Organic fabric is not always Allergy Friendly: Shoppers Beware

Are you allergic to your organic fabric?

Organic fabric made from corn fiber, Kira Corn Textile.

Organic fabric is not always allergy friendly. The environmental movement has produced some wonderful and creative ideas, to help our planet. Eco friendly fabrics made from hemp, bamboo (they make comfortable footwear from bamboo), corn or milk have been part of this movement. These fibers for the extremely sensitive can, and have caused problems for people with skin sensitivities. There are chairs filled with soy and plastics that can be made from corn that are not always clearly marked.

Organic Fabric Making you Itch? It may be an Allergy

Using 100% corn yarn to make yarn may be environmentally tempting, to explore as an alternative. For the corn allergic that are contact sensitive, these yarns can be dangerous. A scarf or blanket made of corn yarn, used by a person with a history of contact reactions can cause serious reactions. Cornucopia is yarn made from 100% corn.

organic fabric allergy
Are you allergic to your organic fabric?

Germans invented milk fiber, in an attempt to replace wool, from sheep shortages caused by the Second World War. Today China is the world leader in providing milk fiber, and milk yarns to consumers.

Supporters see milk yarn, and milk fiber as an environmental alternative as a renewable material that is breathable and luxurious in texture. The dangerous part for those who have contact reactions is the milk proteins can cause reactions.

Native peoples and early pioneers have used nuts to dye cloth, yarns and more. The tradition of using nuts to dye things lives on. Some scrap bookers use walnut dyes to die paper to give the impression of aging or antique looking paper. Calligraphy ink can be made from walnuts.

Kick A Dee makes yarns using natural dies including some that may contain nut oils.

Patrick Yarns has fabrics made with milk fiber. Casein has been used in paints for centuries, and as a yarn fiber since 1930s. This fabric is considered ‘green’ and can be found in organic T-shirts, underwear, sports wear and sweaters.

In 1937 Henry Ford invented ‘soy wool’ as a cheap alternative to wool for his car upholstery. Soy fabrics are making a comeback now with the new environmentally green movement.

I would like to see all products clearly labeled for food allergens, not just food. We as allergic consumers, should be allergy aware with all our purchases.

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