Pane Riso’s Ready made Gluten free Pizza Crust Review

Ready made gluten free pizza crust is handy. Marcie at Lil’s Dietary shop in Chicago, IL recently gave me a ready made gluten free pizza crust from Pane Riso Foods to try out. Our neighboring Canadians will recognize this crust as the famous Kingsmill Foods ready made gluten free pizza crust sold online, in stores, and at select pizzerias across their country for years. The spokesperson I chatted with informed me that Kingsmill Foods was the pioneer supplier of gluten free foods in Canada. Two years ago Kingsmill Foods sold their gluten free line to Canbrands Specialty Foods and the brand name is now in the process of changing to Pane Riso Foods. The new ready made gluten free pizza crust and other products will have the same brown and white label, only the name has changed.

Review of Pane Riso Ready Made Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Pane Riso Ready-made Gluten-free Pizza CrustThe non-frozen 5.3 ounce ready made gluten free pizza crust sample came vacuum sealed in a plastic bag. Lil’s Dietary Shop also carries the 10 ounce crust in their store that easily feeds 2 or 3 people. Pane Riso Foods advertise their White Rice Pizza Crust as gluten free, wheat free, corn, egg, milk, lactose and cholesterol free. I tested out the small sample crust with my younger two boys today at lunchtime. They loved the ready made gluten free pizza crust from Pane Riso. It is very thin and soft, like many of us remember in our PGF days (pre-gluten-free). The crust did not have that familiar gritty texture as is so often the case with a rice crust pizza. As a matter of fact, the boys actually ate the gluten free pizza crust, something they never do when we make Amy’s Rice Crust Pizza.

The monoglycerides in Pane Riso’s White Rice Pizza Crust are derived from soy, and they say their product is suitable for vegans.

If you Are Worried about Preservatives in Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Currently, Pane Riso’s White Rice Pizza Crusts and breads use calcium propionate to preserve their product, but their dry mixes and cookies do not. Calcium propionate is a mold inhibitor and is used to allow the crust to be packaged while it is still hot. In 2002, the Feingold Organization published findings on an Australian study that researcher Sue Dengate did on the preservative. She found that half of the children in her study who ate four slices of the bread a day for three consecutive days exhibited worse behavior as a result. If you have a child on a strict Feingold diet, then Amy’s Rice Crust Pizza is still a better option for you.

I recently contacted the manufacturers and they explained that they are in the process of testing out a possible alternative to the calcium propionate in their ready made gluten free pizza crust. This would make the pizzas an option for Feingold dieters. The new additive, cultured dextrose, is an all natural ingredient, but the company cannot verify whether or not it is corn-free. So corn allergy sufferers should read the labels before purchasing this crust. For more information contact Pane Riso Foods at Canbrands by dialing: 905-888-5008.

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3 Comments on Pane Riso’s Ready made Gluten free Pizza Crust Review

  1. Hi Bernie!
    Pane Riso crusts are made with:
    rice flour, potato starch, water, non-hydrogenated canola oil, sugar, salt, methylecellulous (thickening agent), yeast, calcium propionate, and monoglycerides.
    It is one of several different kinds of crusts we use and the most ‘real’ tasting one we’ve ever had.

    • Darrell, I kept it in original packaging at room temp until I used it. After making it, I stored the leftovers in the fridge and reheated in the oven at about 300 F. The pizza crust is pretty big for just one person, I admit. But you do not need to freeze it. At least I have never cut a portion off and froze it to save for a future use.

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