The Joy of Eating a Gluten-free Angel Food Cake…

Angel Food Cake

My mom’s most requested cake is just a simple angel food cake with fresh fruit and whipped cream. She wanted me to bake her something I could eat too, so we decided to take a chance on baking an angel food cake with an alternative flour.

We thought it would work, since angel food cake only uses 1 cup of flour, and all the leavening comes from the dozen eggs in the recipe. But just in case, we bought a back-up cake at the grocery store.

You know what that means — it worked! Any time you’re ready with the back-up, you don’t need it, right?

I used my standard recipe, the Basic Angel Food Cake recipe in the Joy of Cooking. Instead of the cake flour it calls for I used an equal amount of Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Flour, but any brand will do. I chose rice flour because it’s pretty soft, like cake flour is.

The cake rose well, not as much as a wheat flour might have, but completely acceptable, not “short” at all.

Even better, the taste was really amazing. The texture was just right — possibly even better than wheat flour. We all agreed that it was so good you could serve it to people who are not eating gluten free and they wouldn’t notice.

I substituted fructose sugar, but regular sugar would work just fine too. We served the cake with fresh berries and a choice of standard whipped cream or whipped coconut milk made with Native Forest full fat coconut milk.

So, try a favorite angel food cake recipe with gluten free flour instead!

Slice Angel Food Cake

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