Free Read Aloud Books for Kids Online from Barnes and Noble

Need free read aloud books to entertain your child? I recently found out that Barnes and Noble hosts 16 free read aloud books for children on their website. You can access them from your favorite browser right on your computer. This is a wonderful resource for classroom teachers, because almost (…)

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Halloween Hobgoblin House Calls: a Halloween Activity for Kids

Who’s the Halloween Hobgoblin, you ask? Apparently he’s a bit of a celebrity in my neighborhood. Legend has it the mysterious and elusive hobgoblin has been playing ding dong ditch this time year after year. The surprised recipients always find a little clue after he’s gone. You see, the Halloween (…)

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Safe YouTube for Kids? We Found Good Apps

YouTube for kids safety can be hazardous, few will argue that. Video searching can be a dangerous expedition under the watchful eyes of your child if you don’t have proper safeguards in place on YouTube. If you are using the YouTube App or accessing it from a browser on your (…)

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