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Silhouette Cameo fabric cutting tips

This Silhouette Cameo beginner tutorial is basically a resource for me. I am a total novice beginner. I just got the Silhouette Cameo this past Christmas and was in need of basic instructions on how to use it. I did quite a bit of online searching and decided to post links to all my favorite tutorials. The process of learning how to operate the software can be frustrating. There isn’t a lot of online material available for Silhouette Cameo beginner paper crafting. Thankfully there are some really helpful craft bloggers. I decided to put together a hub page with all the best written, picture, and video tutorials I could find. So here it is, without much further ado: my Silhouette Cameo beginner tutorial list:

The Bare Bones Silhouette Cameo Beginner Basics

If you are like me, a total and complete noob, then a basic description is in order. To get to know the Silhouette Cameo you need to visit the Silhouette America website. Each week they even offer a free downloadable shape. I’m not into scrapbook crafting, although I could be. I like to make framed wall art. Up until now, most of my projects were done with computer software and an old-fashioned pair of scissors or a handy paper cutter. I’ve wanted a Silhouette Cameo for a about a year now, but a new baby in the house made me hesitate. Now my little Boo is almost a year-and-a-half. She’s into dolls, fabrics, combs, and all my favorite things. She deserves a few good handmade baby dolls. I’m hoping after a few Silhouette Cameo Beginner tutorials I’ll be able to start making them. But that’s a long way off. First I need to master the software. Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous has a great basic screen shot tutorial with captions. Her tutorial uses just the standard shapes from the Silhouette Cameo library.

If you are a visual girl like me, you have to pop over to Nikki’s blog for a simple thank you card tutorial with the Silhouette Cameo. She teaches you how to use transfer paper to get your lettering off the Silhouette Cameo cutting board and onto the card quickly and easily. It’s a great tutorial, and you have to check out the rest of her site too. She crafts all kinds of projects using paper, thread, fabric or yarn. If you are a total noob, you may just want to visit Jin Yong’s Under a Cherry Tree YouTube channel. For starters, Jin has put together a simple Silhouette Cameo beginner tutorial on card making. It will walk you through how to print and cut basic cards. Visit her blog for additional help and patterns for making projects similar to her’s. Her photography is amazing.

Print & Cut Silhouette Cameo Beginner Tutorial by Jin Yong

How the Silhouette Cameo Differs from the Cricut

Unlike the Cricut, you can make custom patterns with the Silhouette Cameo Computer Software.
These are my custom pattern shapes made with Silhouette Cameo Studio software to use as bucket bag appliques.

Unlike the Cricut, a Silhouette Cameo uses computer software that allows you to design your own shapes. I figured I would create my own paper doll shapes with it. I even bought the fabric blade. They’ve got a website with an online store that lets customers buy individual designs for only a dollar. It’s a great deal because it’s a cheap way to build your library of shapes and patterns. The Silhouette Cameo comes with a set of basic patterns that are enough to get you started. I’ve already made a few beginner designs. I’m pleased with it so far. But I bought it so that I could make my own. To figure out how to do that I needed a Silhouette Cameo beginner tutorial on design.

But what if you need to learn how to use the software to make custom shapes? No problem. I found a tutorial that does just that. Continue Reading….

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  1. Thanks for the post. My Silhouette is arriving tomorrow so I’m searching the net for tutorials and found this very helpful. I want to design my own shapes so took a look at the Baseball Cap tutorial. Hoping i have some luck tomorrow setting it up and getting it going. Thanks again!

  2. I too am a novice to the Cameo, and the video tutorials I found here are great! Thank you for taking the trouble to post them.

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