An Easy Chicken Curry Recipe with a Simple Curry Sauce

Need a quick stove top chicken curry recipe? Most curry recipes include many steps and a laundry list of ingredients. It is hard enough to get food on the table for our busy family. After trying to make curry the hard way a few times I started to develop a few shortcuts. This recipe is a quick stove top chicken curry that will taste great. And I promise it will still give you time to see that football game and help with the homework, too.

This easy chicken curry recipe takes only 30 minutes to make. You can make the basic recipe and add a variety of vegetables just to change it up a bit. Sometimes we add shredded carrots and peas to our curry. Be creative and add your favorite veggies to this dish.

Make our quick stovetop chicken curry recipe tonight for dinner. This is the easiest curry recipe out there! It's perfect for a busy family.
My easy chicken curry recipe is naturally dairy, gluten and corn free.

My quick chicken curry recipe is great for a busy evening. Who says you need to buy a jar of sauce to make chicken curry? I’ll show you how to make it from scratch the easy way. I make chicken curry at least once a week in the winter months.

The kids and my husband love it. Chicken curry has become a family favorite around here. We often change up the chicken curry recipe a bit for variety.  You can add garlic, ginger, just about anything you’d like to your chicken curry dish. The following is the way we like it best.

This easy chicken curry recipe is gluten and corn free. But it’s also dairy free, soy free, nut free, and has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Ingredients for Easy Chicken Curry:

1 package of boneless skinless chicken breasts (about 1.5 lbs)

1 can of coconut milk (we use Trader Joe’s brand as it does not have preservatives).

1 TBSP tapioca starch (or potato starch, arrowroot starch)

1 onion (peeled and sliced)

1 cup sliced mushrooms (optional)

2 TBSP curry spice

1 TBSP cumin spice

1 1/2 tsp turmeric (read about turmeric health benefits)

1 1/2 tsp black pepper (a good addition if you want to reap turmeric health benefits)

Sea Salt to taste (we used about 2 teaspoons) *note: if you have a corn allergy you need to avoid table salt as it contains maltodextrin, a corn derivative.

Directions for Easy Chicken Curry Recipe:

Pour about a 1/4 cup of olive oil in the bottom of your pan. Heat the pan on medium high.  Add the chicken, onions, mushrooms and salt and slowly cook at a low boil. Cook until the onions and mushrooms are rendered. Pour the excess liquid from the pan and remove the chicken to dice it. Add the chicken back to the pan. Open a can of coconut milk and add 1 TBSP of tapioca starch. Stir until smooth. Pour into pan. Add curry, cumin, tumeric, black pepper, and sea salt. Simmer on the stove on a low boil, covered, until ready to serve (about 15 minutes). Serve with cooked rice, or if you prefer to go low carb, just on its own.

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8 Comments on An Easy Chicken Curry Recipe with a Simple Curry Sauce

  1. Caryn,

    Our family toasted you at dinner tonight! This dish was excellent! Thanks for helping to add some much needed flavor to our diet and menu!!!!

  2. I find this recipe a little confusing. It says to heat a pan on medium high and then slowly cook the chicken and onions on a low boil. ? Boil? Low? Am I missing a step?

    • Yes, I probably should have said, then ‘turn down’ the heat and slowly cook the chicken and onions at a low boil. If you put the gas mark up too high you run the risk of burning it. It is easier to use a medium high temp to get it to come to a boil and then reduce it afterward to keep it from burning. Good question.

  3. Thank you SO much Caryn for Including this recipe in the Seasonal Sunday Weekly Link Up. It Looks SO good. I have a serious soft spot for curry. and I love the simplicity of this recipe. Cant wait to look through your site some more!
    xo, Brittany

  4. This recipe looks great.
    However, just an FYI: coconut is considered a tree nut
    My husband and children are allergic to peanuts & tree nuts. We once spent a night in the hospital when my husband had a single coconut shaving in a piece of candy. It is important to know if you have guests with allergies eating this dish.

    • Thanks, Lisa.
      I think coconut is a stand alone allergy. I know a few people allergic to coconut, one pretty severely, that aren’t allergic to tree nuts. I think you can be allergic to both. Thanks for sharing. It is important info for anyone recently diagnosed. Anyone interested in learning more about tree nut allergies can check out the Food Allergy Shopping Guide Tree Nut allergies page for more information and a detailed list of ingredients to avoid and foods that commonly use tree nuts in ingredients. There is also a mention about coconuts in there too.

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