Paper Cone Wreath Craft: Recycle Book Pages to Make Inexpensive Wreath

Paper Cone Wreath Tutorial
My paper cone wreath craft.

A paper cone wreath will cost you less than $5. If you already have the materials on hand, you could possibly make your paper cone wreath for free. Popular versions of this craft will recycle book pages to make the paper cones. But you can also use colorful magazine pages, or even sheet music. If you’d like to spend money, I’ve even seen paper cone wreath crafts made with doilies.

Directions for Paper Cone Wreath Project:

Paper Cone Wreath Tutorial
My paper cone wreath craft.

This paper cone wreath was made from materials I bought at the dollar store. The finished size is 22″ in diameter. The first row of paper rolls should extend 6″ passed the edge of the foam board. The foam board circle I cut is about 10″ in diameter. This paper cone wreath project takes about 2 hours to complete. I bought a book with 6×9 pages, but I ended up cutting most of them down to a 6 inch square. This made them easier to work with.

I have seen the paper cone wreath before at craft shows. I saw a few on Pinterest too. To make my paper cone wreath I bought a book at the dollar store that had that thick yellowy paper. I think that the paper needs to be thick enough to stand up on its own while in the cone shape. You don’t want paper that is too thin because it will collapse while in the cone shape. The book I used had an older type of thick paper, and I liked the design. It was only a dollar, and it had enough pages to make about 150 cones. The pages were glued down with a hot glue gun.

If you stick your paper cones together sideways, they will become a circle. If you fix them end to end, you will make a sheet of rolls. If you stagger your paper cones it will take on a whole new design.  I guess the options are endless if you what to play around and become creative with them.

I liked the idea of using an old book. This makes a really cool craft out of recycled paper. You can use other materials too, like scrapbook paper, wallpaper, or even construction paper. As long as the material is malliable enough to roll, fold or crinkle, it would work.

Steps for Making a Paper Cone Wreath

1. Make a circular base.

I decided to buy a foam board. But you could also use a cardboard box. You could even make your paper cone wreath with a round cardboard pizza box base. I cut my foam board to be the size of a dinner plate, but you can make your paper cone wreath any way you’d like.

2. Draw a circle in the center of your circular base

I took a cup saucer and drew a circle in the center of the 10″ foam board. The circle should be in the middle of the foam board.

3. Rip out your pages and roll them into paper cones

Rip all the pages out of your book and roll them into cones. I made over a hundred. I taped each paper cone shut. Press the bottom to make them flat.

4. Glue your paper cones onto the wreath base

Start from the outside and work your way into the center. Hot glue them down. After you finish your first row of paper cones you need to hot glue your hanging ribbon in there before you continue. I cut them shorter as I move in toward the center of the wreath. You can hot glue whatever you want in the center of your wreath. I used what I already had in the house. You have to put something in the middle to cover all your paper bottoms.

Check out These Additional Paper Cone Wreath Craft Ideas:

magazine paper cone wreath craft
Megan’s Magazine Paper Cone Wreath at Happy Looks Good on You Blog.

Want to do a magazine paper cone wreath? Check out Megan’s magazine paper wreath tutorial at Happy Looks Good On You. Magazine paper is a little harder to roll and attach.

Megan will show you the steps you need to make your paper stick. Megan used vintage magazines and chose her colors based on a theme she was going for. Her cones were quite large, as were her magazine pages.

The result was a beautiful magazine paper cone wreath that took only 16 cones to make.

Megan chose to hot glue her cones, so check out her tutorial if this is the look you want. She’s got a lot of sample images to help you make your wreath.

tutorial for making paper roses for your paper wreath.
The Jones Design Company offers a full step by step tutorial for making paper roses.

You can make endless paper cone wreath shapes. There are a lot of options for crafters.

Feeling sophisticated and super crafty? Maybe you’d like to make a rose shaped paper cone wreath. Jone’s Design Company offers a really fantastic tutorial for making rose shaped paper cones. Emily’s stationary and design blog is a fantastic source for free craft tutorials on inexpensive projects.

More Paper Cone Wreath Ideas:

Sheet music paper cone wreath
From the Olde Saltbox, a sheet music and decorative paper cone wreath.

square shaped paper cone wreath with glitter
A glittered paper cone wreath from the beautiful  Kathleen Thomas Designs blog.

folded paper wreath instead of paper cone wreath
Lisa Storms has a folded paper wreath from book pages with a scissor shaped edge.

looped strips halloween paper wreath
Rita Barakat has a tutorial for a Halloween wreath that uses recycled paper strips instead of paper cones.

Do you like these paper wreath ideas? Do you have another one you’d like to share? Please post your thoughts!

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  1. Thanks Chris, for this tutorial. I did a search on these myself. It is nice to get a sampling of ideas and tutorials in one place. This looks like a good craft project for kids, too. I think I’d skip the hot glue gun and use the scotch tape with them as you suggest. Let them roll and I’ll hot glue them down when they are done. It is interesting to see a lot of these crafters using plywood bases. I like the idea of a cardboard base. Much lighter to hang and store.

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