Safe YouTube for Kids? We Found Good Apps

YouTube for kids safety can be hazardous, few will argue that. Video searching can be a dangerous expedition under the watchful eyes of your child if you don’t have proper safeguards in place on YouTube. If you are using the YouTube App or accessing it from a browser on your (…)

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Movie “Food, Inc.” Opens in Theaters

“Food, Inc.” introduces viewers to brave folks who refuse to stand by and do nothing while big corporations continue to produce unhealthy, toxic food for American consumers. Some, like Stonyfield Farm’s Gary Hirshberg and Polyface Farm’s Joel Salatin, are finding ways to work around the broken system to improve the quality of America’s food, one farm at a time. (…)

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Pancake Mixes Review: It’s a Battle of the Gluten free Pancake Mixes!

Pancakes Mixes Review: Choosing a new pancake mix is the first and easiest transition in the kitchen when going gluten free. When I first went gluten free I thought I would have a hard time retiring my favorite homemade pancake mix, but what I soon learned was that there are a multitude of gluten-free pancake mixes on the market these days. (…)

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