Organic fabric is not always Allergy Friendly: Shoppers Beware


The environmental movement has produced some wonderful and creative ideas, to help our planet. Eco friendly fabrics made from hemp, bamboo, corn or milk have been part of this movement. These fibers for the extremely sensitive can, and have caused problems for people with skin sensitivities. (…)

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Thrive Allergy Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago

This is the first ever comprehensive consumer expo for food avoiders from all walks of life. Experts on food allergies, respiratory and asthmatic issues, dermatological issues, and celiac/gluten intolerance will be available to showcase their wares and their expertise at McCormick Place in Chicago April 18-19, 2009. (…)

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Cherrybrook Kitchen Review: Gluten-free Dreams Chocolate Cupcakes


Our family really enjoyed the cupcakes. The box mix from Cherrybrook Kitchen is a really delicious dark, bittersweet cake, and the frosting is a thick, fudge-like, very sweet but not sticky topping. I personally found the frosting to be a bit sweet for me but the boys unequivocally objected. They thought it was just perfect. We will definitely make this again. (…)

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Conference for Tics, OCD, Depression Gives Natural Treatment Options

tourette conference
Professionals, physicians, and families are all welcome to attend the conference on Natural Treatments for Tourette Syndrome, Tics, OCD, and Depression sponsored by the Association for Comprehensive NeuroTherapy (ACN). It will be held May 23-24 and folks who register by March 1 will receive a discount for early registry. (…)

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Investigation finds Wellshire Farms Gluten-free products not Safe

the Wellshire Kids Product line is tainted with unsafe amounts of gluten. The newspaper tested several products and found gluten in Gluten Free Chicken Corn Dogs, which tested at 116 ppm and 2,200 ppm, and Gluten Free Beef Corn Dogs which tested at 191 ppm and 1,200 ppm, and Gluten Free Chicken Bites which tested at 204 parts per million and 260 ppm. (…)

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Corn Sugar: Learn Industry Names and How it is Used in Processed Food

Corn sugar is the most consumed sugar in the U.S. today. The average person eats about 150 lbs of sugar annually. About half of that, or 6 lbs a month, is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). But HFCS is only one of 15 different kinds of corn sugars. Manufacturers use all kinds of corn sugars in processed food products. Should we be concerned? Are you wondering if eating all those prepackaged sweetened foods is bad for your health? (…)

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