Aidan Quinn connects MMR vaccine with his Daughter’s Autism

IRISH American actor Aidan Quinn, talked with the Sunday Independent last week while on assignment in Co. Cork filming The Eclipse, by the noted playwright Conor McPherson. Quinn discussed several subjects in the interview, but what really stood out most was what he had to say about his 19-year-old daughter Ava Quinn, who is non-verbal and suffers from autism. (…)

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Gluten-free Casein Free diet for Autism

On the heels of Jenny McCarthy’s new book, Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism, and several different national television appearances with celebrities such as Oprah and Larry King, ABC’s Good Morning America gives us a closer look at the Gluten-free/ Casein-free diet and its potential benefits, not (…)

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Why am I so Edgy? Learn about Pyrrole Disorder (Pyroluria)

Learn about Pyroluria disorder, a little known blood hemoglobin condition that depletes the body of vital nutrients. There are many symptoms of Pyroluria. You can have the condition even if you only have a handful of possible symptoms for Pyroluria. If you have more than a few symptoms you should get urinary testing done to see if this vitamin and mineral deficiency is your problem. (…)

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