Minecraft Wrapping Paper: Download Free Minecraft Wallpapers to Craft

Get patterns for a Minecraft paper craft homemade Minecraft grass block and dirt block box.
Get patterns for a Minecraft paper craft homemade Minecraft grass block and dirt block box.

Want Minecraft wrapping paper or wallpaper for a fun craft or special gift? One of our readers recently left a comment about the Minecraft box I made last year. The box is displayed on our popular Minecraft 3D paper craft page. I never did mention the box or offer links or free downloads of the wallpaper used to cover the box. Here is a quick tutorial on how I made the box and a few free downloads for you to enjoy. I hope these three Minecraft block wallpaper patterns will inspire you to create your own homemade Minecraft box. Is just that handmade stuff are so popular these days, doing anything with your hands really, is 1 of the 5 reasons why fidget spinners are so popular.

Last year when I decided to create a homemade Minecraft box I searched online for downloadable Minecraft wallpaper patterns. I couldn’t find any that were made to print on a standard printer using 8 1/2 x 11 paper (letter sized). To me, any Minecraft wrapping paper pattern has to be printed at that size to best utilize the average printer and paper size. Of course, Minecraft wrapping paper can be bought online. But if you are like me, and always shopping for gifts at the last-minute, shipping time is an issue. This free Minecraft wrapping paper is free for you to use, but understand that it’s really meant as a craft paper for cut and decoupage onto cardboard boxes. If you decide to use it to wrap a gift you’ll have to keep the gift size small or at the very least, use excess tape to piece all the sheets together first.

Use Free Minecraft Wrapping Paper Download to Make a Homemade Minecraft Box

Get free templates to print and cut of Minecraft paper craft Steve and Creeper with diamond pick.
Minecraft paper craft Steve and Creeper with diamond pick. On a homemade Minecraft box featuring free Minecraft wallpaper patterns that you can download and print.

Pictured above is the homemade Minecraft box I created using my homemade Minecraft wrapping paper. To make a similar box, you will need a container of Mod Podge or Elmer’s Glue, a craft sponge or brush, a few tablespoons of water in a small bowl, four sheets of the brown block Minecraft wallpaper, one sheet of the green block Minecraft wallpaper, and two to three sheets of the brown and green block Minecraft wallpaper.

Download Minecraft Grass Wallpaper Download Minecraft grass and dirt block wallpaper Download Minecraft dirt block wallpaper

If you’d like to have a box just like the one pictured, you can find craft cardboard boxes at your local craft store. I bought a set of boxes in several sizes that all nest into each other. The box pictured is the largest size at about 10 inches square. Check out Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Joann Fabrics. You can also find them online too. Bags and Bows sells nested boxes that can be decoupaged over for a reasonable price. You can get three boxes for around $8 and right now they are offering 15% off gift boxes, holiday boxes, jewelry boxes and specialty boxes. The Container store also has Nested Boxes, too.

After printing and cutting your pieces to fit the box, brush a small amount of Mod Podge or glue onto the box. I cut my pieces so that they are a little larger than the box. This way they will overlap and cover the corners nicely. Once the sides are all glued on leave it to dry over night. You can take and brush another thin coat of Mod Podge over the entire box the next day. You could also spray it with a clear coat of polyurethane instead. Be careful that you don’t smear the colors on your printout, especially if you have an inkjet printer.

Please make a comment if you like this Minecraft freebie. I’d love to hear about your Minecraft paper craft projects and how you’ve used these patterns.

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  1. Hello firsto off huge Thank you! I’ve been all over trying to find the grass printout for regular printer letter sized paper and you’re right pretty much impossible. I am so glad I found your free printables.they’re perfect the only thing is the grass file will not download would it be possible for you to upload it again? Many thanks again.

  2. Thank you for making these available for free!
    I keep getting an error message for the grass file, like the previous commenter.
    Any chance of it being fixed?

  3. Thank you for posting this. There seems to be a problem with the green blocks. I keep getting an error message. Could you fix the link? Thanks!

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