Review of O’Doughs Gluten free Bakery Cakes: Banana, Chocolate, and Carrot Flavored

Review of O'Doughs Banana Bread
O'Doughs Banana Bread

We were recently given a few loaves of O’Dough’s gluten free cakes to sample and review. O’Doughs is a fairly new Canadian-based company that started in 2007. Their products are all gluten-free but they do contain eggs, soy, and corn derivatives. We tried the banana cake, the chocolate cake, and the carrot cake.

The overall winner hands down was the banana cake. I also liked the carrot cake, but have to admit that the mini chocolate chips packed inside the banana cake slices made it udderly delicious.

The chocolate cake was a bit too rich for my taste, but I am not much of a sweet tooth and I like my chocolate in small doses. If you are a chocoholic it may be just the ticket for you. O’Doughs cakes are about the size of a small loaf of bread and cost around $8 a loaf. A loaf can easily serve 6-8.

The makers of O’Doughs are committed to offering a more healthy gluten-free option for families on special diets. They use evaporated cane juice (a natural sugar grain), palm oil (in lieu of butter or trans fats), and sunflower oil in their kosher dairy free cakes. The cakes are all made with glycerine, vanilla, xanthan gum, and citric acid which makes them unsafe for corn-allergic folks, however.

O’Doughs also makes a line of breads, pizza kits, and buns. Visit them at: for more information about their products.

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