Salmon Dip: Packed with Veggies for a Healthy Family Snack

Make a salmon dip recipe that’s packed with nutritious veggies. This salmon dip is a quick healthy snack that will use up your leftover salmon from last night’s dinner. The kids and I whipped this up in five minutes and it was polished off in about the same time. Like asparagus and zucchini? It’s in this unique salmon dip recipe which is also naturally gluten and corn free. There aren’t any eggs, or soy, or dairy ingredients either.

Ingredients for Salmon Dip:

Gluten-free Fresh Veggie and Salmon Dip
veggie packed salmon dip recipe

All the leftover fish you’ve got (we used about 3/4 cups of refrigerated broiled salmon)

1/2 a zucchini

1/4 cup onions (we had yellow, but I think white onions would be better. Reduce onions to taste.)

6 asparagus tips

1/4 cup carrots

1/2 celery stalk

2-3 tablespoons honey (or to taste)

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon parsley

Directions for Salmon Dip:

Chop all the veggies in a mini prep food processor until they are fine. In a mixer, combine the veggies, salmon, honey, and spices. Blend until desired consistency. Serve with your favorite chips, on a slice of bread, or over your favorite flat bread recipe.

We used Blue Diamond Natural Almond Nut Thins which are gluten and corn free but contain milk in the natural butter flavor. Not all varieties are corn free, so read the labels when you shop. Conrad Rice Mill’s Hol-Grain Crackers are a no salt brown rice cracker that has made solely from brown rice; they look like thin rectangular wafers and are strong enough to hold a dip. They are not our preferred snack, however, as they taste a bit bland and bitter. Another option for chips is Trader Joe’s brand Veggie Chips, which are made from potatoes.

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