12 Comments on Minecraft Paper Crafts: Get Free Herobrine, Steve, Enderman & Creeper

  1. When you make the base you have to first fold and glue or tape the long pieces on both sides into rectangles. There’s a small grey tab that will hold them together. Bend up all the edges before you start to glue or tape. This includes all the grey tabs. Then you’re going to fold up your 2 rectangles to create a cube. You do this by folding the two top pieces over the rectangles you already built. You glue one of the top pieces down on top of the other one. (So if you are making the base with the grass you put the grass on top of the grass after you made the rectangle shape with the long piece.) I like to add a bit of hot glue on the bottom edge that sits on the base when I’m all done to keep the base sturdy. You could also tape it.

  2. Hi, can you please tell me what size box i would need to have for herobrine? My son is 7 and this is his costume choice! Thanks so much!!

  3. Where did you get the paper to cover the box they are standing on in your picture? That is what I am looking for.

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