Pros and cons of the Pneumococcal Vaccine for Seniors

It has become a common practice for general practitioners to recommend the pneumococcal vaccine to baby boomers over age 65 as an added safeguard against pneumonia. But is this vaccine always a good idea, or are there instances when the geriatric patient would be better off without it? (…)

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NIH Survey Shows Alarming Rates of Diabetes

Experts have been claiming disease rates are reaching epidemic proportions. There are many folks not yet diagnosed with diabetes but they are suffering from pre-diabetic symptoms and these raise their risk of developing a pre-diabetic heart attack or stroke. (…)

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Corn Sugar: Learn Industry Names and How it is Used in Processed Food

Corn sugar is the most consumed sugar in the U.S. today. The average person eats about 150 lbs of sugar annually. About half of that, or 6 lbs a month, is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). But HFCS is only one of 15 different kinds of corn sugars. Manufacturers use all kinds of corn sugars in processed food products. Should we be concerned? Are you wondering if eating all those prepackaged sweetened foods is bad for your health? (…)

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