Great Corn Adventure is a game about the proliferation of Corn in U.S.

Corn. It’s everywhere if you live in the Midwest. Would you like to learn more about corn farming?  Got a kid who’s allergic to the stuff? How about educating him or her with an online game show from the University of Illinois? This game is also a nice educational tool for teachers, too. This free online game for kids teaches the crop’s history, how it grows. You learn the stages of corn growth and how it is harvested. Players will also learn the uses of corn, and how it is distributed across the country. Players will really understand how the crop is used after playing this online game.

Play the Great Corn Adventure Online Game

Great Corn Adventure
Zea Mays is your host in the Great Corn Adventure

The University of Illinois Extension has a game called the Great Corn Adventure hosted by Zea Mays. It is part of a collection of educational games for kids.

Lovely Ms. Mays takes the viewer on a tour of the crop’s world, starting with the Native Americans in the valley of Tehuacan in Pueblo Mexico in 5000 b.c. Viewers learn that the ancient grain had only a few kernels compared to today’s varieties that hold over 800. Zea then takes us to the corn belt and explains how it is consumed: as animal feed, plastic production, aspirin making, in corn dogs, fuels, and various sweeteners.

The online game will also give players an opportunity to play a guessing game at the Corn Mart Sale. There will be various items on display there. The players must choose which ones are made with corn ingredients in them. All items listed contained corn, according to the game makers, except cheese and jam. But in my experience I have learned that even cheese and jam can, and almost always do contain corn. Oh well, Zea Mays is not 100% accurate, but the little cartoon character is pretty informative just the same!

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