicals in their products that may cause irritations in some people. Dakota Free, their sister company, also has gluten free products, but not all products are corn free. Read the labels and inquire before you buy any products if you have specific makeup allergies.

Honey Bee Gardens

Honey Bee Gardens has reformulated their Alcohol Free Hair Spray to remove the wheat protein, so now their entire line is gluten free. Their deodorant powders and pressed mineral foundations all contain corn starch, however. Check them out if you are looking for healthy all natural gluten free personal products. I have contacted the company spokesperson and am waiting to here more about possible corn byproducts in their makeup products and personal products for people with corn makeup allergies.

Other Gluten and Corn free Personal Product Makers

Often times you may get lucky searching for allergy friendly green personal products and safe cosmetics by just simply thinking outside the box. Visit ethnic stores for rare import products. For example, you may find a store that sells Agno Bar Soaps, made from 100% olive oil. If you are daring and have the time to experiment, make your own make-up or body care products at home. It could be quite fun, especially for teens to create their own custom green cosmetics that cater to various makeup allergies.

If you are looking for a safe toothpaste, Tom’s of Maine has two varieties that are free from gluten, according to a company spokesperson: their Silly Strawberry or their Children’s Orange Mango Toothpaste. Both are made with corn-derived ingredients. Please call the company before you buy. Formulations are subject to change.

More About Toxic Makeup and Chemical Sensitivities to Makeup

If you find that the many chemicals or ingredients in your hygiene products are causing you discomfort and you don’t think you have makeup allergies, do some reading. In some cases bismuth oxychloride, mica, titanium dioxide, and parabens may be to blame. If you don’t really know where to start, here is a list of helpful articles, databases, and organizations that may make your search for safe cosmetics a little less time consuming for you:

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

  • The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is a coalition of women’s, public health, labor, environmental health and consumer-rights groups. Their goal is to protect consumer and employee health by requiring the health and beauty industry to phase out the use of chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects and other health problems, and replace them with safer alternatives.

Skin Deep

  • Skin Deep offers you information on select brands of cosmetics. They rate products according to chemical safety and publish known toxic hazards (ie: cancer risks) according to scientific studies and analysis.

Natural Energies Chemical Ingredient Glossary

  1. Orton, David I.; Wilkinson, John D.: American Journal of Clinical Dermatology. 5(5):327-337, 2004.
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22 Comments on Makeup Allergies? Get our List of Safe Cosmetics and Personal Products

  1. Caryn
    I thought your article was excellent people really do not know ow body care products can effect there health just as much as food can, I would also like to let you know about a small mail order co. called Pure and Simple they carry alot of body care products designed with alot of types of allergys in mind and they are almost all natural and organic let me know if you would like there e-mail or phone #

  2. Christine Marie Cosmetics is amazing. Not only is it gluten free, it’s free of most allergens. For someone with many allergies and eczema it has been the safest and most effective product, my skin has never been better.


  3. joelle cosmetics/mineralglitters has about everything you could possibly need gluten free. they are dedicated to making every product on the website free of gluten. their lippy pots are to die for! they have an array of colors and taste great too with a hint of orange. i had been on the search myself for gluten free beauty products when i came across their website. they have everything from cosmetics to skin care. they even take suggestions on products you may be looking for.

  4. I second Jacklyn’s recommendation of Joelle Cosmetics at The founder is gluten and corn intolerant, so everything is not only gluten-free but corn-free as well. They offer lots of samples, and a liquid mineral foundation. It was so nice to find such an array of eyeshadows–having a huge selection of anything to pick from is now a bit of a shock.

    A moisturizer that’s saved my uneven skin and really fixed my rosacea is the serum from The founder is gluten intolerant, and she developed the serum to help her skin recover from gluten’s ravages. The serum is pricey, but definitely worth it. This is the best my skin’s ever looked. has a great corn-free lotion. The proprietor was very helpful and knowledgeable about the sources of her ingredients, plus willing to do custom batches of other products to omit offending ingredients.

  5. Lauren,
    I’m actually in the process of testing the product line of Mineral Hygenics. I need to do a bit of research on their mascara. I don’t know if it is corn free or not just yet. They also have a line of powder bases like Afterglow does.

  6. I’m glad the Afterglow worked out for you. BTW, I never got a response from Mineral Hygenics. Maybe they don’t know the source of some of their ingredients and whether they contain certain allergens.

  7. Just found a new line of Gluten Free Personal Care Products while visiting the Natural Products Expo this past weekend – Green Beaver – their entire line is certified organic, vegan and gluten free! Love, love their lips shimmers…but the Gluten Free Shampoo, Conditioner, and Lotion had a wonderful smell as well. Can’t wait to try out their Jr. line for my kids!

  8. I started noticing that my daughter was getting dizzy everytime she brushed her teeth and then she would get a migraine. So I emailed Tom’s of Maine regarding the Silly Strawberry Toothpaste or the Mango Toothpaste and the reps reply was that unfortunatly…the toothpaste contains glycerine that is derived from Corn and is not considered a corn free product. They may have changed their formula. But I did see a reaction.

  9. I can’t begin to thank you enough for this information, I almost want to cry! I have been struggling with acne as an adult for years (Im 36) and neither my dermatologist nor my allergist ever suggested that it could be food allergies and I have been seeing them for 7 years. I decided after talking to my sister about it to have myself tested for food allergies and low and behold I’m allergic to corn and soy. It turns out the Bare Minerals make up has corn starch in the mineral veil product and this had been recommended by my dermatologist who just wanted to put me on accutane and call it good.

    I think there is a huge problem in the dermatology industry where they are quick to give people medicine or serious treatments like accutane before looking at the root of the problem. But I suppose that philosophy makes more money for them and the pharmaceutical industries.

    Thank you!!

  10. Has anyone else tried Bum Boosa Bamboo Baby Wipes? They are totally corn free and 90% natural. They are USDA bio-preferred certified, too. They are awesome!

  11. Hey I was just looking at aubrey organics line of body products and I found that a few of them including some on your list have corn and wheat in them. All there shampoos contain corn oil. You might want to find out if aubrey changed their ingredients. Also I have found a mascara that is fabulous and corn/wheat free. I love it. Most of Gabriel organics and zu zu lux products are wheat and corn free. There’s a link on their site called allergens I believe – it shows what major allergens are in or not in their products. Their mascara products are corn and wheat free and look great when you put them on!

    • Thanks Lauren!
      We are in the process of doing major upgrades and updates on the site. I will add this article to the list that need to be revamped. I originally called all the manufacturers to verify ingredients when it was written a few years ago. I will take your info and update this article with it. Thanks again! And the mascara info is HUGE. That is the hardest product to find corn free!

  12. Tom’s of Maine toothpastes are no longer corn free. Their glycerin is now derived from corn. Their dental floss, however, is still corn free. Thank you for this listing, as I was recently diagnosed with a corn allergy. Herbal Choice Mari is also corn free.

  13. Hey, recently had hives from garnier fructis hair spray. I’m allergic to corn and sunflowers but my skin test at the allergist can’t explain it. Can you tell me which hair sprays are safe to use? I also have allergies to sulfa, lavender, dandelion and sunflowers (ragweed).

  14. Just because it says “natural” or “organic” etc. . . please be mindful that sensitivities can be to ANYTHING, not just corn, gluten, soy, etc. My daughter is sensitive to citrus. Think about that one! It’s in so many foods and skin products! Anyone know of a line of cosmetics that leaves that ingredient out?

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