Painful Armpit Lump? This Vitamin May be the Cure

painful lump in the armpit cure with natural remedy

A painful armpit lump is fairly common. Most people don’t know that a simple vitamin treatment may be the cure they need for a painful underarm lump. If you are suffering from one or more very sore red cyst-like lumps under your arm pit, consider trying this simple at-home remedy before your scheduled trip to the doctor. You may find the typical treatment, a course of antibiotics, isn’t going to be necessary.

A painful armpit lump may be a sign of Lymphadenitis.

If you are in a lot of pain right now and can’t get an immediate appointment with your doctor, there is one very simple treatment you can do that may just make that nasty painful armpit lump go away. Start taking increased doses of vitamin E supplements. Vitamin E is a very powerful antioxidant and a fat soluble vitamin with no known toxicity. It may just make that nasty painful armpit lump go away within 24 to 48 hours, before you even get into that doctor’s appointment that you may have already scheduled.

The Traditional Treatment for a Painful Armpit Lump: Lancing and Biopsy

Painful armpit lump and possible natural treatment options.
Try Vitamin E for your painful armpit lump.

Years ago when I was suffering from re-occurring painful armpit lumps my aunt suggested that I try taking vitamin E. Up until then I was getting every painful armpit lump that surfaced lanced and biopsied by my doctor. I did as my aunt suggested and I was amazed that the painful armpit lumps went away within one or two days with the vitamin E treatments. There is no clearly proven medical support for the use of vitamin E to get rid of your sore underarm lumps. There is ongoing research, though, about its benefits in many diseases, especially cancer and heart disease.

The lymphatic system’s overall function is to drain fluid from all over the body back into the bloodstream. It is also a major part of the body’s immune system, and plays a huge role in defending the body against cancer and infections like the common cold. It is also closely related to the circulatory system. Some health experts claim vitamin E can help gradually break down blood clots in the circulatory system, and can also prevent more from forming. Perhaps it also alleviates swelling and fluid build-up in the lymph nodes.

A Painful Armpit Lump may be Caused by Shaving or Deodorant

Although a painful armpit lump may have many causes there may be a very simple explanation for your condition. According to Evanston Northwestern Healthcare,

“Cysts and infections on the surface of the skin of the armpit may be caused by shaving or use of antiperspirants (as opposed to deodorants). This occurs most frequently in adolescents just beginning to shave, make sure they know how to prevent ingrown hairs. Abscesses under the skin may also produce large, painful lumps in the armpit.”

When Your Painful Armpit Lump is Lymphadenitis

Lymphadenitis is the medical term for swollen lymph glands and may mean you have an infection. So if your symptoms also include other common cold-like symptoms then this is a likely probability. Streptococcus and Staphylococcus bacteria are the most common causes of lymphadenitis, but viruses, protozoa, rickettsiae, fungi, and the tuberculosis bacillus can also infect the lymph nodes. You will need to see a doctor to run lab tests to determine if this is the cause of your painful underarm lump. The most significant test is a white blood cell count (WBC) and a blood culture to identify the organism. A high number of immature white blood cells means you have a bacterial infection. In some cases, the doctor may order a biopsy of the lymph node. If you have lymphadenitis and choose to visit a medical doctor he or she will most likely prescribe medications and may include antibiotics.

According to Quest Health Library,

“Water melon possesses detoxifying properties and may be useful for those with lymphadenitis. Lemon juice may also be beneficial, although it is a good idea to dilute with water to make it more palatable. In addition, a diet high in vegetable protein is recommended. This can be achieved by eating brown rice, seeds and sprouted grains.”

A painful underarm lump may mean you have something more serious to consider like cancer. As with any disease, it is best to check with a doctor if you have any concerns or questions. The information provided here is not meant to diagnose, it is merely provided as information to help educate you about the possible reasons for your condition.

Has Vitamin E Helped Your Painful Armpit Lump?

One final note, I would love to hear from anyone who reads this and finds success treating their painful underarm lump after taking vitamin E supplements. After doing a lot of searching on the web I have not yet found any substantial research on this treatment. Over the years I have passed on the news to other sufferers, many of whom have told me that it worked for them too. If taking vitamin E for a painful armpit lump works for you, please comment!

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177 Comments on Painful Armpit Lump? This Vitamin May be the Cure

  1. It worked after only 48hrs….Unbelieveable..I was very impressed..I was in severe pain and now tenderness almost 100% gone..

  2. I found this website yesterday and went out to buy Vitamin E.
    Today, the cysts in my armpit has gone down, I am very hopeful it will work!

  3. it’s been three days since i started taking Vit E 400 IU, aftter 24 hours of taking it the pain was gone now the lump has completely gone down..thanks very much Caryn Talty!!!

  4. Hello,
    I,m having that lump in my armpit and at times it is throbing. I’ve done a cancer marker test to determine wether I have breast cancer but the test showed no sign of it. At the moment I’m taking chinese medication to reduce the lump. I’ll try vitamen E as recommended.

  5. Thank you so much! was in a lot of pain but stumbled upon this site and tried out the vitamin E and its helping. The pain went away the first day and the lump is continuing to disappear. Just take 3 pills a day and it should work for you!

  6. I just came across the article and will go out tommorrow to purchase Vitamin E to see if this works. I’ll repost after I try, can you also email me I have other questions about cyst.

  7. hello. I have one of theses lumps that is always there, and always small and not painful. However, now its big and painful. I am wondering if its from a bad diet as I am living in Brazil right now, and we have been eating out a lot lately. I also wonder if it is from a cold from change of climate. I am going to try out the vitamin E thing and I will let you know.

  8. I have had this lump right on my belt line approximately in the location of your right front pocket for almost two years now. It is not painful or hard, and it is usually about the size of a half a marble at its peak, but each day I can squeeze about a teaspoon of sometimes puss, and other times more watery looking fluid out of it. If I take a hot bath I can almost get rid of it completely, but within a day or two it is about the full size again. I did go to a doctor about 9 months ago and she said it was a cyst or a boil caused by an ingrown hair, which is possible since I do shave down there, and gave me a prescription for infection but it did exactly nothing. So do you know if you can also get these in other locations than the armpits, such as on your waist in the under the belt line location?
    I have tried several things on it without any luck, so I hope that vitamin E can help this. Can you also tell me how many IU’s you should be taking a day, since I know that they come on different doses?

    • You may want to try turmeric. Take 1 teaspoon of ground turmeric powder in water three times a day. You may find it disgusting, but after four days or so you might find your problem clearing up. It is great for boils too.

  9. 22/09/08 – currently have my 3rd abscess in my right armpit, the minute one goes away i seem to get another.

    please please can sum1 confirm this works? thanks

  10. Miss N
    I have been getting these cysts off and on for many years. Once I start taking the vitamin E (2-3 pills /400 I.U.) I have been successful in alleviating all the symptoms.
    It usually takes about 3 days to see a good response. I also try and take 1 a day after all the symptoms stop for a while to keep my system working. Good luck.

  11. Vitamin E has the power of treating Lymphadenitis. Your article is really very good and to the point. Thanks for posting it and relieving people from Lymphadenitis.

  12. Wow, I am so surprised to see that I am not the only person who has lymphadenitis! I have been suffering from these cysts in my armpits since I was a 14, and now I am 25! I’ve always felt like I was plagued! I am embarrased to wear sleeveless tops because I have scars left from those ugly creatures! I am going to try taking Vitamin E. I hope that I will have a success story as well. To the author, thanks for this information. I was doing research, and when I read your article, I found a sense of hope! I am skeptical about alot of things, but I am going to give this a shot! Hopefully, you will be hearing from me again! Thank you and good luck to everyone!

  13. it’s a relieve to know that many experience what i have.. I’m so worried though but my mum says it’s probably due to shaving a little too hard. do u guys think so too? i had this before , it was painful then it went away, then now i have it again, only about 2 inches higher than before, it was painful about 3 days ago, then the pain just went away, but now the lump is still there. should i be worried?

    I’m going to try those vitamin e tablets as well.

  14. I went to the doctor yesterday about the painful lump in my arm pit and he diagnosed me with lymphodenitis. He prescribed antibiotics and pain killers. I plan to take your advice and try the vitamin E as well, but was wondering if any of you were prescribed antibiotics. I’m curious as to why none of the above comments mention seeing a doctor about their painful condition. Will antibiotics work? I will continue the antibiotics plus I will begin taking the vitamin E and will let you all know if it works for me.

    • I’ve had a painful lump in my right armpit that seems to get worse right before menstration. The doctors have put me on 400-1,00 0 mg of Vitamin E per day. I hope it works. I was given antibiotics as well and it went away for about a week, then it came back. My wbc count is normal. We’ll see if this works! (fingers crossed)

    • I showed myself to the doctor when my lump got really red and painful and it became impossible to move my arm freely. He said it was a follicle infection and gave me a course of antibiotics for 5 days. The antibiotics did work and the lump sore got better, but even after that there was still a lump (although it did not hurt). Its been 15 days and I haven’t shaved (used epilation cream) and the lump is sore again. Ugh!! I am going to try out the Vitamin E remedy. Hopefully it helps

      • Ally,
        It could be you needed a longer course of antibiotics or that your antiperspirant is aggravating your sore. Check with your doctor first to let him know that the infection didn’t fully clear. If your antiperspirant is strong and has a lot of aluminum in it this may be a contributing factor. It seems like a lot of lump sufferers find this to be true. You can certainly take the E along with antibiotics and as a preventative measure too. But if you felt that they were helping it may be that your infection didn’t fully clear when you finished the course. To be on the safe side, you should call your doc to let him know and see what he advises.

        • Hi Caryn Talty,
          I was Wondering if yoy can Email me a picture of the vitamin E pill. And also would It be ok to take it even though im breastfeeding?

    • I Saw A Doctor For My Lumps. She Prescribed Me Antibiotics. Two A Day, For !0 Days. The Lumps Went Away Within The First Two Days Of My Taking Them, But Not Even A Week Later Of Being Off Of The Antibiotics, The Pain And The Lumps Came Back Full Force, Smh. I Bought Vitamin E 400-iu At 5Am This Morning, I Was In So Much Pain, I Couldn’t Sleep. So, I Logged On To See If Anyone Had Any Suggestions. Hoping That The Vitamins Will Work!

  15. I was also given an antibiotic for my lymphangitis, Tetracycline, by my physician. At one stage he even lanced the lumps to culture it. I continued to break out with more lumps and was told to double up on the prescription, this also did not improve the condition. I then was told about the vitamin E solution and I tried it and it was very successful almost immediately. If you choose to take the antibiotic I would only take that to see if that will cure the breakout. If you do not see any results, by all means try the vitamin E. Otherwise you will never know which method has worked for you. Since then any time I have the slightest inkling that it is coming on I immediately start the E and have remained free of future breakouts.
    Good luck with what ever you choose.

  16. I am 40, and over the last couple of years have had these lumps about 4 times. Some bouts are worse than others, and usually the left armpit gets the worst of it. During my last bout, about two months ago, I went to the GP who took a blood test to test for diabetes (negative). She felt it was important to establish the cause before recommending antibiotics. We both decided to keep an eye on things for signs of infection. I rode that one out. I am not a popper. It’s too bloody painful to even touch the thing.

    And then I came across this article. Bought the Vitamin E immediately. In this instance I had had the lumps (about 15 of them, and some joined. ….Aarrrrggggghhhhhhh) Some really big, and others, really small. It was a week into the ordeal, and I wasn’t going to the GP. So I took the Vitamins. And hey presto, the raging monsters subsided, and I two days on, I didn’t need to stand like a teapot with my hand on my hip.

    Thank you for this article. Thank you.

    • Thank you Mrs P. I am45 and have been getting small painless cysts all over the place. Have one thats seems permanent just above my left eye. Also got fybroadenoma in my breast and that one disappeared lukily. Then about 3 months ago I got a nasty one on my groin. ITs still there and Im too embarassed to go to the dr. Two days ago I got up one mornng and had this massive lump under my arm and it is terribly painful. Like it appeared over night. I found this site and am going to try the vitaim E. Am wondering if topical vitamin e cream will work? Anyway I just wanted to thank you for your post and it made me laugh. Its so painful I have to have my hand on my hip alot aswell and the way you described the teapot made me laugh when its hurting so much I could cry. thank you.

      • Julie, just checking to see how you are. What has your experience been with your absesses? (and the teapot situation 🙂

        I am pleased to say that mine have not reappeared with the same vengance. I take Vit E regularly, and even though I might forget sometimes, I make sure to take it when I am due to shave, I also have another antiperspirant, as well as the strong Mitchums, but as advised above, I never use it everyday. I might get the odd pimple, now and again, but I am so onto that Vitamin E I never give the little pimples to turn into full blown absesses.
        Glad I found this article. I have refered this to few friends who think it’s a miracle.

        Thank you once again for this article and all the posters.

  17. Sorry I forgot to add that I get these monsters when I have just shaved with hair remover or razor.

    And I also use Mitchums antiperspirant. My sister also used Mitchums and had her first outbreak a year ago. I didn’t make the connection with antiperspirant then, and now the penny’s dropped.

    So does it mean No Shaving and No Antisperspirants?????? Oh my Goodness.

    • Try not to use antiperspirant the same day you were shaving. It’s the bacteria that make the smell and if there is no hair, there is less good environment for bacteria. So it makes possible to skip antiperspirant for at least one day.

      Also, you can try to use antiperspirant every second day. I guess even Mitchum ad says something like “It’s so strong, that you can use it every other day”…

    • I think this is interesting, because I have just had my first outbreak (which has been lanced, and that helped a little bit, but is still painful) but I was also using Mitchums and had just shaved…my fiancee also shaves and also uses Mitchum solid. just a good for thought.

      • OMG Monica. Thanks for sharing about your Mitchum’s experience (and your sisters). Maybe a little bit more insight about why I was using Mitchums. I had searched and searched for a good antiperspirant and failed. That was of course until i found Mitchum’s. And to be honest with you, that is when the problem started, though it took my sisters reaction (for her three days after she started using it). And then I found this article, and made the connection to antiperspirant, which was made even more shocking by my sister’s reaction. Are you going to carry on using Mutchums? lol

  18. I don’t know how to thank you. I have never had an abscess or boil in all my 48 yrs. of living. Yet within the last 3 weeks I had these ugly painful bumps popping up under my right armpit for no apparent reason….no change in deodorant , no change in diet. Nothing that I thought could attribute to such a drastic change in my body’s make-up. I desperately researched the possible causes and was completely disillusioned by what I read. And then I stumbled across your recommendation for Vitamin E IU and it’s amazing. They are almost completely gone. No more pain. Nothing. Thanks so much for this forum and spreadig your knowledge with those of us who were desperately seeking a resolution to this problem. Raise the roof Caryn Talty. Sincerely, JoAnn, San Francisco ,Cal

  19. For more than 4 years I’m suffering from a lump under my armpit. Every 6 months get infected and doctors said that is going to be there under infection risk if I don’t remove it. Before 1 month, same story again, the same lump which comes in the size of a rice grain got infected. Didn’t want to go to doctors again and get those antibiotics which upset my stomach and are not a solution as infection keeps repeating itself. Read this article, the only one which gives the right information. Started the E 400 EU and the infection went away and the lump is disappearing and the infection which turned the lump into a egg size monster, is gone.. Thanks again and hope there are other people as lucky as we are, as no Health Clinics can provide this information..a lucky click on this site and solved.
    Thanks Caryn

  20. No I asked my doctor and he said that’s is a scam and 100% untrue. I have a bad infection under my arm and am taking antibotics. Vitamin E did nothing for me so this is a pointless article. He said you body just fought the infection and the Vitamin E did nothing. Just good timing from you guys.

    • Doctors aren’t wrong.
      They never have been, they never will be.
      Keep fighting the fight Lance.
      (Just be careful about thinking too much.)
      The idea that vitamins would have any positive effect on the body or especially specific maladies therein is just silly.
      Pharmaceuticals that have been proven via double-blind (if not triple-blind) studies are safe – well, we know their side effects. If I take a drug then, I *know* that it’s probably taxing or damaging my liver/kidneys/stomach/etc. But vitamin E? Who knows!
      Sure, there are some drugs whose long term side-effects aren’t known until years after the fact, but the FDA is pretty vigilant/trustworthy and I’m sure there are drugs to deal with the new symptoms (well, perhaps excluding death).
      I’ve actually been working to wean myself off of foods containing high amounts of known vitamins until they’ve been studied more thoroughly.
      I’ve been having some physical issues, but my doctor has been vigilant to provide drugs to make them go away. I trust him.

      • Are you insane? Doctors are wrong all the time- they are only human after all. Unless your doctor has read every bit of literature out there he cannot say 100% one way or the other. Also your fooling yourself if you think the FDA are that vigilant, pharmaceutical companies have money and power (trust me, I work for one) our agenda is to make money. Did you know that Prozac is one the most commonly prescribed drugs in the western world and we have no idea how it works?! We don’t even know what depression really is. That’s just one example. I’m certainly not saying believe something you read online above a licensed practitioner but if your suffering from a long-term illness that isn’t going away, go get a second or third opinion from another specialist.

      • Should probably research the NNT (Number Needed to Treat). This will give you how many patients need to be on the medication to have one successful treatment with pharmaceuticals. Did you know that the 3rd leading cause of death in America is medical error. You should probably research how “trustworthy” doctors are based on the fact they are a major contributing cause of death…

    • Lance,
      B6 has an important role in the body; your doctor is right about that. It helps the body eliminated excess copper, which could benefit the lymphatic system. Vitamin E also works too, and your doctor should have told you that it helps boost the immune system and helps with infection fighting. If you have chronic underarm infections or have infections that cannot be cured without the use of antibiotics, then there is an underlying condition that you need to uncover. Excess B6 in isolation can cause neuropathy (tingling and numbness in hands and feet for example). It needs to be balanced with magnesium and not taken in excess, unless you have a condition called pyroluria.
      It is unclear in your post whether or not you took the E prior to or along with your antibiotic. The article clearly states that the E is suggested for folks to try PRIOR to seeing their doctor. In many cases the infection might clear up without the need to treat with an antibiotic or having to get a biopsy or lancing. Folks can certainly have more severe cases that require the antibiotics, and some may even have cancer. Vitamin E is helpful in both situations but not the only cure, obviously.
      I certainly hope your doctor explained to you the dangers of repeat antibiotic use and the need for proper diet and probiotic use during and after the antibiotic treatment.
      Best of luck in the future with your armpit lumps.

    • Well then why is everyone on here raving how well it worked for them? I’ll have you know doctors are idiots sometimes and charge bunches of money for a crappy service then ask you to come back for more and more pointless test of which we find out later that we must pay because insurance didn’t cover it. Then not even come to reach a diagnosis or even a prognosis! Anyhow its certainly worth a shot since everyone has given it a good review and you might take both even if they don’t counteract.

    • it worked for so many people, and I’ve been taking vitamin e, and it worked for me. Just because it doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean you tell everyone it doesn’t work period. Remember the doctor’s office is still always called the “practice.” They aren’t gods or saints and usually don’t always have the right answers.

  21. Yesterday I had a lump show up in my left armpit. Well, not so much show up, I can see it but I can feel it. It’s about the size of a pea and so painful I hardly got any sleep last night, as I only comfortably sleep on my left side. It doesn’t hurt all the time, only when pressure is applied – from having my arm against my side or raising it above my head. I used a hot compress earlier and that helped for a little while. I’m going to go try some vitamin e and maybe some vitamin c also. Maybe I’m just getting a cold and my glands are swollen. We’ll see. I hope it works.

  22. My name is Maiya and about a year ago i got one of these painful lumps, i soaked in Epsom salts and hoped it would go away, it did, but it took a month. I think our medical professionals are just too quick to slice and dice. A holistic doctor told me two things. 1. that the aluminum in antiperspirant can cause severe reactions, including but not limited to cancer and these painful lumps 2. That an antiperspirant also clogs the pores and makes it impossible for you to eliminate waste in the form of sweat, holding it in to fester.

    I started using “Tom’s” alll natural deoderant and everything was fine. People say “Toms” doesn’t work, but that’s because some people skip a day of showering and hope the deoderant will do its work. Because Tom’s is a deoderant and NOT an antiperspirant, you will need to shower every day. One day, my 3 year old found my deoderant in the wee hours of the morning and smashed it all over the walls, “fingerpainting” with it. The Whole Foods Market where i buy such all natural items, was a bit far (about 40 miles) so i went to my local grocery store and bought the latest antiperspirant (Dove brand) and guess what? Four days ago i felt the tiniest little lump in my underarm, two days ago it was just smaller than a ping pong ball and VERY VERY painful.

    I read this article about Vitamin E (soaking in salt for a month just seemed like it would take too long) and called my local holistic doctor and said “How much vitamin E do i take?” I was told that he isn’t a doctor (disclaimer, they all have to say that) but the maximum dose a human can take of Vitamin E is 1500 IU’s or 1000mg of Vitamin E. I thought, ok, i’m a bigger girl, i”m going for the max. Last night i took 1500 IUs at around 7pm, this morning at 6:50AM as i write this, the size of the lump is reduced to half as well as the pain. I slept peacefully. I didn’t have any side affects of any kind.

    During this treatment, i am keeping my underarm area clean with witchhazel as well. This keeps me from accumulating sweat and possibly causing the cyst to grow, keeps me from stinking because the last thing I want to do is smother the cyst in deoderant. Witch hazel is also great for a number of things, abrasions, fiscors (those tiny cuts you can get on the anus from being constipated), from eating acid food and having a buring, very acidic bowel movement, relief of yeast infection itch, relief of itch/burn/pain associated with tearing or cutting after childbirth). Since witchhazel is safe for the skin and its an astringent of sorts, i use it to clean the area, it will draw moisture out, without drying the skin, it will kill any bacteria in the area and relieve pain and swelling. I have found this to be very helpful in the last 24 hours. I’m sure that as i go about my day without deoderant under this one arm i’m raising a few eyebrows, it can’t smell great (even though i bathe and such), but needs must!

    • Wow! Thanks for the suggestion! I really wanted to know everything you just went over. thanks! And you’re a genius thinking about witch hazel!

  23. I’ve never had any armpit lumps but there was an article on Yahoo that was talking about the effect of vitamin e on alzheimers. Recent research suggested that the anti-inflamatory nature of it helps slow alzheimers. I did a short post on my blog about it.

  24. So I am confused. Vitamin E does help, but are we all just supposed to cease shaving our armpits to try to prevent them? Since this seams to be the cause?

  25. Guys,

    I have been getting these lumps on and off … I have noticed that I get these lumps when I drink RED wine excessively … I stop drinking wine…. BINGO there it goes..

  26. OK> My wife got a lump over two weeks ago, and didn’t tell me as I planned a trip all year which she didn’t want to ruin. When I got back she told me about it and said it was the size of a pea. In 1 week, it increase to a marble then a few days later it’s still getting larger, very, very painful. The naturalist said to soak in epson salt with a hot compress. She also said it was an infection. The salt wasn’t working and she said to go to a regular doctor and get an antibiotic. 4 days later, its more painful and now the size of a golf ball. It looks purple and red and is peeling. Ok, a friend from the Phillipines said to take a Chrisanthimum leaves 3 to 4 clean and warm with hands by rubbing together then poke a hole and apply to the lump for 1/2 hour twice daily, it didn’t work either.

    I just read this blog and drove to the 24 hour pharmist and picked up some Vitimin E 1000ui. She took it. I’ll update this when we find out more…… I hope this is going to work. Only wish I could take away the pain! 😐

  27. Ok, my wife took the Vitimin E at about 1:00 a.m. this morning and just about 10 hours later the lump started leaking puss Yellow/Green- sorry, its the facts. She took another 1000 iu of E at noon and will take another tomorrow morning.

    She says the pain has not gone down, (ok from 1-10 last night it was a 9) and this afternoon it is a 7.5.

    I’m guessing the Vitimin E is working! Thank you so much! I did not know what else to do.

    I was wondering if it is a problem geographically or environmentally? Before this I never heard of such a problem.

  28. I have been getting lumps like this in my arm pits and groin area for the past couple years and they have made me very self conscious. Shaving in these areas definitely makes these worse. Mitchem deodorant makes them terrible! But i am starting to think that any antipersperent would do this. I have never tried vitamin e but plan on going to buy some first thing tomorrow. I am sick of feeling plagued by these painful and ugly cysts!!!

  29. Hi Caryn!

    I was suffering from sore/tenderness/swelling of my lymph nodes around my armpits, the back of my head, and at the back of neck. In late October, I went into the ER because I had a boil under my left armpit. It was huge and painful! A surgeon had to cut it open and drain it. The proceedure was quite painful even though he had administered me some numbing medicine. It was worth it though because the pain had stopped and I was able to freely move my left arm again. After all of that, he prescribed me with an antibiotic called Septra DS and some Lortab. Within 7 days of taking that antibiotic, I developed an allergic reaction to it. So now I have a new allergy and that is to not take any antibiotics within the Sulfa drug family.

    So on down the road a new developement occurred. The nodes under my armpits, at my neck, and at the back of my head started to become sore, tender, and swollen. At my appt (Nov 23, 2009), I’ve discussed this with my doctor and he said it could have occurred because I’ve stopped taking my antibiotics and that the infection was still present. So he prescribed me with another antibiotic called Levaquin. I could not get it filled because I did not have the money to at the moment. The darn thing came out to be $100.29. Which is expensive to me due to the fact that my hours are being cut at my job. So paying a $100.00 for a prescription is quite a sacrifice for me…lol!

    I was on the internet a few days ago looking for a remedy for sore/tender/swollen lymph nodes and that’s when I came across your article. I took your advice on try taking Vitamin E and let me say it works! It so happened I had some Vitamin E supplements on hand, I took them, 3 times a day, for 2 days. I’m feeling a lot better than before and I just wanted to thank you for sharing this article with us. Its people like you Caryn, that don’t make the world seem like a bad place. You are a true God send and a life saver!

  30. In the last six months I have had three of these painful lumps. The first two were really small and went away on their own within a few days. However, the third one I just received this week. The pain peaked the other night at 3 am, when it woke me up. I found this website and decided to try the Vitamin E in the morning. I took 800 IU at about 10 am and didn’t really notice a decrease in pain as the day went on. I should say, my lump was pretty large so I expected it would take some time to see results. I went to bed without much improvement in my condition. When I got up at 6 am, I noticed it finally came to a head and began draining.

    I want to attribute the Vitamin E, but part of me also thinks the same result would have happened without it as I took it right as the pain was peaking. If I sense another lump developing in the future, I will take the Vit E immediately to see if it prevents it from fully forming. That said, I am not sure the Vitamin E relieved my symptoms, but it certainly didn’t make the situation worse.

  31. I have one marble-size lump on my left hip and two about the same size on the right hip. They seem to be I received injections over the years. They don’t hurt, but they itch badly and the skin is very dry directly over the bump. Do you think Vit E would help that? I’ve tried many different lotions, hydrocortisone, etc., to no avail. My doctor says they’re nothing to worry about, and while I won’t “worry”, the itching is driving me crazy!

  32. Hi there, I’ve started getting these abscesses for the last 6 months, i’ve had about 4 so far on my left armpit, i was told to take flucloxacillin antibiotics but the abscess kept on coming back. A month ago i got surgery on it but the doctor didn’t remove it properly so its still here and once the wound dries up it swells up again because of the pus and drains again!

    Do you reckon these tablets will make it go away?


  33. thank you for this article, my partner went out to buy vitamin E, hopefully, it will help relieve the pain I’m having right now before going to the doctor on Sunday…will let you know what happens after taking vit e. God Bless!

  34. Never got around to trying vitamin E. However, I did stop using my anti-perspirant and switched to a deodorant stick instead and the lumps went away quickly. This article also mentions this. It’s worth a try.

    • I am one such poster above on thread that I also had problems with anti-perspirant . I was using Mitchums, which my sister also reacts to. Some posters have also suggested that the reaction to (some) anti-perspirant might be hereditary.

      Please kindly tell us the brand you used so we know.

  35. Hey Caryn,
    I just want to Thank you so very much for sharing this article. I was suffering severly with lumps under my armpits. I used the Vitamin E and they were gone I never felt my armpits so smooth in years. I had multiple visits to the ER and Doctors who gave me antibiotics one hospital gave me 2 antibiotics to take together and nothing Worked like taking the Vitamin E.

    After it cleared up I stopped taking and the lumps returned around my cycle this time I had surgery on one arm and the lump still came back. I’m a firm believer of Vitamin E and will continue to take it.

    Please let me know if you have any other great health tips!

  36. I’m not sure about vitamin E, I’ll try it, but I got the red hard bumps 3 or 4 days ago, it didn’t hurt until I noticed it, I was in the shower, washing my armpits, and I noticed something really hard under the skin of my armpit. I got extremely worried, and like an idiot, I started poking and prodding the bumps, as nasty as it sounds, I was hoping I could pop them. Well that didn’t work, now they hurt. also, a little background on my armpits, I’m a profuse sweater. I sweat so bad, all over my body, worse from my armpits then anywhere else, I shower once a day with out fail. I normally use old spice regular deodorant, The fresh scent.

    I just recently switched to mitchum about a week ago. also, I only have these bumps in my left armpit. weird…

    • This is going to be a strange question, I’ve never had to take vitamin E before nor have I ever had a cyst, so, the question – When you say use vitamin E, is that a pill or a topical cream, does it matter? does one work better then the other?

      • Big Tony,
        Isn’t the percentage of aluminum higher in Mitchum than Old Spice? I checked online and it looks like Mitchum is higher than most brands. Check to see. It may be that you are having a reaction to the aluminum in the deodorant. Aluminum is used to block the pores and stop the sweating. There are many natural brands that combat bad bacteria and are aluminum free but they do not address the sweating issue. Your excessive sweating could be related to your diet, and if you switched brands it is possible that you will figure out whether new antiperspirant is the culprit. Sweating is your body’s way to release toxins and clean itself. Vitamin E helps the lymphatic system (which fights toxins and infections) so taking E orally would work to help your body clear an infection. You could also rub it on the sore locally if you’d like. It can be used topically, too. I would be leery of using a cream that is loaded with other chemicals if you have broken skin as you do not want to aggravate things especially if it is sore. If you find that you eat a lot of processed foods, high saturated fat content stuff and lots of sugary stuff that might be contributing to the excessive sweating too. Try cutting out that stuff for a couple of weeks to see if it reduces the excessive sweating. If it helps that might make the need for a brand like Mitchum less necessary. And be sure to see a doctor if the lumps don’t start to go away after you start the Vit E.

      • Hi, I used pill form of Vitamin E got from the Vitamin Store any store has it GNC or grocery stores. I read up above that Mitchum was causing irratation so that maybe the cause of your bumps. To soften them up try using some neosporin cream it helps soften them but I think what you have is a case of switching deodorant and irritated your pores. These lumps dont burst until they get soft like then they burst on thier own for the most part. But Try using the Vitamin E pill and some apply some neosporin on the lumps to soften them. You may want to go back to Old Spice and with the summer being here and you sweat alot you may want to up your showers to 3 times a day also you may want to shave too my surgeon told me to keep the armpit free of hair.
        Hope this helps.

  37. Thank you so much Caryn Talty and MsJ for the advice, I really hate going to the doctor, so I hope this can save me the trip.

    I’ve been told that I might have Hyperhidrosis, which The cause of hyperhidrosis is still unknown, its believed that it could be hereditary, or a bad diet, Anxiety or just being in a hot climate could have an adverse effect on different people. It really is embarrassing, In average room temp, I’ll notice that in a room full of people, I’ll be sweating bullets. while everyone else is fine. people do notice these kinds of things. really mean people tend to point it out in front of others making it very socially awkward. something has to be really important for me to leave the sanctity of my air conditioned apartment.

    I have to change my shirt at least 3 times a day, because I sweat so much, my armpits completely soil my shirt, the mitchum didn’t completely get rid of the problem, but it did work very well. As long as I applied it every 4 hours or so, it worked like a charm. Id rather sweat then have these uncomfortable things! I knew the mitchum was too good to be true! well, back to the carrying around a small wardrobe!

  38. I’ve been dealing with these bumps for a couple of years now! I switched to the natural brand Crystal instead of dove or mitchum, I might add that it’s odd to see everone using mitchum and having these bumps. I got another bump the other day where I had a bump 10 months ago in my right armpit, when I had this bump 10 months ago it popped and created a hole which took 7 months to close and now that I have another bump in the same spot it opened the hole again!! I’m so frustrated with this because it took so long to heal and it pussed and smelled all the time so I hope this Vit E will work, I’m going to pick some up tonight!

  39. Thank You for the recommendation regarding taking the vitamin E. This is the second time that I had a lump under my arm and I did not want to have the lump lanced. After my visit with the surgeon and his suggestion was to have the arm lanced I read your article and purchased some vitamin E and took it. After a day and a half the bump started to drain. I am now taking Vitamin E everyday and my physcian stating that I can take at least 1000 mg per day without any harm. Once again Thank You

  40. Oh my gosh, I’m in so much pain. About a week ago I started to workout and about 3 days into my new excercise routine I noticed a lump under my right armpit. It has gotten really big, and sooo painfull, I can’t move my arm without it hurting. I’ve been putting hot compresses on it but it will not drain. It’s starting to make my breast and my arm hurt. I’m going to the store tonight and I’m going to buy vitamin e and I will let you all know if it works. So far nothing is working not even praying and I am at the point where I just can take it anymore. I would go to the doctor but it’s so tender and inflammed, that the thought of someone poking it with a needle or even lifting up my arm make me sick to my stomach. If this vitamin e works I will be so grateful! Wish me luck.

    • i’m sorry you are experiencing so much pain, i believe we all have and understand. I read your post and want you to know prayer is what may have lead you to this post and to get the vitamin e. Feel better.

  41. Ms. Talty

    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!! For sharing your aunts suggestion. After 6 weeks of annoying pain. And trying every crazy, self healing technique I could think of (including preparation H), with no success. I found this page. And 22 hours later from taking two (store brand) 400 IU’s of vitamin E (plus applying one directly on lumps) I can say the lump has went down 60% and the pain and discomfort is at a minimum.

    I Have to add this, I read all 58 posting before me. And to anyone considering not trying vitamin E, due to the Guy that wrote about his doctor saying it would “Not WORK”. Make sure you take Note: he did not offer any other solutions’ in his response.


  42. Hi my name is Darryel

    My lump is in my right arm pit about the size of a quarter one way & about a fifty cent piece the other way and about half an inch thick and very hard.That’s the way it was three days ago.Now it’s draining and much smaller with very little pain.I was prescribed an antibiotic that had the potential for more harm than good I took two capsules then quit.I went and picked up 1000 iu vitamin E and neosporin ,came back home got the heating pad out to warm things up a bit.By the second day I had more energy and the lump was getting softer.The lump is now down to the size of a jelly bean and no lancing,I had one lanced before and that was no fun. I am going to email this to all my contacts.THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING THIS INFORMATION WITH US AND GOD BLESS!

  43. hi ms. talty , i presently have a painful lump in my armpit, after reading all the articles here, i immediately bought vitamin E tablets at our nearby drugstore,my first intake was today, how may days should i take this vitamin E?

  44. Hi, I have a painful lump under my left armpit. Its been there for a while, but it wasn’t painful before. Usually its just an annoying little pea sized thing that comes and goes throughout my cycle. But the other night I realized it was bigger than that and as I changed for bed I realized it hurt. I can’t keep my left arm agaist my side for long and I think the lump must be near the pressure point in my armpit because when it hurts, or when my arm is against it now, my arm starts feel like my hand does if I push on the wrist pressure point.

    My husband is currently asleep, but rest assured that as soon as we get up in the morning I am going to have him take me to the store for some Vitamin E capsules, some witch-hazel pads, and some natural deodorant stuff. Thank you so much for putting this out here for all of us to read, I was driving myself crazy trying to figure what is going on and what to do.

  45. I am so thankful to have come across this. I am 27 and got my first lump in my pit 2 years ago and have had several since as well as near my bikini line as well as embarrassing breakouts which I’ve not had a problem with. After reading online tonight, I am convinced that this has started from shaving and then applying antiperspirant directly onto the shaved area, except for my bikini line of course. I didn’t realize the bacteria I was spreading into my skin while shaving and then clogging my pores with deo. Which by the way, the lumps appeared when I started using a man’s deodorant bar, one my husband didn’t like, and I hate to waste stuff and thinking that all deodorant is the same I used it. And then he got another one he didn’t like and so I have been using that. I now have on my list to buy E, new razors, aloe lotion, and natural deo. Thanks everyone.

  46. I just want to say that Caryn, You are my HERO. About a week ago I started noticing I was getting these notorious “lumps” under my armpit. Everybody kept telling me to go to the hospital, and I don’t like hospitals, and didn’t want a doctor billl. I found this site about 2 days ago and only today went out and got some E….er..Vitamin E (lol) from the store. I took 3 pills (400 IU) early this morning, and at the current moment, the pain has gone almost completely away and the size has decreased alot as well. I’m certain that in the next day or 2 they will be gone and I want to thank you! I recommend anyone reading this site, to take Caryn’s advice and spend about 7 bucks to try Vitamin E before going and getting a bill for possibly hundreds at the doctor. I am 1 of many here that have had success with her advice! Much Love Ms. Talty! God Bless You!

  47. Thank you so much for posting this article…

    I suffered so long for this lumP under my armpit…actually, i should have an appointment to my derma but i thought of reading some related facts first in the internet and poof! I found yours…

    when i read this, i hurriedly bought vIt. e and after taking 400 IU a day for 3 weeks, the pain was gone! and no more lumps… now i don’t have to see my derma and spend money…

    Thank you so much… May GoD bless you and i hope this article will help many people suffering from Lymphadenitis… I owe you a lot.

  48. Thank you so much Caryn! High-dose E did the trick for me too!

    I’ve had these lumps in both of my armpits for several years. It really freaked me out. When I first had it, I was sure it’s just ingrown hair, an infection that is now painful, and disgusting, but it will eventually heal and my armpit will return to normal.

    I’ve tried everything, but nothing helped so far. I took antibiotics, I had multivitamin cures (that also contained vitamin E), I kept the area notoriously clean with antibacterial soap, I even stopped shaving to avoid small scratches, ingrown hair – still no luck. Nothing seemed to help the process, I just had to wait until the painful and disgusting process went on naturally and pus came out. Then no matter what I did trying to prevent it, they kept coming back, and not only it was a nightmare because of the discomfort and disgust, I got afraid of a very serious underlying condition such as cancer or HIV.

    Finding your article and the comments was great news already. It was kind of good to find out that I am not alone with this problem, others also suffer from it who were NOT diagnosed with a more serious illness, and also have the lumps coming back like in my case. It’s good to read from people who also suffer from the same thing, find out what helped them, and hopefully these lumps are caused by nothing more serious than a nasty bacterial infection.

    So I also rushed to the pharmacy and bought high-dose vitamin E. Here the dosage is not defined in IU, but milligrams. It may help others: 1 IU of vitamin E = 0,65 mg, so the 400mg capsules I bought equals about 600 IU.

    I took 1200 IU per day, and it was finally something that really helped!

    By the next morning the painful lump went down significantly and the pain is almost 100% gone. I could still touch it, but it was much smaller and it almost didn’t hurt at all. The healing process continued the next day, and I hope I can finally get rid of them for good if I keep taking 600 – 1200 IU vitamin E for a month or so. It feels like a miracle, because previously nothing helped, it just became worse and worse until it came to a head and flushed out.

    I still plan to go for a full medical checkup to make sure I’m generally healthy. But something really struck me. I read on many medical sites, that taking vitamin E is not toxic, but has no known health benefits either … Even articles about these armpit lumps don’t even mention that vitamin E could help … Oh well, I am sure that anybody who has had this armpit lump before will agree, that getting rid of it by taking vitamin E really IS a major health benefit. Even if this vitamin cure only solves a surface problem, and patients with these lumps still need to check their immune system and test for cancer, take antibiotics or whatever, medical sites and doctors should advise us to try this cure.

  49. Hello, I have that lump too. its very visible!!! It has been in my left armpit 3 days and today …… It hurts A LOT!!!!!!! X(

    Where can i find the vitamins E?????
    Can they be at any Pharmacy like at Walgreens or Walmart???
    im only 14 so i really dont know what to do
    Thank you

    • lzamar,
      Yes they can be found at the local Walgreens or Walmart, but you should really tell your parents or guardian about your health concerns. It is always best to check with your doctor, especially if the condition doesn’t resolve quickly.

      • Is it in everyone left arm? mine is i am about to try it because i had 2 recently removed the most painful thing in my life!!! they could not numb it first. So i am reaching out and i hope this works. but is there something about the left armpit?

  50. ok so I am going to try this myself I just got home from the doctors office mine is the size of a golf ball I too have suffered from these chronically and have been in misery well my doctors are all quacks here she did finally run a blood test and I would have the results soon but she figured it was because I am over weight as everyone puts it’s im 5’4″ 185 pounds all mine started after I had my second child . I use secret ultra protection and I think it’s time for a change my doctor sent me home again for what seems like the millionth time with antibiotics and a slap on the back in my town it seems I can’t find a doctor that will actually cut these suckers open I wish they would especially today the pain is excruciating and the truth is im tough I didn’t cry during child birth but give me one of these and I crumble I break down and cry like there is no tomorrow this new doctor wants me to keep a cyst journal and loose 15 pounds if not more and come back and see her in 2 months but if they continue even after I loose the weight she told me I may live on antibiotics for the rest of my life she said stop using fabric softeners, if i don’t use fabric softeners I chafe all over my body which she said can also run the risk of me getting these other places mind you she didn’t say that until after I said I chafe as is I can’t use the fru fru fabric softeners she also told me to stop wearing such loose fitting clothing and allowing my arm to lay agaisn’t my armpit because of the armpit fat im more susceptible… I’m just annoyed I’m tired of being told these are 99% chance result of me being overweight and getting blown off even this doctor told me I’m fat has anyone else here been told this also ??? I live in colorado and I know it’s expected here to weigh a certain weight due to the standards people put on themselves and others but come on my daughter is only a year old and when I weighed 230 pounds I didn’t get these so I am very hesitant to think they are a result of weight well I am off to the local store for my vitamin e and very hopeful that I can finally feel better for more then a week I’ll still loose the weight even if this works but I’m doing it for me not some size 2 doctor that thinks a size 10 is overweight …

  51. update- it’s 5:38pm mst I took the vitamin e at 9am and I already feel ALOT better I have never had a cyst this big that I was in pain and laying around the house for the whole day I can’t say that I could run a marathon but I can function it’s still large but not as painful as it was at the start of the day I would recommend this and now that I know about it and I have vitamin E thank you walgreens for the bogo on that lol I will be using it at the sign of each and every one I get i also bought an all natural deodorant ill post if there is any change once I start using it, it says it promotes healthy skin and skin cells so I am hoping to post a huge change to maybe help someone else fingers crossed here 🙂

  52. My boyfriend had about 10 lumps. Some were relatively small and one was the size of a half dollar! He had let the swelling and redness get worse for about a week before he even told me about the problem. I found this site and he took 800 i.u. of vitamin e and after 3 days, the pain was nearly gone and the huge one was gone after about 5 days. Phew! Thanks for the great advice!

  53. Hello Caryn, I have a question. Some people are talking about a visible lump outside the skin and some are talking about swollen lymph nodes deep inside. Which one is it?

    I have had a swollen lymph node in my armpit for some time now. It goes away when I take an antibiotic but comes back again when I finish the pills. My CBC always shows a little higher white blood count (11-13) and the Dr’s have no idea where this is coming from since I feel fine otherwise. I will try the Vitamin E thing. Hopefully that will work.

    • Navajo 222,
      I am certainly not an MD, but the high white blood cell count and the relief while on antibiotics definitely shows that there is some sort of mega bacterial infection going on. I am not sure that vitamin E on it’s own is going to help you. I would suggest you look into further blood testing to rule out additional infectious diseases such as Lyme, which requires heavier use of antibiotic treatment than the typical bacterial infection. Just a hunch after having read much on Lyme. Consider making an appointment with an immunologist.

  54. This is a up date from May 29, 2010. Any one that has a armpit lump. Needs to try Vitamin E…………………. for my self, 7 months later my lumps have never re-appeared. I now take Vitamin E (400 UI) every other day. Has normal vitamin intake. I never want to have that discomfort again. So bottom line “Wont hurt………….. Might help.”

    And Ms. Talty……………..Thank YOU! once again.


  55. Thanks so much! I ran right out and bought some and will try it now. A mentioned it to a friend who is an herbalist and she told me to make sure to buy gel caps and to stick a hole in one and apply it topically as well to speed the healing even more.

  56. This absolutely works. Had an extremely painful lump in my arm pit starting the other day. Read this article and took a 1000 UI vit E supplement during the day and one at night and applied some of the gel from inside the caplet directly on the bump before bed. Woke up this morning and it’s probably half the size it was yesterday and hurts not even half as much. I will continue to do this until the bump is gone and I’m switching to a non-aluminum deodorant as I believe this was the cause of this bump (i’ve had these in the past an nothing would help). Thanks so much.

  57. I’m suffering with this painful lump in my left armpit for three days now. Then I stumbled on this site and read the article and testimonies. Good thing I had Vitamin E right now, I had already taken two capsules. Hope tomorrow it’ll ease the pain and the lump. I’ll update the results, hope its positive. This is my first time to try taking Vitamin E to cure this, and this has been bugging me for years already, it just keeps on growing back.

  58. Will Vitamin C work for the purpleish large cyts-like lumps in my inner thigh and bikini areas? I saw somewhere where they mentioned taking Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids for cyst. I do wash everyday and make sure to dry off extremely well and I’ve been known to put baby powder along those areas, just to make sure the areas stay dry. I’ve had 2 removed and the pain is just unbeariable. When I leave them along they will pop on their own and then the area will be sore and finally it leaves a very ugly scar. I can not wear a bikini swim suit anymore due to the scars they leave. I have to wear shorts or a swim skirt just to hide them. I’ve used Bacraban Cream and it worked somewhat when it turned into a staph infection, but these are not always staph infections. They are not contacious, just VERY annoying & embarrassing. CAN YOU HELP with any suggestions?

  59. i tried it after i had 2 removed and a month later 2 popped up after shaving so i am done w shaving my armpits well my left one any way going to use hair removal cremes, but anyways the pain and soreness went away in a day after i started takin the vitamin the about two days later the redness went away and now they are unvisible but ya can still feel them and they itch….i have a doc apt today and I am going to tell him about this website and how they went away i did not want to have another one removed that was the most painful thing i have ever had done and they could not numb them bcuz they were to deep thank you for all ya help i am goin to continue to take these vitamins everyday 3 times daily so i dont have to go thru that pain ever again i hope and pray i am glad i found this website!!!

  60. Hi, I am 39 years old and male. I have 4 under left arm and 2 under the right. I really hope that this works as I am in unspeakable pain (and I have a high tolerance for it). It literally feels like I am holding wasps nest under my arms. I am going to get Vitamin E as soon as the wife gets up and I pray that it helps. Laid off in Sept. and I was looking around the house for stuff to sell to fund the doctor visit and meds…. cause I simply can not take the pain anymore. Left side is worse with a couple of half dollar sized ones. I had one of these about 10 years or so ago and it was lanced in a doctors office and it hurt like hell. It hurts worse than my hernia/hydroseal surgery…… I will post my results in a few days…. Please let it be…

    • Chris,
      What deodorant/antiperspirant are you using? Try changing to one with less aluminum in it. A lot of people here find that a strong antiperspirant with higher levels of aluminum causes the lumps. It may be something to consider. Best of luck that this will do the trick and save you a trip to the doctor. If not, and you need to go, maybe there is a clinic in your area that will see you for a discounted rate. Fingers crossed for you.

      • Caryn,

        I have been using Degree for many years with no problems. I think that with the holidays going on I double applied it ONE time and caused this. I even remember looking into the mirror as I did it and saying Your gonna stop a sweat gland up dummy!. (Amazing how pain helps you remember things like that! LOL) By THAT night it was starting. I had this condition many years ago. It was back when the gel stuff came out. WOW! I would rather stink than hurt like that for no reason! As of this morning after 2000 IU of Vitamin E plus a One a day multi, I think it is better!!!!!! OH could it be! It still looks pathetic and I had no miracle drain in the middle of the night, but the pain is less and I am optimistic that it IS working… I will update my progress as needed to let people know this works! I am lucky to have found it, I looked everywhere and just stumbled on to it. Thank You Caryn!

  61. Switch to a natural or organic deodorant that does the trick for me! the minute I stated using regular deodorant a lump came 4 days later, switched back to organic deodorant and I haven’t had a problem since! I really believe it has something to do with the aluminum. I find baking soda helps under the arms as well, but I’m yet to find a great natural deodorant that lasts all day..any recommendations?? I’ve tried the scented crystal ones but I get rashes under my pits with that, I must have really sensitive skin, but I’m so relieved these lumps are out of my life! I would get them every few months!!!! not anymore thanks to using natural items.

    • Christina,
      In the summer months I use wet wipes to clean underarms periodically during the day and then reapply the natural deodorant. The natural stuff just doesn’t last as long. When it really counts– when I’m going to a special event or will be gone all day– I use a regular brand that has a low aluminum amount in it (like Dove). But the high aluminum antiperspirants will do it every time. You can feel one coming on before the pain starts. The vitamin E always does the trick for me if I catch it early enough.

  62. I’ve had swelling in my armpit before around my menstrual cycle, but about two weeks ago I got a very sore lump under my armpit – the worst it’s ever been. I finally went to the Dr. Monday and she told me that it was most likely a cyst and gave me a prescription for an antibiotic which I started yesterday. It’s so painful! She said that hopefully the abx would do the trick, but that if not I’ll have to get it drained (and I cannot even imagine HOW much that will hurt). I’m so glad that I ran across this website – I just ran out and bought some Vitamin E tonight hoping for good results! Will respond again if it works — I’m praying that it will – I know I won’t be able to know for sure whether it was the abx or Vit. E that helped – but as long as it goes away, and soon, it’ll be worth it! Thanks for the info – I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    • of course i told my doctor how this helped and they said that the vit e is not wat did it how ever i disagree cuz i have had 2 removed and when i got my 3rd one i started takin 3 a day which it says take one a day i took 3 a day for 3 to 4 days and it worked they told me i had a disease of the sweat gland some fancy medical term as usual nothing can be simple to them but it took the pain and redness away in one day how ever do not take 3 a day for a long period it can cause high blood pressure 400 IU is good one pill a day after it goes away hope this helps 🙂

      • Ok, so it took 5 days on antibiotics and 3 days on vitamin e before my cyst finally started shrinking! Of course since I am taking both, I can’t know which one helped for sure, but all that I really care about is that it is shrinking rapidly!! Thank the Lord! I was terrified of having to have it drained, and I’m supposed to go back to the Dr. next week to let them see how it is doing, hopefully by then it will be completely gone! If it ever happens again I will try vitamin e right away, as I would rather take that than an antibiotic, and I also found arm & hammer deodarant with no aluminum in it that I also plan to start using. I never wanted to use just deodorant with no antiperspirant before, but if it will eliminate that from ever happening again, it will be well worth it!

  63. i have been dealing with these that past few years. Last year I had one, I was at a party and i told my husband that my hand was tingling almost numb. When i took my jacket off there was blood running down my arm. after a few days later the pain went away. Since Dec I have been dealing with several that bring me to tears. A few weeks ago I found this info, the next day i started taking vit e. they went down but they are back with throbbing pain. I have been on antibiotics for the flu the past 8 days is that the same antibiotics that I need to be on? Do I need to see my family doctor for help. i have tried the no sugar, flour, wheat any thing that can cause yeast and molds for the past month. not much difference. any suggestions PLEASE!!! I ready to cut my armpit off if that’s possible.

  64. I am 13 and just developed this small lump in my left underarm 🙁 it isn’t painful and just took vitamin e pills!! Please help I am such a worrier what else should I do?? It for sure not cancer right!!??!! Also should I change my deoderant?? Thank u soo much please reply!!! I have also been sick 4 awhile thank you!!!

  65. You rock!!! I’ve tried everything, and antibiotics worked for a little bit and then the cysts came back. I’ve tried everything and now I’m going to go to cvs and try the vitamin e. Really hope it works, thank you so much!



  68. to long to keep my attention but thanks. was wondering what if any effect E would have on kidney disease as I am just starting to go thru that fun. thanks

  69. I was wondering if you can apply vitamin E oil instead of taking the pills? Has anyone done this and does it work just as well?

  70. hello, i found a lump in my right arm pit a few days ago i’ve had one before that was alot more painful and uncomfortable and had to use antibiotics to kill the infection. last ear the doc’s had no idea what it was but this time i think i’ve cracked it i changed antiperspirant on both occasions and i found a lump a few days later. this time i stopped using it as soon as i discovered it i have been taking 1000iu of vit e and put the contents of one capsule on m lump, i’ve been doing this for 2 days so far i havn’t noticed any change im wondering should i give it longer? and is there anthing else i can tr to get rid of it? also does anyone know how long it would roughly take for it to go naturally? any advice would be appreciated thanks.

  71. Read these articles after I found a small bump under my armpit that really hurt.
    Applied a vitamin E capsule after cutting it open when I found the bump on Sunday night and by Tuesday it was gone. Applied it all three days. Vitamin E is great!!!

  72. Thank u so much Ms, Caryn.
    I’ve had a painful lump under my right ARM pit for the past week. I came across this site and purchased vitamin e this afternoon and took 3 capsules as soon as I got home and would u believe that hours later the pain isn’t no where as painful as its been for the past couple of days and its shrunk somewhat. I’m beyond thankful for the advice and comments on this page. I’m sure if I continue taking the vitamin e it will go away completely. I couldn’t wait to leave a comment. Once again THANK U SOOO MUCH.

  73. I have a swollen lymph node in my left armpit (under my skin). I was in so much pain that I could not even move my arm or sleep properly. I came across this site and I went out and bought Vitamin E at my local CVS two days ago. I’m also using a warm compress on the area. The swelling and the pain has decreased dramatically, so far. Thank you for the help!

  74. WOW! I have been plagued with cysts under my arms for about 15 years or more (Im 42 now) and never once has a doctor recommended I take Vitamin E tablets. Im encouraged by the comments of people who seem to go through similar to me. I have a huge on under my arm at the moment that Ive been taking pain killers to deal with the pain – Im gonna run to the chemist in the morning and get some Vitamin E tablets to see if they work. Will post again with an update. Thank you for this article.

  75. Having had one of these lanced before and having the doctor force the cyst out, it was the most painful thing of my life because it was so infected the local really did nothing. So this week i again find myself in the same situation, I just made a doctors appt for early next week, then found this site. I just took 800 vit E. I am planning on doing another 400 before bed and then tomorrow start taking a 400 three times a day. I will post back on the results, nothing short of lancing has ever fixed it, I am hopeful this will

    • To follow up on previous message. I have now taken 1200 eu a day on Friday and Saturday and will be taking the same today on sunday. I have not noticed any real difference as of yet. Maybe a little less soreness and redness, but nothing I can really claim that this has worked yet. Am still hopeful, will update tomorrow

  76. Am so grateful for this website. I read it on Saturday nite. I have a big painful cyst on my left armpit. I bought my Vitamin E tablets 200 iu on Sunday and took just one tablet. On Monday morning i took another tablet and same Monday nite my cyst burst open and i have a heavy drain which relieved all the pain. Today, Tuesday morning i saw the nurse who dressed my wound and prescribed some antibiotics. Am still taking my Vitamin E tablet and will continue taking them. Thanks to this site.

  77. hi my husband could not sleep last night and tonight the pain was just beyond what he could take,i found this and give him 20 drops of vitamin e oil(oral intake),guess who’s slepping like a baby now thank you so very much,,

  78. Well I didn’t update Monday as I said but it is now Wednesday. I saw really no improvement using vit E. Not saying it doesn’t work but it didn’t work for me. On Tuesday the doctor lanced the cyst and removed all the offending material. It was exteremly painful even though the used over 5cc of local to try to numb it. They packed the wound and I just removed the packing, which wasn’t pleasant either. Now it is antibiotics and pain killers. So I just wanted to share my experience, I wish the vit e had worked but in my case it simply did not. If I start seeing another o e I will certainly try this again as catching it early may be a key here. Good luck to all I wouldn’t wish this on anyone

  79. I seem to be prone to these cysts and painful lumps..I have gotten at least 4 in the last 2 years, one in my lower pelvic region which had to be lanced. Now I have been dealing with a cyst-like swell under my armpit just as everyone else on this site has. It started swelling around 5 days ago and I was prescribed an antibiotic 2 days ago because I did not want to let it get any worse. So far I have seen no positive changes in it and it has gotten increasingly more painful and the entire area is red and puffy. I started taking vitamin e this morning around 9am (1200iu)…it is now 10pm and I have seen no change. I was very hopeful because of all the good reviews on here about vitamin e and its effects on these things but I have seen no change myself…I will keep taking the same high amount of vitamin e in hopes of it working within a few days. Having a cyst lanced in the past, I am terrified of having it done again because of how painful and unpleasant it was.

    I was wondering though, if anyone could answer this for me…
    If I am able to bring it to a head using a warm compress and applying the contents of the vitamin e capsules on the site directly, will it hurt when and if the cyst decides to drain itself? I have a very low pain tolerance and the thought of something so big inside my armpit just freaks me out.

    Thanks for any advice!

  80. My 18 year daughter has been in a lot of pain for the past couple of weeks, thinking it was big zit and so we started to research and found this article. It was on a day we couldn’t get to the store, so I found my old Vitamin E, which was old, but still hasn’t lots all it’s potency. Wow, it’s working. She has been taking Kyolic Garlic as well and then covered it with a pad and neosporin last night and a warm rice bag through the night. It finally broke on it’s own and leaked puss all through the night. The pain is much less. She has a lovely little hole, but somehow all that we did, cause dthe puss to come to the service and discharge. Hurray! Thanks for the wonderful tips and confirmation. She hates going to Drs., so this was such a blessing.

    Goodluck with the rest of you!

  81. I have suffered fromt this condition 3 times in the past 18 months. The painful lumps start small and dissipate in a few days, only to be immediately followed by double the amount and larger. I currently have been fighting them with tea tree oil for the past 2 weeks without any luck. I have 2 huge golf ball size lumps in my left armpit and 2 new dime size lumps in my right. I refuse to deplete my body further, by putting a bandaid of antibiotics over a problem that needs to be dealt with at the source. I happened upon this site today, have just taken 100 mg Vitamin E and am hoping for the best. I will post an update in the next couple of days.
    For the record, these lumps first appeared when I had switched my antiperspirant to Mitchum. I switched to essential oils for some time, but when summer got really hot and I, sweaty, I began to use Secret. Within 4 months my armpits look like a golfball farm! Never again will I use these chemicals…I think I, and everyone around me, will just get used to my natural sweet musk.

  82. i came across this article earlier in the week after my armpit cyst had gotten out of control.. My cysts have come and gone in either armpit for the past year. Every now and then, they get so large and obtrusive that it hurts to even move my arm and it can last for days or weeks. I’ve tried the warm compresses, the epsom salt paste (which really does make it burst, but worsened the situation for me), tea bags, and everything else… I heard all the great feedback on here and tried the Vitamin E for the first time. I got the 400 IU softgels at walmart and took two per day… The tenderness and tightness of the cyst went away after the first full day. It shrank to half its size by the second day. And now on the third, most of the pain is gone. The lump is still there and hurts when probed, but it’s definitely manageable and nothing like it was before. Thank you SOOOOO much! I would’ve never thought to use Vitamin E. I highly recommend it to anyone going through similar issues.

  83. Thank you for the info! The antibiotics were not working at all. So, I decided to try this alternative. I started today, we’ll see how it goes.

  84. I had this bump on my left underarm. It was the size of a golf ball. I had it for about 2 weeks, and then I came across this website and tried using Vitamin E and low and behold it worked. Last night while I was sleeping my underarm just started to puss all over and now its back the original size.

    Thanks again for the information. It was really helpful. I will forever be grateful to the writer of this article for helping me out with this problem.

  85. Caryn Talty,

    I have no words to express my thanks to you!. I read this article and tried vit E.. I got to tell you, You’ve helped me get rid of my underarm Lump just like a magic, which has been troubling me for years and years.. You are a legend!
    Thank you so very much.. I’ll spread the joy now..

  86. Just posting to say I am prone to these lumps under my armpits when I am really tired and run down. Well, I got a lump which would not go away. Usually they last a day or two but this has lasted nearly a week and hurt SO MUCH. Was getting frustrated so googled for answers. Went out and took two vitamin e tablets. It’s been two hours and it hurts MUCH LESS. It’s unbelievable. Seriously, try it.

  87. i have a large armpit lump for last 12 years after my first delivery. It is increasing day by day. Will vitamin e help me too.

  88. Thank you so much for the information! I was suffering from a very painful lump underneath my right armpit last week. It was the shape of the golfball and most likely caused by an ingrown hair. I started taking 800 IU ( 2 gelcaps) of Vit E upon reading this article and within 2 days, it drained out immediately! It felt such a relief! I also still got antibiotics from my doctor in order to completely take out the infection. Thanks so much, I will include in my daily supplements!

  89. Thank you so much for this info. I am currently suffering right now and not only do I have large lumps but I also seem to have small holes, gross I know. I’ve been getting lumps for several years and now I know why: I use Mitchum 🙁 My concern is that I’m currently nursing so I don’t know if it will be safe to take Vit E, can I use Vit E oil instead?

  90. Well, I think I waited a little too late to read this. I didn’t see it until after my doctor had already prescribed antibiotics. I would much prefer a natural method of healing so I tried it, but so far it’s day 2 (a full 30 hours) and nothing. Mine is about the size and shape of a Cadbury Egg and hard as a rock- it’s in my lymph node (according to my doctor) and they are doing an ultrasound of the breast area next to it on Monday. The waiting is the difficult part. Anyway, with the Vitamin E and antibiotic combo, I haven’t seen any change at all. I think what I have going on may be a little more serious than just a normal lump in the armpit. But thanks for sharing the article. It’s good info in case anything like this happens again.

  91. I have the same problem! At first I would get a small bump and it would take days to come to a head and pop and was so painful! I can’t even move my arm and have to hold it up to my chest at times. I have tried everything. I don’t wear deodorant because I never sweat and I may think that’s what my problem is. I don’t use any shaving cream or soap to shave my arm pits because that tends to irritate me even more. A few years ago somebody told me about ichthammol ointment and it does help to bring the boil to a head, but lately they have been getting worse and bigger and I really don’t feel like smelling like tar when I am at work! I have read a lot of these posts and it seems that everyone said vitamin e worked and they are all the same symptoms that I have. So I went out today to buy vitamin e and I also bought witch hazel. I am getting ready to take the vitamin e now and I am really hoping this works because if it does I will be taking at least one a day for the rest of my life.

  92. 3/15/12 – THANK YOU FOR THIS ARTICLE! I’ve had a cyst in my right armpit for a bit longer than a year, which I was told by the Dr. that it was nothing. One year later, I have no health insurance but the cyst has gotten bigger and now a foul smell has been emmiting from it. Its so embarrassing! I didn’t know where to turn and worse, I can’t see a Doctor! I had no idea that under the surface of my skin this thing had burst, here I am like an idiot applying a massive amount of deodarant!
    Well, through enough research I found this website. I’ve been having to clean the puss (sorry for the graphic description) at least 3x a day and while doing so I’ve felt the cyst getting bigger. I started taking Vitamin E yesterday (800 IU) and this morning the cyst, which was about a quarter size, is now down to a dime size! I am in complete shock and also VERY happy this article was written. I also wanted to say “thank you” for those who have commented about how this worked for you. I will be following up with another comment to tell y’all how its coming along. But for me Vitamin E is working!

  93. Vitamin E is a miracle worker! I first became acquainted with E when my husband was having cluster headaches. When I researched them, I found they are a vascular disease. We lived in Ohio at the time, and I wrote to the Shute Institute in London, Ontario, Canada who have been using E for numerous problems. We went there in October (many long years ago), and they told us to take 800 IU/day. I was skeptical because he was due to get the headaches in January. If you know anything about these headaches, they come on strong every other year in January/February at 3 a.m. As you can see, they are very specific. We finally had an oxygen tank put in the basement, so he could go down there and breathe pure O2. At any rate, he started taking the E……and no headaches. He got rather cocky and stopped taking them……and, bingo, a bee stung him and caused the clusters to return. Back went the O2 tank in the basement, and he started taking the E again to get rid of the clusters. So, he stopped taking the E again…..and, yes, he got them again when he became exhausted while travelling overseas. So, back went the O2 tank in the basement. This time I begged him to continue, and, now, he religiously takes them and no more cluster headaches. While at the Shute Institute, they gave me an article about E for breast cysts. A nurse friend told me she had a lump in her breast; she took the E and it went away. Needless to say, I have many books on E. It is known as the heart vitamin but it does so much more!

  94. hi…
    I have been suffering with this same problem from past 1 week and i was prescribed with antibiotics and pain killers, its been 4 days after the medication there is no sign of improvement. Yesterday I read this article and got the vitamin E 1000iu capsules and I took one at night and this morning I am feeling much better, but i have a doubt should i continue to take antiboitics or stop it.
    eagerly waiting for ur reply… and thank u soo much for the suggestion..

    • Hi,
      I had a lump under my right arm…its very painfull…worried a bit, will try out as per your advice…

  95. I never would have guessed this worked. Wow. Had a small pea size one, antibiotics only reduced it, then it came back and doubled to a pea size with a nickel size one below it. Started second round of antibiotics on Friday, by Sunday there was a reduction in pain but it was still mostly the same size. Monday afternoon I bought the Vitamin E and took 1,000 IU. In the morning it already seemed smaller. By Wednesday afternoon it was completely gone and my armpit is as smooth as a baby’s butt, not even the scarred skin is there. That was over a week ago and it has not returned. Amazing.

  96. My daughter had to go to the e.r. Back in dec. to have one lanced. Than a week later she got one next to her eye her whole face was swollen,after 3 days in the hospital on I.v. Antibiotics and a bad antibiotic rash,we were told she had one ever did a lab test.a trip to the dermatologist a month later we found out it was community M.e.r.s.a. And was given a cream to put in her nose,cause that’s we’re it breeds he said. Well now three days ago she got 2small ones and a big one under her arm, so I told her to use the cream,she started freaking out when it did nt work.the lump was getting bigger and bigger. Thank you for answering my prayer and finding. The help we needed, 2 days after 400 I u 3x a day now she’s down to 2 than it ll be 1 forever, the swelling went away and they are getting better not worse. I can t thank you enough.

  97. The vitamin E thing did not work for me. I had a tiny lump appear in my armpit which was painless for the first week. Then the area became swollen and tender, and the lump (looked like a big pimple but with no head) kept getting bigger and more painful. Of course I messed with it which I think made it worse. Finally this thing got so impacted and painful, after 72 hours of 1600 iU of vitamin E daily (and applying some cut open gelcaps to the pimple itself) I realized it was not working. It was time for a doctor to look at it. The doctor diagnosed the lump as an infected sebaceous cyst. He numbed it with a injection, made an incision and squeezed out all the bad stuff he could, then impacted the area with some medicated stringy gauze-like material. I had to return to the doctor daily to have this material pulled out and re-packed fresh a few times. This insures getting out all the pus. All in all, this procedure has not been as bad or as painful as I imagined it would be. Can’t say it’s been fun, however I feel glad that it got taken care of successfully.

    • Yes, and an infected sebaceous cyst can return too. Thanks for posting your experience. It’s helpful for anyone with similar symptoms and helps people who don’t get relief from vitamin E figure out another possible cause and to seek medical treatment. I’m glad all is well and you are on the mend!

  98. I had painful lump after waxing. But after a week of drinking vitamin e, the size decreased and the pain is now totally gone. However, there is still a small lump left and is not going away. I don’t know if it is a “scar” because I tried to pop it before. Should I be worried?

  99. where can I find vitamin E here in South Africa? actually in Rustenburg. cos im dying I really want to try it. its been years I struggle to get rid of this lumps under my armpit.

  100. It was the first time in my 50 years that I had a lymphadenitis caused by using tea tree old in my armpit to treat some skin infection. So. it was mostly allergic/skin infection cause. What really helped me fast was aloe juice on the skin, fortified turmeric ( from Costco) – 1 capsule per day, to eliminate pain – I used 1 ibuprofen tab overnight.

  101. I came across this website in the morning and quickly went and brought vitamin e 400iu. I have a really painful boil on my armpit and underneath the boil I have a fairly huge lump. It’s been a few hours since I’ve taken the vitamin e capsule. Will update tomorrow to see if there’s any difference

  102. Thank you all for your encouragement. My underarm small knot(now golf ball size), red and pain has grown rapidly(almost doubled in size daily) over the last few days(less than a week). I’ve not experienced this before so thank you again for your post. I just took a 1000 IU of vit E at 6am(7/22) so let’s see what happens. Praise God and God forgive and bless America!

  103. I had an underarm lump appear over a day, from zero to the size of a pea, after drinking lots of red wine all day, Sunday, Father’s Day. I believe it’s a swollen lymph node. 2 days later, Tuesday, I drank a glass of red wine and it increased in size, perhaps doubling, by Wednesday. Thursday I went to my dermatologist and he suggested we do a fine needle aspiration to look for cancer cells. Unfortunately the closest appt was 6 days away, this coming Tuesday. On Thursday night I took 1000 IU of vitamin E, and by Friday morning it was back to pea sized. By Saturday morning it was down to barely noticeable. Today, Sunday, It feels like a slightly raised lymphoid, tiny orange seed size bump. Barely noticeable. Right now I don’t think they can perform the aspiration.

    Further treatment was juicing with beet and green drinks, lots of water, raw foods (mostly), no caffeine and no alcohol.
    My questionis… does Vit E, just reduce the symptom of inflammation?

    I’m thinking about drinking some wine and seeing if it comes back so I can do the aspiration biopsy, should be nice to cross off cancer as a possibility.

    Also, thank you for the mention of Lyme disease above. My husband got a tick bite 2 years ago with Claasic Lyme ring. We do not have insurance so haven’t tested/treated for it yet. Spouses can get Lyme via intercouse, so if he has it, it’s likely passed on to me as well. So I’ll be doing the tests with iGenEx to rule that out.

  104. Vitamin E went to work as soon as I began taking it. I was releaved it started shrinking and becoming less tender. After about 3 days I started not paying attention to it’s progress and sporadiclly taking Vit E. There is still a small knot as small a pea or smaller but it has not been painful since a couple days after starting the Vit E.

  105. Hi,
    I had a lump under my right arm…its very painfull…worried a bit, will try out as per your advice…

  106. Hi Caryn,

    I had this bump for over a week now. I have started taking vitamin E yesterday 400 IU. The bump has not gone down over night but it became a little itchy to touch and pain and stinging gone down. Will vitamin work and for how many days should I keep taking it ? And home many a day for vitamin E 400IU. Thank you and please answer me if you can.

  107. Hi Caryn,

    I had this bump for over a week now. I have started taking vitamin E yesterday 400 IU. The bump has not gone down over night but it became a little itchy to touch and pain and stinging gone down. Will vitamin work and for how many days should I keep taking it ? And home many a day for vitamin E 400IU. Thank you and please answer me if you can.

  108. Posting to update after 48 hr of taking vitamin E and being hydrated the lump has gone down a LOT. One third of how big it was. I will update everyone with final results I’m hoping it will be over soon. Vitamin E help with pain for sure. Thank you for this article

  109. Good to find this site. I am 57yr m. I have heard in the past that the aluminum in antiperspirants cause the pores to clog, and 3 days ago I switched to one from gel deodorant. I’m slow learner. I have a peaceful sized one under my arm pit , and a quaternary sized one that is pretty painful. I bought the caps and took 4 1oo in orally, and pierced another 4 and applied topically. I am avoiding lansing it, as the staph will just spread, as others have noted and more appear. I had acne as a kid, and have had an earlobe thing similar about 5 years ago. saw an ear nose and throat doc, the had to Lance it twice. not good…Vitamin E is good for skin as well, so sounds like something there as well. I may try the aloe gel (I have a big plant). great for burns as well.use it quickly as soon as you get burned. off topic..I’ll make not big into antibiotics,unless in dire straits. I’ll report back with the results. get the gel caps versus the pills, and take orally and use topically, and no aluminum based anti Perspirant . like the Arm and Hammer comm3n5 made. no aluminum. thanks all.

  110. I posted Aug 7. update. I took vitamin e orally and cut open the gel and I applied for 4 or 5 days. the boil did not burst, and subsided within the first 48 hours. a smaller one deep in tissue went away. there is still a small hardened bump , though no pain, it never drained..Qasim close and I chose not to go that route. seemed to absorb in to surrounding tissue. I will not use the aluminum based anti Perspirant again. thank you all.

  111. I get lumps under both armpits full of blood and puss. i have had 3 surgery and they still come back. i have 4 right now i will be getting vitamin e today. i have been on 8 different antibiotics they only work for a little bit. then bam back again im really happy i came across this. i hope to god it works. because they hurt so bad.

      • its been 12 days now. no sores. im still taking 3. i will now go to 1 a so happy this worked. living with these for a long time. i did stop taking my cholesterol pill as it interacts with the vitamin e.

  112. Thank you for this article. I went to the store at 11:30 last night to pick up some vitamin E. They only have them in 400 IU plus it was buy one get one free for $7.99. What I did is took 800 IU last night,another 800 IU this morning,and will take another 800 IU at 5pm today. So basically I’m stacking my system for one day and will start taking one a day regularly. I’ve had mine for 3 days now and as the rest of you under the left arm pit. They come and go. Now what I did as far as the pain concerns I’ve also just taken 600mg of ibuprofen to help with that as well. I’m staying in the bed all day today. No alcohol or anything. It does appear that it has went down some but I still have the pain,until the ibuprofen kicks in at least. I’ll report back tomorrow to give you my findings. I’m thinking it’s going to work but however I think the secret is stacking your system with it every 8 hours for the first day at least. That’ll be 2400 IU. As I’ve stated earlier,I’ll be sure to take one a day after I do my last 800 IU at 5pm today.

    • Yes I did that also tonight. So what I’ll do is only take one a day now. It appears to have gone down some but the majority of you did say 3 days for the pain to go away and for it to also disappear. It just hurts so I have to lay a certain way with my arm as to not irritate it. So I have 2 days left now at this point.

  113. So I’m on my 3rd day and all of my pain is gone. Here’s what I did. First I stacked my body with 2400 IU the first day. That was 800 every 8 hours. After that day started taking one a day. I also used warm/hot water with a bunch of Epsom salt to soak my lump in 3 times a day. It started discharging heavily yesterday and is still discharging very slowly as I type this . the main thing we all wanted to go away is the pain. Once the pain is gone we can handle the rest. As of now as stated above, I’m now starting to take 400 IU of vitamin E on a daily basis.

  114. I just came across this article one week ago today and I have to say that I am more grateful than words can say. I honestly cannot believe that taking vitamin E was the miracle to finally make these large painful lumps go away. I’ve been suffering from large clam size lumps under my armpits for the last two years and in the end I’m always forced to go to the urgent care and get a prescription for an antibiotic. Each time I take the prescribed prescription my lump goes away for a few months but another always comes back and I was fearful of the day when the antibiotics would no longer work. Which, finally brought me to google others who might be suffering as I am at only 26 years old and afraid of this condition for the rest of my life. I began taking 400 IU a day orally (the amount I’m aloud while breastfeeding) as well as applying one of the capsules topically day and night. In two days I noticed that the pain had become considerably less. By days 4-5 there was no longer any pain and the redness had decreased considerably. And now by days 6-7 the lump is now only the size of a nickel. I cannot say how grateful I am and I hope by continuing to take the vitamin E that I will never have to suffer with another lump again.

  115. On Christmas morning I woke-up with several small and large painful lumps that were red under both of my arms (the arm-pits)! I am 55, female and never has this happend. I was also very tired and slept most of the day. Next day still painful called and got into Doctor (not my regular…because he was out for Christmas). The young doctor send she has never seen anything like it. She called in a script for SMZ/TMP DS 800-160. A little better the next day but still here. I just read this and have taken 3 400 IU of E. My question is what the “H” happend. I went to bed Christmas Eve, no problems and woke up this way. What do you think could be the cause…of course I googled and saw it could be cancer however, I had my annual Mamagram in July and all was good…also the young Dr. did ask me if my mamagram came back normal and I said yes. I just want to know what may have caused this to happen over night? Anybody have any clues?

  116. I never had a cyst, at 55 I had no idea what was going on under my arm. The 1st one burst in the shower, it was so large it looked like a long piece of ripped grey skin, as i pulled it,(very pain full)I realized it was what was left from what was growing under my arm. Then after looking closely There was another on behind it! Worse there were four more growing. I came across this article two days ago and started VIT.E 2 400’s 3x”s a day, the lumps are still there, smaller, but the pain is gone unless I apply pressure, NOT!!!, This has been a life saver, bought non aluminum deodorant a salt stick and will clean with Witch Hazel as my skin is too dry to shower every day. Many thanks to everyone who has shared here, Happy 2017

  117. Wow, I’m a Registered Nurse, I’ve had an abscess under my armpit for 6 months. I also had a severe sinus infection and allergies. I was given amoxicillin, bactrim, Claritin & singular. I also took Allegra & Zyrtec. Nothing worked. After 2 days of vitamin E 1000 IU daily, abscess almost completely gone, no pain and sinus issues and pressure resolved.

    • I have never had any problems with bumps under my arms or anywhere else.
      I noticed one under my right arm on Sunday. I’ve been reading so many articles on remidies etc that I can do to get rid of it. I did hot compresses from Sunday to Wed, the bump ended up being as big as a golf ball internally and a little peak bump at the top. I went to the doc on Wed night amd they gave me antibiotics for 7 days 2/day. It”s saturday now and for the past two days it has been so painful to do anything. I read almost all of the comments on here and my favorite quote is “standing like a teapot”. I have to stand like that due to the immense pain! Lol.

      I am going to try the vitamin E pills. Have them here at home already. After reading this, I am feeling VERY relieved that there is something I can do to finally get rid of this!!

      On another note, many people have said that the bumps have come back, I’ve been reading that if the cyst wall (bump wall) is still in the body then the bumps can/will occur again. They say that it should be removed when it is popped? Not sure about that, if someone wants to touch on that for me.

      I”ll be back with hopefully good results in three or maybe even two days!!!

  118. Friends it works !!!!!
    Had the same problem about 5days ago, and it was VERY PAINFUL . thank goodness I came across this article and went for multi vitamin instead jus to balance all vitamin in my body.
    As I write to you now the size of lump is getting smaller and less painful.
    Ts my second day now and I’m under 10days prescription.
    I take 15 MG of vitamin e per day (from my multi vitamin dose )
    Thank you
    your article was very helpful.

  119. I have read every post from 2010-2017 and it’s unbelievable to me how so many people can be dealing with the same thing and some probably pass others with the same issues daily, life is truly amazing

    Anyway, I’ve had these swollen lymph nodes under my arms for a couple of years now. In the beginning I simply ignored them and wore tighter clothing to stop my skin from rubbing against the swollen nodes. This year it became unbearable and I sought medical attention. I was prescribed antibiotics for 10 days with another 10 day refill. I’m still taking those at 2 a day and they seemed to have worked after the first 10 days (no swollen nodes under either arm). The 11th day I got another swollen node and refilled my prescription. A little worried I decided to do some research and here I am. I just purchased the Vit E and I will take it along with my antibiotics. I am hoping for an easy resolution with this so I can continue living my productive life, I’ll report back within a week with my results

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