Corn Gluten, is it Safe for Celiac? Dr. Peter Osborne Explains

Is corn gluten just as bad as wheat gluten for celiac? Most doctors tell celiac patients that corn is gluten free and safe to eat. A growing body of experts still question this advice. Is corn gluten damaging to celiac patients? Take a look at Dr. Peter Osborne’s lecture on corn gluten. (…)

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Movie “Food, Inc.” Opens in Theaters

“Food, Inc.” introduces viewers to brave folks who refuse to stand by and do nothing while big corporations continue to produce unhealthy, toxic food for American consumers. Some, like Stonyfield Farm’s Gary Hirshberg and Polyface Farm’s Joel Salatin, are finding ways to work around the broken system to improve the quality of America’s food, one farm at a time. (…)

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Corn Mold: The Corn We Eat is Infested with Toxic Mold

Corn mold is toxic. Are you Chronically Sick? You may be suffering symptoms of a corn mold allergy. The cfu level (colony forming units level) is high in corn. As most Healthy Family readers already know, we have been dealing with a corn intolerance issue in our house for over two years. Our eldest son, also diagnosed with celiac, has had to eliminate corn after an IgG test. Grains are a tricky food to eliminate, especially when you find yourself surrounded by them at every possible social function you attend. But we got rid of the corn. We stopped eating corn sweeteners, corn gluten, and corn starch. (…)

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Studies Show Food Allergies are Side Effects of Childhood Obesity

Effects of childhood obesity and food allergies are widespread. Both childhood obesity and food allergies have become epidemics in the United States. Results from two separate studies show a probable cause. Obese children are 59% more likely to have IgE mediated food allergies than children of normal weight. (…)

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Organic fabric is not always Allergy Friendly: Shoppers Beware


The environmental movement has produced some wonderful and creative ideas, to help our planet. Eco friendly fabrics made from hemp, bamboo, corn or milk have been part of this movement. These fibers for the extremely sensitive can, and have caused problems for people with skin sensitivities. (…)

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Cherrybrook Kitchen Review: Gluten-free Dreams Chocolate Cupcakes


Our family really enjoyed the cupcakes. The box mix from Cherrybrook Kitchen is a really delicious dark, bittersweet cake, and the frosting is a thick, fudge-like, very sweet but not sticky topping. I personally found the frosting to be a bit sweet for me but the boys unequivocally objected. They thought it was just perfect. We will definitely make this again. (…)

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