Easy Chocolate Coconut Squares Recipe for Gluten Free Baking

This is a simple gluten free cookie bar recipe. You just need coconut flakes, a bag of chocolate chips, some shortening, a couple of eggs, chopped walnuts, and some brown sugar on hand. If you’re family is anything like mine they will devour the entire 10×13 plate in less than 24 hours unless you quickly hide them! (…)

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Kolacky Cookie Recipe that’s Gluten Free

We successfully made a GF version of my mother’s kolackys. Trust me it wasn’t easy. After many failed attempts and many long hours in the kitchen, we finally had an edible kolacky that was pretty close to my mother’s original recipe. According to my family, and my niece’s 5 year-old diagnosed son, they were delicious. So if you are gluten intolerant and you think you can’t ever eat a kolacky again, here’s a recipe for you to try. I hope you like it. (…)

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Gluten and Corn free Apple Cobbler

Gluten and corn free apple cobbler, anyone? I just received a bag of organic apples yesterday through our co-op. Rather than make a whole pie, I decided to do a quick gluten and corn free apple cobbler. The filling wasn’t too moist and the topping was sweet and crunchy, just (…)

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