Reading Comprehension Strategies for Parents of ASD Kids

I’ve created some reading comprehension strategies for you today that will work with 3rd through 5th grade kids. These reading comprehension strategies are beneficial for all kids, but my focus today is on special needs kids, particularly kids diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

If you are a parent looking for reading comprehension strategies for your ASD child my suggestions should help get you off to a good start. As you know, for ASD kids, a lot gets missed in the large classroom setting that makes homework time at the kitchen table quite difficult. The ASD child often forgets, misunderstands, and inappropriately responds to his assigned homework. Frustrated and tired parents usually end up doing the work for the child just to get it done.

If this sounds familiar, I’d like to offer you a few reading comprehension strategies. My reading tips will hopefully give you a few tools for your toolbox and take the torture out of homework time. (…)

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Free Reading Comprehension Posters for Kids to Make Learning Fun

I’ve designed 9 free reading comprehension posters for you to use with your kids. I’ve got free posters about synonyms, antonyms, context clues, deductive reasoning, organizing and classifying, drawing conclusions, cause and effect, sequencing, and comparing and contrasting. Students can use these posters to as visual aids in the classroom. Please download and enjoy them. These free reading comprehension posters are done in colorful cartoon art that kids will enjoy. (…)

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Minecraft for Teachers Mod Creates Your Own Custom Classroom Server

Minecraft for Teachers: Now anyone with students can set up a custom Minecraft server for their class. There’s no need for technical computer coding skills. This is thanks to a little known custom mod created by Joel Levin, Santeri Koivisto, and Aleksi Postari at MinecraftEdu. The mod has been available (…)

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Easy Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea for Catholic Schools Week

This year for teacher appreciation day the kids and I decided to come up with an easy to make framed card. If you are looking for a teacher appreciation gift idea that’s inexpensive, thoughtful, and not very time consuming, check this out. It’s a simple hand with a catchy phrase (…)

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Brad Cohen’s Book about Tourette Syndrome: Also a Hallmark Movie

On the eve of Brad Cohen’s December 7, 2008 debut CBS Hallmark Hall of Fame original movie about his life with Tourette Syndrome, I decided to purchase his 2005 book entitled: Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had to get a sneak peek into the wonderfully inspiring story. (…)

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