Minecraft Walkthrough Lesson for Beginning Players and Parents

Minecraftedu Mod is designed to help make Minecraft for Teachers possible. Now teachers can run classroom servers without programming skills.
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Need Minecraft walkthrough lessons? If you are worried about letting your child play Minecraft, don’t be. I’d like to give you a Minecraft walkthrough and hopefully help you understand the value in this collaborative online construction style game for kids. Minecraft has become a popular game for kids, but it can also be frustrating, too. My Minecraft walkthrough will show you how to help your child play a little better. When you understand the game better and how to choose the best Minecraft server your kids will get the best experience out of playing and the nice thing is you can play it in windows or mac , and you can also get a mac gaming mice to make it even easier.

Before I start my Minecraft walkthrough with you I’d like to suggest that you get into the game and play it with your kids. This is the best way to understand what’s going on, how it works, and the problems that can come up when playing collaboratively with others.

A Minecraft Walkthrough for Parents: What is it?

Minecraft Walkthrough tutorial for parents: Learn how to help your beginner child play creative mode and survival mode.
This is Minecraft Pocket Edition on a Kindle Fire. Read my Minecraft Walkthrough to learn how to Successfully play.

Minecraft is one of those games that kids today play a lot. Kids tend to become very attached to this game because it allows them to use their creative side. Kids can build things they never could have built in any other game. The game can be played online, which is a great way to interact with other people and do collaborative teamwork. A study made by Andrea Kuszewski proves games like Minecraft increase your fluid intelligence. This is the intelligence you use when you problem solve and learn things.

She’s not the only gaming expert that thinks video games are good for kids. Gabe Zichermann of Gamification Co bridges the gap between the Me Generation and what he calls Generation G in a lecture he gives to a gaming audience in Brussels.

“Our kids are advocating for a different world,” Zichermann says. “A world in which there is extensive collaborative play. This is one of the things that Generation G does so much differently than even my generation. I remember going to school and teachers struggling to come up with exercises that we could do as a team and be graded as a team. But Generation G plays a lot of games that are strictly collaborative. There is group value. This will affect our world in untold ways.

I think this is an important idea for parents to understand. You need to understand your child’s mindset and motivation for playing. Please watch the video before diving into my Minecraft walkthrough tutorial. Many parents want to fight the idea of letting their kids play games like Minecraft. They worry that too much time playing Minecraft will create an antisocial child. But I believe that Minecraft can do the exact opposite. Watch the following video before reading the Minecraft walkthrough to understand how Minecraft can help kids learn collaborative problem solving.

Gabe Zichermann Talks to Parents about Gamification

Minecraft Walkthrough: First Time Player Tips

Your first time playing Minecraft can be confusing. A Minecraft walkthrough is essential, especially if you are playing it alone.

There are a few things all Minecraft beginners need to understand about Crafting in this Minecraft walkthrough. So let’s get started:

  1. When you first begin hold down the mouse key on a certain block and it will slowly break. You need to break wood first, although you can break other blocks like stone. But your best bet for getting items is when you break soft blocks like dirt, flowers, wood, and sand, etc….
  2. Once you have wood you press “e” on your keyboard to open your inventory. You’ll get an achievement for doing that the first time. Once in your inventory you will see three things: your armor (you have none yet), your tools (sticks, torches, etc…), and finally a four block space by your avatar (character). This is the crafting area.
  3. Put your wood in this four block area and you will see a one block area with a new block in it. This is a wooden plank. Wooden planks are the base of all Minecraft crafting. Most things that you have are traced back to using wood planks. Take your wood planks and put them in the crafting area, one on top, one on bottom. This creates sticks. Putting all four planks in creates a crafting bench. A crafting bench gives you more space for crafting.

Now that you understand the basics of crafting, you need to understand Minecraft survival needs.

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