Storing Crayons in your Purse Using a Tin Box

A simple solution that keeps your purse clean and kids happy.

storing crayons in your purse, Crayola tins.

Storing crayons in your purse: Crayons aren’t so easy to carry around, right? They break easily, can spill out of a bag and mark up your things, and worst of all, they have a tendency to melt all over your purse if you leave them closed up in car during the hot summer months. A thin tin box with a handy snap tight closure is the perfect container for carrying crayons for those ‘whenever’ times in life.

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This simple solution makes it easy to have some crayons in your diaper bag or purse, ready at a moment’s notice for use in waiting rooms, or wherever you find yourself stuck with a hard to entertain toddler, all while preventing breakage or ruining your purse.

storing crayons in a tin
Photo by Elaine Luther

I would love to take credit for this ingenious idea, but it’s not mine originally.

I was out at a gathering for school-aged kids and was caught totally unprepared for my two-year-old — I hadn’t brought anything for the little guy to do, and he was board and restless.

Seeing me struggle to entertain my little guy, a friend whipped a tin the size of an Altoids box out of her purse. She popped it open to reveal a handful of nicely preserved crayons. We found some scrap paper, and presto!

We were back in business! I thought this idea of storing crayons in your purse was absolutely ingenious.

Commercial Tins for Storing Crayons in your Purse

Crayola has also come up with a retro crayon tin as well, as pictured above. So if you’d like a tin for your child’s crayons these are great for traveling! This box is small, and will fit in practically any sized purse. Your preschooler will be entertained in the worst of circumstances, as long as you’ve got a tin of crayons in your bag. I love the classic tin design, myself. But any old tin will do, whether it’s an Altoid tin, or a Christmas holiday tin.

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