Teach Communion to Kids with a Fun and Educational Holy Communion DVD

Use the Inside the Sacraments video to teach communion to kids.
Inside the Sacraments is a 49 minute video released in 2013 by Holy Heroes.

Teach communion to kids easily with this great video we found. It’s charming, engaging, funny, and touches on all the fundamental concepts of holy communion at a level children will understand. Ken at Holy Heroes recently sent me a copy of their latest project: Inside the Sacraments – Episode 1: The Holy Eucharist VIDEO DVD for review. I gladly accepted because I know his company produces high quality materials for catechism.

Just last month one of our boys made his first communion. The DVD came in the mail just a week or two before that, so I decided to share it with his 2nd grade Catholic school teacher, Karen McQuinn. I was excited to get her thoughts on it since she has to teach communion to kids every spring.

Karen said, “We watched this video right before First Communion and it served as a phenomenal review for all that we studied.  The children loved the humor, as did I.  The material was presented in a fun, age-appropriate way, yet remained reverent and informative. My students asked to watch it again and learned even more with the second viewing.  We watched it all at once, but next year, I plan on showing the segments separately as we cover each topic.  There isn’t a lot of valuable, entertaining, kid-approved material out there, but this video hit the jackpot!”

Are you a CCD or Sunday school teacher? If you teach communion you’ll want this video to help your students learn catechism. The content is simple but not watered down. Kids will understand the full meaning of the sacrament and the history behind it. This 50 minute DVD about Holy Communion is the perfect tool for a review lesson or as a first communion retreat activity.

Use the Inside the Sacraments video to teach communion to kids.
Inside the Sacraments is a 49 minute video released in 2013 by Holy Heroes.

If you are a Sunday school teacher or coordinate a catechism program for your church this video is a must have. It’s made with kids as instructors. You’ll find it heart warming, simple yet explanatory, and very entertaining for children.

Watch the Trailer to See What Inside the Sacraments is Like:

Using Inside the Sacraments to Teach Communion to Kids

The Holy Heroes kids featured in this DVD about the Eucharist are called adventure guides. They take viewers inside the Bible, back in time, and behind the scenes. Models and costumes are used to act out Biblical stories that teach children about the reason for the Holy Eucharist.

Teach Communion with “Inside the Sacraments” DVD from Holy Heroes that Explains:

  • How the manna in the desert during Moses’ time relates to the Eucharist today.
  • What the Jews of Jesus’ time expected the Messiah to do.
  • The similarities and differences between the Passover Lamb and Jesus the Messiah.
  • The function of the Israelites’ tabernacle, the meaning behind the Ark of the Covenant and the Bread of Presence.
  • The meaning of the Last Supper.
  • Stories of the many miracles of the Eucharist.

There is also a bonus segment that explains the Adoration, Exposition, and Benediction. If you’d like more information about how to get this Inside the Sacraments DVD for your family or classroom, Visit Holy Heroes.

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