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Minecraft Valentines: Six Designs that are Free to Download and Print

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Minecraft Valentines aren’t easy to come by. You won’t find them in the store. There are a few Minecraft Valentines on Etsy, but they aren’t free to download and print out. This year I decided to create six free Minecraft Valentines to share. Check them out.

Valentine’s Day can be costly enough when you’ve got four kids like we do. Although Valentine’s Day cards are relatively inexpensive at places like Walmart and Kmart, they aren’t always geared toward the 7-9 year old. We like to be original over here, and we like to be crafty too. So instead of settling for a box of super heroes at the store, we decided to make some original Minecraft Valentines.

You are a "Top Notch Valentine"-- is one of the free downloadable Minecraft Valentines at enlisted my three boys to help me come up with a few Minecraft Valentines Day card ideas. It wasn’t difficult.  My kids love playing Minecraft, especially working on creative mode to build their own worlds.

I think we eventually created some fun Valentines Day cards.  The Minecraft theme is in all six cards, and they are appropriate to share at school with their classmates.

We had a great time coming up with unique messages like, “You are a top Notch Valentine” and “There will Nether be another Valentine like You.”

We’ve also got: “Valentine, you’re creeping into my heart” and “Do you know Wither or not you’ll be my Valentine?”

The boys thought it was important to include characters like the Creeper and Zombie Pigmen in our cards. And of course, they had to have the Herobrine and Notch, too.

If you are looking to get a few Valentines with a Minecraft theme, check out these fun free designs. If you’ve visited our website before, you may have seen our Minecraft Papercrafts. If not, it’s worth checking out. You may also want to check out an earlier post with a variety of free Valentines to download and print.

Get your kids to create and install a custom Minecraft mod. Check out Youth Digital. They offer an online computer programming class for kids ages 8-14 who want to learn how to make their own custom Minecraft mod. The class runs for a year and offers individualized online tutoring from expert tech teachers. At the end of the class your child will have a custom Minecraft mod of their own to install and share with friends.

My Free Minecraft Valentines:

Enjoy these free Minecraft Valentines from Healthy Family. They are free to Download and print out.

Six free Minecraft Valentines for kids. Click here to download the Minecraft Valentines pictured.

If you like them, please post a comment. Please follow Healthy Family on Facebook and Pinterest, too to get updates on future posts.

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