Non GMO Gluten Free Products: What Brands are Exclusive non GMO?

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Non GMO gluten free products are out there. There are plenty of them, but you have to know which brands. It’s no secret that I hate GMO foods, especially GMO corn. Unfortunately many popular gluten free brands contain GMO corn as a main ingredient.

It’s not necessary for everyone to be on a gluten free diet. I’m sure you all know that. But for those of us diagnosed with digestive disorders, celiac disease, and a wheat allergy or gluten intolerance, it is vital to our health and well being. Well, so is being on a non GMO diet, in my opinion. Let me explain.

Why Shop Non GMO Gluten Free Products?

Over a year ago I decided to cut out a lot of gluten free processed products because I noticed health problems despite keeping my family on the gluten free diet. The two biggest offenders?

Soy and Corn.

It’s no secret that there are many brands that make gluten free food with GMO corn products. But there is a movement for change. As part of this movement I’ve put together a list of non GMO gluten free products for you. I’ve also written about how you can shop for non GMO food at your local stores.

What Gluten free Brands are non GMO?

Who’s on the list? Rudi’s, Udi’s, Enjoy Life Foods, Freedom FoodsDr. Lucy’s, Mary’s Gone Crackers, and more!

Brands that are not GMO can get Non GMO Verified Labeling. Look for it when you shop.
This is the Non GMO Verified Label on packaging by Brands that are not GMO.

The more research is done about GMO food the better. Gluten free consumers are becoming aware of the dangers of GMO corn. People like you are looking specifically for non GMO gluten free products. Manufacturers see this and they are responding to us.

Find out which companies offer exclusive non GMO gluten free products. Support these non GMO gluten free brands when you shop. By doing this you will help create a movement toward a healthier more sustainable world where food heals us.

Some brands not listed here also have non GMO gluten free products. I may have overlooked a company that’s completely non GMO and gluten free. If I have and you are certain, please drop a comment about it.

There are many gluten free and partially non GMO companies on the market. I haven’t listed them because I wanted to highlight companies that are 100% non GMO. I hope you understand the method to my madness. Most people like simple solutions. If you are shopping non GMO gluten free products, just memorize these brands. If you buy from them you are buying non GMO regardless of the product.

Our List of Non GMO Gluten Free Products

We list non GMO companies that are exclusively gluten free to help consumers shop for healthy food products.
We list exclusively non GMO companies that are gluten free.

If you are gluten free and concerned about genetically engineered corn and soy in your gluten free food products, contact the product manufacturer. Many businesses are more than willing to work to make their products accessible to a wider range of celiac consumers. It is important that you voice your opinions. This can influence the decisions executives make in whether or not to become non GMO companies.

Did you find other companies with exclusively non GMO gluten free products?

Please leave a comment so we can update this listing.

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4 Comments on Non GMO Gluten Free Products: What Brands are Exclusive non GMO?

  1. Hi, I was wondering where or how you gathered the information to make the “non GMO Gluten free Brand” list as well as the “non GMO and Organic Shopping Guide?” I looked up the 365 Brand and although the article was from 2011, it stated that this company knowingly uses GMO products and some of its products (milk) isn’t even organic. So that’s why I was wondering where you have looked to get this info-the article also talked about the fact that Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s knowingly sell non-organic as well as GMO products. People often think that since these stores are labeled as organic supermarkets that anything they buy there must be good for them and organic-in turn assuming that it must be GMO free. There are tons of products labeled as organic but have been made with GMO ingredients.

    I just want to know where I’m able to look this information up for myself and make sure that I don’t make the same mistake as other consumers in assuming that since you listed these brands that they are ok and run out and gather these items.

    I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.

    With much appreciation,

    • Sure, Tatum–

      The non GMO project verified program lists them all. It is a 3rd party non profit organization. I use the data from their website to organize and arrange the information in an easily digested way. It takes a few hours to put each listing together because of the way the database renders info.

      Here’s info on 365 Brand non GMO project Verified products:

      You can use this database yourself to find products that are guaranteed non GMO.

      And yes, you are absolutely right– GMOs are found in all grocery stores. Until they are labeled it’s pretty hard to avoid them. Whole Foods is moving to be the first retailer promising to label them on products. That’s a start!

      Thank you very much for your comment.

  2. People in Washington State can vote for I-522, an initiative that, if passed, will require GMO food to be labelled. I-522 is similar to the GMO labeling initiative that failed in California. the California initiative was ahead in the polls until the last minute when the GMO-promoting corporations spent a truckload of money to scare people claiming GMO labeling requirements would drive up the cost of food. When voters feel even a shred of doubt, they tend to vote No.

    People outside Washington State can help by spreading the word about I-522 and, if you can, donating a small amount of money to help. The failure of GMO labeling in California hurt us all because it halted the progress toward a national requirement for labels on GMO food.

  3. Caryn, thanks so much for bringing attention and clear information to this vital topic. As someone who eats gluten free, I am concerned that so many new people eating GF may actually increase their consumption of GMOs by not realizing the importance of finding GMO free corn & soy.

    Also, as the founder of an organic chocolate company, I am concerned about the introduction of GMO sugar into conventional chocolate. Hersheys and Mars (i.e. Kisses and M&Ms) are now made with GMO sugar. It’s disturbing to know how many children are being subjected to these.

    I appreciate your effort on this subject. Keep up the great work!

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