A Salad Nicoise Recipe for a Simple Appetizer

No matter how you eat, whether it’s a restricted diet or not, it’s easy to get in a rut. We broke out of our rut with a “Spring is Coming” Salad Nicoise. Salad Nicoise is a French salad that traditionally includes hard boiled eggs, tuna and green beans. While I (…)

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Review of Coconut Milk Options for Dairy free Dessert Making

If you’ve tried using coconut milk in dessert making, you may have noticed there is a consistency issue with many brands of coconut milk. It’s frustrating to try to create a successful alternative dessert for a party, birthday or holiday, only to have it fail because of the brand of coconut milk. (…)

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Salmon Dip: Packed with Veggies for a Healthy Family Snack

Make a salmon dip recipe that’s packed with nutritious veggies. This salmon dip is a quick healthy snack that will use up your leftover salmon from last night’s dinner. The kids and I whipped this up in five minutes and it was polished off in about the same time. Like (…)

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