Radiation Exposure and Breast Cancer: A Demron Bra Review

Find the cure. Breast Cancer Awareness.

There is a known link between radiation exposure and breast cancer. According to Dr. Mark Kohout, if you are concerned about low level radiation, you may be interested in a new bra called the Demron®. The bra is meant for healthy women with a history of breast cancer in the family, frequent flyers, and women frequently exposed to hospital radiation technologies.  The Demron® bra is marketed to limit your risk in these situations. It’s designed by Radiation Shield Technologies with a fabric technology developed for nuclear hazmat suits. The recently designed special bras are made to help reduce radiation exposure and breast cancer risk in the average women.

Find the cure. Breast Cancer Awareness.I want to touch on breast cancer awareness today as part of our commitment to women’s health issues in the month of March. Today is Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Triple Negative Breast Cancer is a rare, aggressive subtype of breast cancer that affects younger women who have not yet begun menopause.

A woman is diagnosed with it when the three “receptors” known to cause most breast cancers: estrogen, progesterone and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) are absent. Since none of these receptors are found this type of cancer is known as Triple Negative.  Triple Negative breast cancer is usually responsive to chemotherapy but not radiation. It can also be very aggressive, and more likely to recur than other kinds of breast cancer and women may have end up appealing to a Phoenix Breast Reconstruction, to fix it.

Learn your breast cancer risk factors and common breast cancer symptoms. Get screenings regularly to catch cancer in it’s early stages.

If you have a higher risk of breast cancer, or have had a family member with Triple Negative breast cancer, you may be interested in the Demron® bra that claims it reduces radiation exposure and breast cancer risk in the average women.

Radiation Exposure and Breast Cancer Risk

Demron® material was created by Ronald DeMeo, M.D., MBA, an anesthesiologist and spine specialist.  He operates the Coral Gables, Florida-based Meridian Spinal Therapeutics Interventional Medicine.  DeMeo says Demron® provides protection similar to lead shielding, while being lightweight and flexible.

His company, Radiation Shield Technologies, (RST) is a world leader in the research, design and production of personal protection systems for ionization and nuclear radiation for first responders, military and medical personnel. Demron® is used by the military and in high-radiation circumstances such as hospital surgery rooms. It’s also used in hazmat suits.

David Freedman of Discover says, “DeMeo spent the 1990s experimenting with ways to impregnate plastic fabrics with different metals until he found a combination that blocked radiation about as well as lead and yet could still be fashioned into more-or-less normal-looking clothing. DeMeo’s results were so successful that his nine-pound suits—which look a bit like Halloween-costume versions of space suits but are roomy enough to fit over my bulletproof vest and gas protector—have become the outfit of choice for workers helping clean up the post-tsunami Fukushima reactor-meltdown site in Japan.

The Demron® makers claim it will significantly reduce high energy alpha and beta radiation, and reduce low energy gamma radiation. But of course in all these instances the user is wearing much more than a bra.

DeMeo says Demron® was developed for breast cancer patients undergoing implant therapy that’s why so many people are going into surgical implant removal to prevent it. It was used to keep the radiation from exiting the breast during treatment. DeMeo says the same technology can be used to keep the radiation outside from entering the breast of a healthy woman and thus reducing the risk of radiation exposure and breast cancer.

“The breast in particular is one of the most sensitive organs to radiation.” DeMeo says. “and unlike most organs of your body that are sensitive to x-ray, the breast is outside your chest wall. So it has no natural protection. It gets exposed to everything.”

Radiation exposure and breast cancer: Demron bra review

The bras have not yet been proven to prevent breast cancer. Rather, DeMeo said they are “one of many tools in the toolbox” to reduce radiation exposure and breast cancer risk.

Radiation Shield Technologies has just introduced the Demron® Bra to the general public. It retails at around $69. The makers claim the Demron bra provides total protection from all types of radiation.

Demron Bra Review:

Disclosure: I was contacted by Radiation Shield Technologies and offered a free sample bra to review for the company. Although I can’t say whether or not it works to prevent radiation exposure and breast cancer risk, I can talk about the overall feel and comfort of the bra. I was not compensated to write this review and my opinions are completely honest.

I received a black demi style bra from Demron® to try out about a week ago. I’ve worn it more than once, and for an entire day, just as I would any other bra.

Demron® fabric feels thin and smooth. It reminds me of polyester but more flexible and breathable.  The fabric’s makeup is proprietary but it’s described as a non-toxic polymer.

The Demron® bra comes in black, white, and nude colors. In sizes 34-36 inch width you can get the bras in a B, C or D cup. If you need a 38, 40, or 42 inch width the bra only comes in a D. There are no A or DD cup sizes.

The bra I received fit well, even though I normally wear a size 36 DD, and the only available size was a 38 D. I got the demi style Demron® bra with removable straps. (You see it pictured above).  I felt it had great support around the width and was comfortable to wear. The clasp in the back has three eye hooks, something larger breasted women generally want. It wears like a push up bra. The cups are heavily padded. If you are looking for a bra with a great lift, this one will do the job. I was curious, though, why this bra being touted to cover and protect the breast was only covering half of it.  I asked the company PR spokesperson, Rosemary Staltare.

Staltare replied, “Radioactive waves get absorbed into the earth’s surface then emanate from the ground up. Therefore the demi still provides protection from dangerous waves.”

I told Staltare that I felt women would be more inclined to purchase the Demron® bra if the company donated to breast cancer research. I can’t say whether I fully believe the claims that this bra would protect from radiation exposure and breast cancer risk. I’m also not sure I need a bra that does. Staltare said that in 2013 the Demron® bra was a sponsor of the Boca Raton Breast Cancer weekend. She said the company now plans to donate a portion of their proceeds to cancer research at the national level since they have now finally officially launched the product to the public.

I will say this, I think this is a very good bra, as far as fit and function goes. It is quality made. I have bought my share of high end bras that didn’t give me as much support, and were left in the drawer as a result. I hope Demron® moves toward adding more sizes in the future, and if they stick to their plan of raising money for cancer research I think a lot of women will buy this bra regardless of whether or not they worry about radiation exposure and breast cancer. Hopefully DeMeo will get started on those A and DD cups soon. To shop at their online store, visit http://www.demronbra.com/.

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