Monsanto GM Corn Causes Kidney and Liver Damage in Rats

The French scientists discovered adverse effects from eating GM corn, mostly affecting the kidney and the liver, “dietary detoxifying organs”. They also noted effects in the heart, adrenal glands, spleen, and haematopoietic system (blood system, which regulates immunity). (…)

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Organic Farming Politics: Polyface Farm Goes to Washington D.C.

Since 2005 ACORE has been discussing ways to put eco-friendly energy technologies to work. One way involves a small family farm named Polyface. The Salatin family bought a very worn out and abused farm near Staunton, Virginia in 1961. Over the years they researched and studied ecosystems and farming. What emerged is an eco-friendly sustainable farm that contributes to the local economy in Virginia. (…)

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Do GMO Crops Cause Infertility? Long Term GMO Food Diet Study Revealed

Do GMO crops cause infertility? It’s quite possible they do. Scientists completed a long term study and discovered that GMO crops cause infertility in mice. If you or a loved one have suffered with infertility issues, you may want to ditch the GMOs and go organic. Wondering what GMO crops are? They are special plants that have been biologically altered by scientists to grow with genes and traits from other species. The first genetically modified corn crop was developed in 1996. Despite many controversial discussions about its safety, until now there hasn’t been a long term study on the effects of GMO corn. Many critics claim including GMO foods into our diets is dangerous. Thanks to the work of an Austrian group, there’s evidence that may prove GMO crops cause infertility. (…)

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