The Scoop on Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeves

reusable coffee cup sleeves
Reusable coffee cup sleeves

Reusable coffee cup sleeves are the new fad. To save on disposable cardboard cup sleeves, many eco-conscious people are investing in cute, stylish reusable coffee cup sleeves. A few months ago, I saw patterns and instructions for one of these by Tammy on Cut out and Keep. I thought, “Oh, how cute,” and bookmarked it. I still haven’t made one, even though I have just the right fabric.

Lucky for me, I discovered I can buy one online for a reasonable price. And there are all kinds of them available: knitted, embroidered, quilted, fabric, etc….

If You Want to Make Your Own Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeves

reusable coffee cup sleeves
Reusable coffee cup sleeves

If you visit Tammy’s post on Cut out and Keep you won’t see step-by-step pictures, but this project is easy. She uses a cardboard coffee cup cozy for the pattern and then hand-sews the felt designs on the front of the cozy.

I’m amused by the irony of using reusable coffee cup sleeves on a disposable coffee cup. Oh well, it sums up rather neatly the challenge of being consistently green.

If you are interested in getting one, check them out over at Our Everyday Earth. Marci posted an article about reusable coffee cup sleeves. She’s got a knitted one. It seems perfect for a cold winter day. There are also quite a few on etsy. Just type reusable coffee cup sleeves in the search. You will get pages of results. It’s a great place to go for reusable coffee cup sleeve pattern ideas and crafting styles. Some can be $10, but there are also ones for around $5.

If you Want to Buy One

If price isn’t an option for you, or if you don’t plan to make your own, Real simple has a pretty pricey version that comes with a nifty little built in change pocket that is worth checking out.

Starbucks even came out with cute red felt reusable coffee cup sleeves with embroidered hearts on them for Valentine’s day. They are selling plastic ones now at all their stores. Personally, I prefer the crafty cloth reusable coffee cup sleeves. They are much cuter.

If You are Into Patterns…

Healthy Family has got a baby reversible smock bib pattern that uses old receiving blankets as the material. It’s free to download. And if you already have old receiving blankets, then it’s a steal of a deal.

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  1. I love the reusable coffee sleeves. I send one with my hubby everyday. That way if he decides he needs an afternoon pick me up he has his reusable sleeve! The ones I make are made from reclaimed fabric such as vintage drapery and tablecloths! I even made one out of an old medical lab coat! Each fabric has a history, and therefore was saved from the landfill!

    I love reusable cloth coffee sleeves! I had to make them for everyone in his office. Just one more easy way to be a little more earth friendly.

  2. I hadn’t thought of it that way…. reusable sleeve on disposable cup…. pretty darn thought provoking though. 🙂

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