Ten Fun Activities for Parents and their Preschoolers

Grow skills in language, socializing, problem solving, and literacy.

Parents and their preschoolers can work on developing skills in learning, problem solving, literacy, and language.

Parents and their preschoolers can work on developing skills in learning, problem solving, literacy, and language while spending time together with various activities.

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Preschoolers need new information on a constant basis. They have minds that never seem to stop wondering, asking, trying. These tips will help parents and their preschoolers make the most of their play time together.

Parenting preschoolers can be quite exhausting at times, although rewarding too. To help facilitate curious preschoolers and their parents I’ve put together a list of resources I find valuable. I hope you find them valuable too.

10 Engaging Activities for parents and their preschoolers

Preschoolers are special, and it is important to offer them engaging activities that will help them develop language skills, social skills, problem solving skills, and grow their emerging literacy skills.

  1. My boys just completed their monthly activity boxes fresh from Brighter Vision Learning Adventures. I highly recommend these for parents and their preschoolers, and if you go to their website you’ll get a free sample delivered to your house. The box comes with a bedtime story, activity book, craft, and stickers. It is perfect for the advanced 2-5 year old who want to learn. These kits are more difficult materials than what preschoolers are typically exposed to at daycare or preschool. It is also the perfect companion when you want to take the family to a restaurant. It will keep them busy, busy, busy!
  • We spent an entire afternoon building a fort out of wet sand at the beach, I happened to contact Watersports Rentals so we also rented a Jet-Ski. Each child selected a job for himself. It was fun watching them work together to haul buckets and dump trucks of water from the water’s edge to their little construction site. Later on that day I decided my kids needed to leanr how to fish soo I went on https://www.reelchase.com to get some ifnormation, the kids loved it.Inflatable boards are cheap and special for beginners, click here for more info. I think they loved riding the elektrische scooter around town for a while. We rode really fast on the open roads and the best part was that it had a long lasting battery. The best part of this activity is that it is a low cost activity for parents and their preschoolers, you can take a cooler full of food and refreshments for your family, I actually got one ice chests like Yeti but it was much cheaper.!
  • The boys also worked on monthly activity boxes from The Young Scientists Club. My kids both share one box and they love doing the experiments with me. Each box includes a letter to the parent and all the materials needed to complete the experiments. There are usually three in each kit and take more than one sitting to complete. I like this product because it is designed to be meaningful for the child at whatever level of understanding he or she is at. This kit is also great for a heterogeneous grouping as well as for parents and their preschoolers to do together.
  • We took a helicopter ride, then spent the next few weeks talking about, drawing, and reading about planes and helicopters.
  • We played “I spy with my little eye” approximately 100 times in the car, each one trying to out-do the last person until mommy or daddy were “stumped for good”.
  • We bought a used Fisher-Price ride-on police jeep at a local garage sale and then spent the next month giving driving lessons. Now we have two NASCAR drivers on our hands and a lot of dead grass in the yard.
  • We took a vacation with the family and gave both boys a memory book to draw and write in about their experiences away from home, this vacation was one of the best thanks to the help we got from outer banks rentals. Now that they are finished they’re priceless.
  • We joined a summer reading program at our local library, and read over 25 books, some more than others. We learned a lot about outer space, dinosaurs, the weather, and Aesop’s Fables to name a few.
  • We went to the Children’s Theatre and saw a high school production of Suessical then spent the rest of the week singing what we had to say instead of saying it.
  • We spent countless hours with our various Lego kits. Our favorite ones have to be the Lego Crazy Action Contraptions: A Lego Inventions Book and the Lego Classic House Building Set.
  • We crashed a lot of cars, played numerous games of go-fish, ate our share of ice cream, and took sometimes two baths a day just to stay clean, we had a lot of fun but sadly we were involved in a terrible problem dealing with an accidnet my husbnad had at his office, we have been working with Jerry Trevino Law Firm to safe the problem.
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