Studies Show Food Allergies are Side Effects of Childhood Obesity

Effects of childhood obesity and food allergies are widespread. Both childhood obesity and food allergies have become epidemics in the United States. Results from two separate studies show a probable cause. Obese children are 59% more likely to have IgE mediated food allergies than children of normal weight. (…)

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Expandex Modified Tapioca Starch Review: It’s Corn free

Expandex modified tapioca starch, is it safe? I assume most folks on special multiple allergy diets have cast an uneasy eye on the new Expandex modified tapioca starch. I recently purchased a bag to experiment with. I also did a little investigating on the product. I’d like to answer your many questions on how it’s made. Find out if it is safe for you to use. (…)

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Search Online for Foods & Candies Without Artificial Dyes

Hate artificial dyes? As the Director of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy’s Food and Health Program Dr. David Wallinga is pleased to announce a brand new web-based Brain Food SelectorTM. It is a database that will help the average person easily find foods containing artificial dyes. (…)

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Cherrybrook Kitchen Review: Gluten-free Dreams Chocolate Cupcakes


Our family really enjoyed the cupcakes. The box mix from Cherrybrook Kitchen is a really delicious dark, bittersweet cake, and the frosting is a thick, fudge-like, very sweet but not sticky topping. I personally found the frosting to be a bit sweet for me but the boys unequivocally objected. They thought it was just perfect. We will definitely make this again. (…)

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Conference for Tics, OCD, Depression Gives Natural Treatment Options

tourette conference
Professionals, physicians, and families are all welcome to attend the conference on Natural Treatments for Tourette Syndrome, Tics, OCD, and Depression sponsored by the Association for Comprehensive NeuroTherapy (ACN). It will be held May 23-24 and folks who register by March 1 will receive a discount for early registry. (…)

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Easy Chocolate Coconut Squares Recipe for Gluten Free Baking

This is a simple gluten free cookie bar recipe. You just need coconut flakes, a bag of chocolate chips, some shortening, a couple of eggs, chopped walnuts, and some brown sugar on hand. If you’re family is anything like mine they will devour the entire 10×13 plate in less than 24 hours unless you quickly hide them! (…)

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