Natural Treatments for ADHD: Use These Healthy Organic Foods

natural treatments for ADHD: best foods to eat
If you plan to use natural treatments for ADHD, start with healthy brain boosting foods.

Natural treatments for ADHD can sometimes do more than alleviate symptoms. In our family, we learned that a healthy organic diet free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives actually kept our kids out of the doctor’s office too.

Do you have a child diagnosed with ADHD? Let me tell you about beneficial foods that help with ADHD symptoms. Just add these healthy organic foods to your daily diet for results. I have even included some sample recipes for you. A healthy organic diet is one of the easiest natural treatments for ADHD. If you can get your children on board with good eating habits, this alone may do wonders to lessen their ADHD symptoms.

Natural Treatments for ADHD Should Begin with Food:

natural treatments for ADHD: best foods to eat
If you plan to use natural treatments for ADHD, start with healthy brain boosting foods.

Kids don’t often connect what they eat to how they feel. As parents it is our job to help bridge that gap. Since nutrition isn’t a top priority in the public school system it’s important for you to educate your child yourself.

If you want success using natural treatments for ADHD you have to get your kid to understand how food affects their brain. With proper nutrition their ability to concentrate and study for tests will improve. Although vitamin and mineral supplements are also important to treat ADHD symptoms, you still need a good diet.

Show Your Kids Good websites that teach about Brain Food:

To get your kids on board with healthy eating you are probably have to get them educated. I found a few good online resources that I think do a good job of helping convince kids to eat right. If they see food as one of the best natural treatments for ADHD they may take that bite. If you haven’t already seen Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on T.V., check out his website: My kids loved it. Kids have to understand the importance of getting enough B vitamins into their bodies. The best way to do this is by eating good healthy produce daily in addition to taking supplements. The most important B vitamin for ADHD is riboflavin. It is abundant in Marmite, liver, and almonds.

Where to go Online for Nutrition Education Sites:

Start with Nourish Interactive, a site devoted to Nutrition Education for Kids and Parents.

Also check out Brain Fuel 4 Kids, another great site about nutrition and exercise.

And finally, Food for the Brain, a site that gives you step by step guidance (and a getting started child health and diet questionnaire.)

If you are looking for a resource on how to be free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives visit the Feingold Organization for ADHD.

Natural Treatments for ADHD: Best Brain Foods for Kids:

Oatmeal with honey Apples Salmon
Brown Rice Bran Cereal Flax seeds Broccoli
Eggs Mixed Nuts Spinach
Breakfast smoothie Blueberries Quinoa pilaf
Strawberries Pumpkin seeds Curry
yogurt (unsweetened!) Avocados Beets
Chia Seeds Cheese Liver

The foods in the above graph have been shown to boost brain power, your attention-span, help your immune system, aid in digestion, and/or reduce hyperactivity symptoms. Using these foods is a perfect start for families using natural treatments for ADHD symptoms. Our brains are hungry organs and they need a lot of blood flow to function right. Try to incorporate these foods into your ADHD child’s daily diet. If you don’t have a lot of tasty recipes on hand, visit a recipe site to discover new ones based on these ingredients.

Here are a few samples of good Brain Food Recipes for ADHD:

Cocoa Pumpkin Chia Granola by Michelle Tsao This recipe packs all the necessary brain foods in it! It’s also low in sugar. You can easily substitute honey for agave syrup. Omit the puffed wheat if you are gluten free.
 Omega Grain Free Scones by Healthy Family Unlike the typical scone that tends to be made with a lot of wheat flour, butter, and sugar, we’ve got one with omega 3 fats, a day’s worth of vitamin E and a healthy bundle of B vitamins and magnesium.
 Herbed Avocado Cheese Spread by Global Chef This spread can actually be frozen. Make it and serve with flax seed crackers, or nut thins if you are gluten free. If you aren’t worried about gluten, serve with organic whole wheat crackers (no GM foods!)
 Jan’s Always Requested Liver Pate by Janice This spread can be kept in the fridge and served as a snack. Liver is very high in riboflavin. Substitute the Chicken livers for Lamb livers if you want the most riboflavin possible.
Easy Stovetop Chicken Curry by Healthy Family Make it in about 30 minutes. Curry powder contains turmeric spice. Turmeric is good for lowering inflammation in the body and boosting the immune system. It also aids in digestion. If your ADHD child has digestive issues it’s vital to include.
Zucchini and Lemon Quinoa Pilaf by Laura Bashar  Have you ever tried Quinoa? It’s naturally gluten free and high in protein. Quinoa is not a grain. It’s actually a seed that’s packed with essential amino acids. Make it like you would rice. On its own I think Quinoa lacks flavor. That’s why I love a pilaf!
Spinach bacon, and cheese omelette by Jo-Lynne Shane This is a great way to sneak a little spinach into your kids’ diets. It is packed with a lot of nutrients. Spinach has magnesium, iron, B vitamins, and even much coveted Omega 3 fatty acids!

When a parent decides to use natural treatments for ADHD there has to be some kind of commitment in the family. It has to start at the dinner table. Your ADHD child has to understand that they can’t be a picky eater who refuses to try your quinoa, spinach, or avocado spread.

If you are in that awful boat I feel for you. This makes using healthy food in your natural treatments for ADHD nearly impossible. ADHD kids who are picky eaters are tough to deal with. Try to get to the bottom of the picky eating by talking with your family doctor. You may have an ADHD child with digestive issues or an undeclared food allergy. It is also possible your ADHD child has sensory issues with food. In our case our son had undiagnosed celiac disease.

Using natural treatments for ADHD often means changing the family lifestyle in order to improve your child’s condition. I hope you decide to give a healthy organic diet a shot. We did it in our house over 5 years ago when we were faced with neurological issues. Now we have a healthy family again and we’ve never looked back.

Just remember that it is VERY important to cut down on the sugars. A natural treatments for ADHD diet needs to be low in sugar. Part of the problem with children suffering from symptoms of ADHD is often sugar overload. Have you ever heard of the low glycemic diet? The South Beach Diet was all the craze a few years ago. The Zone Diet is another low glycemic diet for weight control.  Children with ADHD also need to limit sugary and starchy foods. So try to skip the white rice, doughnuts, and dry cereal boxes. Try keeping healthy foods all the time at their reach, I had this first-hand ice chest reviews that helped me a lot because I was able to get a cooler just perfect to storage healthy foods for my kids. Encourage your kids to eat a lot of protein for breakfast. Use honey instead of sugar. If you think your child is addicted to sugar, please read about the possible signs of sugar withdrawal.

Also remember to supplement your child with brain boosting vitamins too. You can support Healthy Family website by shopping at They offer Fast, Free Shipping on Professional Grade Vitamins and Supplements. NutriVine also supports U.S. military veterans.

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  1. Great page full of very useful info! There is always more to learn! Our journey with our son was very similar with great success along the way. I’ve written our storyin a blog at . If only more families would try it the natural way first, it’s so worth it!!

  2. Thanks for sharing that Renee. I know the feeling. You’re off to a great start with your new blog. I remember wanting to shout it from the rooftops when we first started seeing results. Unfortunately we’re the exception and not the norm….yet. But with more people like you trying to spread the word about eating healthy I think it will catch on. Did you follow the blog? I hope so. I’d love to keep in touch.

  3. I’ve added my email to follow your blog. If you have a chance to check out the NAET site, it’s a Naturopathic non invasive approach to eliminating sensitivities. Very successful for us to be a able to at least not react to foods that are part of our food groups, we have an amazing ND, it’s worth checking out.

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