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Minecraft for Teachers Mod Creates Your Own Custom Classroom Server

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Minecraft for Teachers: Now anyone with students can set up a custom Minecraft server for their class. There’s no need for technical computer coding skills. This is thanks to a little known custom mod created by Joel Levin, Santeri Koivisto, and Aleksi Postari at MinecraftEdu. The mod has been available for a while in beta, and has recently been updated to the latest version of Minecraft.

Do you have students addicted to Minecraft in your class? Are you looking for ways to inspire your kids to learn important concepts?

Why not use Minecraft as a teaching tool?

Ever since Notch opened up Minecraft to independent developers there have been a wide variety of custom mods available.

Minecraftedu Mod is designed to help make Minecraft for Teachers possible. Now teachers can run classroom servers without programming skills.

A sample view of Minecraft for Teachers. This MinecraftEdu Mod allows teachers to easily manage students with a simple interface. Teachers can choose what features to allow and disallow.

I especially like the idea of a teaching mod. It allows you to run a server without having to be a techie. You don’t need to know much about computer programming to easily manage this custom mod. It’s Minecraft for teachers. And it’s cool.

About this Minecraft for Teachers Mod:

This custom MinecraftEdu mod is an easy solution for creative teachers. Incorporate Minecraft into lesson plans at the click of a button with MinecraftEdu mod.

You will need to have Forge installed first in order to take advantage of the MinecraftEdu custom mod. It’s an easy install, and if you run into difficulty, just ask one of your students to give you a hand.  We’ve also got a simple tutorial article : How to Install Minecraft Mods, Texture Packs, or Minecraft Skins.

Features on this Minecraft for Teacher’s Mod:

  • Works with Minecraft 1.5.1.
  • Supports Forge.
  • In-game world controls.
  • Teacher’s ‘Give Menu’ to allow any item to be given, including those from mods.
  • More informative server displays.
  • Improved Mac support.
  • Updated World Edit functionality.
  • Support for Online World Templates (still experimental).

Joel tells fans, “One of our dreams for MinecraftEdu has always been to allow the seamless sharing of educational Minecraft worlds.  That dream is one step closer to reality with Online World Templates. “

If you’d like to learn more about this Minecraft for teachers mod, check out the MinecraftEdu website. If you’ve installed the mod and got it working, let us know how you like it. Also check out our other Minecraft articles on Healthy Family, including our free Minecraft paper craft templates for Steve, Herobrine, Enderman, and the Creeper.

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