Preschool Websites: 10 Educational and Fun Websites for You & Your Child

Bookmark this hub page of the top ten best preschool websites for children. These sites are free and accessible through the internet on any computer or device with a regular browser and flash.

Want preschool websites that offer the best educational and fun experience for you and your child?

Let me give you a fast list of my favorite resources for early childhood education. I’m a former elementary school special education teacher. I’ve used these preschool websites with my own kids and some of the kids I’ve tutored over the past 5 years.

I love using these educational and fun websites for preschoolers and toddlers. They are a wonderful tool for teaching early learning skills.

Preschool Websites are a Literacy Tool for Parents

Bookmark this hub page of the top ten best preschool websites for children. These sites are free and accessible through the internet on any computer or device with a regular browser and flash.I put this best preschool websites list together with my preschool aged boys and with the help of a few other moms who are also former teachers. This is a list of our top ten preschool websites for teachers and parents. Over the years this best preschool websites page has gained in popularity, much to my surprise. There are many preschool teachers and day care centers that have linked to this page as a resource for the parents of their preschool students.  Thank you very much for the support and encouragement, Healthy Family readers!

These fun preschool websites will do more than just entertain your child; they’re educational websites too! Preschool websites should be a literacy tool. Online games can teach kids needed prereading skills before they learn to read.

Would you like to read more about how preschool websites can teach early reading skills?

Check out our article that discusses Preschool Prereading Activities That Make a Child an Early Reader.  Also check out our page on Point and Click Websites for Toddlers. If you have an iPad, you may want to check out our latest article on Best Travel Apps for Toddlers.

Preschool Websites can Stimulate Curious Minds in a Positive Way

This topic idea was born out of necessity in our house. My very precocious 4-year-old preschooler has run the gamut on dangerous and costly experiments. They are always conveniently performed in the space of 90 seconds or less. When he finally stopped up my toilet with an entire double roll of toilet paper I made a decision.

Preschool Websites
Fun and educational preschool websites teach prereading to young children.

It was time to stimulate his mind with something a bit less destructive. I had an inch of water splashed across my tile floor and a pipe so stopped up we needed a plumber. I powered up the computer and began to show him some preschool websites. Within a few weeks he had a basic grasp of dragging, dropping, clicking, and closing on several preschool websites. There are plenty of preschool websites that offer fun activities and games for kids.

But as a former teacher I felt my little guy would be much better off if I focused on educational preschool games. Educational and fun websites do more than entertain. They teach necessary prereading skills. Educational preschool websites get children ready for the kindergarten classroom. It’s my feeling that if you are going to expose your child to the computer you might as well be constructive. Good preschool websites will prepare them for school.

Check out our brand new review of Yummiloo, a series created by Blues Clues own Traci Page Johnson. It’s her newest theme show for preschool children that teaches healthy eating habits.

10 Fun Preschool Websites Your Kids Will Love:


Sprout learning website for preschoolSprout is a preschool website that has games, recipes, craft ideas and more. Want to watch their new nighttime show Pajanimals? Sprout is a great preschool website with a  streaming version of their TV station online. Sprout Online works in conjunction with the PBS television stations in the U.S. and features many contests for kids. The website can be personalized for its members and accessed by friends and family in faraway places through “My Refrigerator” a private webpage that allows posts. You can upload photos and make posts. It is the website for preschoolers and their families to share together!


Enchanted Learning Online Curriculum Materials for TeachersEnchanted Learning is a preschool website that offers teacher resources. This preschool website can be accessed for free, but if you subscribe for $20 a year you will be able to view and use additional educational materials. This is a nice site for homeschool families, preschool teachers, and parents that would like to supplement their child’s learning. We love the holiday projects they offer and have printed out several of their booklets. One that was especially nice was done for daddy as a gift for father’s day. This is a great website to start with because you can pick activities and print them out. Your child need not be at the computer to do this.


preschool learning gamesPreschool Learning Games is a website that features fun games and preschool songs? Play learning games.  Listen to the “Wheels on the Bus” and “Old McDonald.” This site also has online jigsaw puzzles for preschool. You will get practice learning alphabet games, rhyming, counting, matching, and working with colors. Learning Games for Kids is sponsored by Time4Learning, a company offering convenient, online home education materials for all ages for a fee. Have a little one to entertain? Try their cute Make a Face game for non readers. Every click makes a change.


preschool websites Amos from Outer SpaceAmos from Outer Space is from the makers of Poisson Rouge. Do you like Poisson Rouge, a visual website that offers point and click learning without using words? Amos from Outer Space is made by the very same company. While they also offer apps now, this company is still creating websites online. And the best part? Visit Amos to enjoy a shooting gallery that colors, visit the Beanstalk, an interactive story best suited for very young children just learning how to point and click. Watch a similar Cow interactive story, and Doors story. Do you remember playing with stacking blocks as a child that assembled funny combinations of people or dress? Amos has a costumes game that does the same. Kids will love coming up with the combinations and learning about sequencing. To access this online game, visit STEAM. It’s only $2.99.


preschool websites TJ and PALSTJ and Pals is a preschool website that offers educational pre reading and early learning online games. The website has cute cartoon characters that are animated preschool tools like a pencil, scissors, paint brush, stapler, etc…. Visitors play a variety of games: puzzle games, matching games, and seek and find are a few. The games are designed to advance as they learn. The website has a combination of not only games, but also activities and videos for parents and their preschoolers to enjoy. They also offer tips for parents to let them know what skills are being worked on for each game or activity. The entire website is free, and all you need to enjoy the online games is Adobe Flash Player.


Preschool websites Dance Mat Typing WebsiteDANCE MAT TYPING is an online typing teacher. It is never too early to begin teaching keyboarding skills to your kids.  This cute online game for kids is fun. The best part is, it’s free! The kids love it. The program introduces kids to touch typing with fun challenging games. As the kids get older and more skilled they can advance from level one to level four. Who cares if your preschooler can’t do much more than home row, they might be the fastest typist in the first grade.


Starfall website for pre-readersSTARFALL is a preschool website that’s a favorite among early elementary teachers and parents alike. If you have an early reader, this is a fantastic resource. They have online books (free, of course), that will highlight each word as a narrator reads aloud to your child. There is also an animated ABC section that is completely appropriate for two-year-olds. Need to give your little one extra practice with sounds and emergent reading activities? Starfall is the place to go.


Apples for the Teacher website for homeschool familyAPPLES 4 the TEACHER offers preschool crafts, coloring pages, seasonal/holiday activities, games and puzzles for kids. It also has a nice resource section for parents that includes research-based articles about educational issues. Need to do a thematic project? Find coloring pages and books about Native Americans, Dr. Suess’ Birthday, and Mother Goose Day. Look for their upcoming collection of jigsaw puzzles, wordfind puzzles, and crossword puzzles that visitors can ecard to a friend. If you are also planning to do activities for the 100th Day of School, this website offers thematic units and ideas for teachers.


Online Kindergarten Curriculum for homeschool familyPICADOME ELEMENTARY SCHOOL is a great resource for preschool teachers. They list many great preschool websites. Picadome is a one-stop shop for all your online preschool games. Their hub page of preschool websites is a compilation of fun games and activities from all over the web. This school has done a nice job of assembling a “best of the web” list of online games and resources for kids. If your preschooler is looking for a challenge, then grab a mouse and sit them down for hours of fun (of course not all at the same time)! Curriculum is divided into six topics: art and coloring, colors, general links, language arts, math, and holidays and seasons.


Everything Preschool offers online resource ideas for educators.EVERYTHING PRESCHOOL is a nice preschool website to go for ABC stuff, whether you are homeschooling or just want to reinforce what’s going on at school. Everything Preschool offers over 30,000 Preschool Education Activities Separated into over 100 Themes, 26 Alphabet Areas, & Lesson Plans, too. They have a recipe page for just about everything you can imagine: goo, clay, silly putty, homemade crayons, etc…. It is a great place to visit if you have a budding scientist in the house like we do.

There it is, my fast list of cyber fun for you and your little preschooler! Share your favorite educational and fun websites for preschoolers with us and our readers, too.  Just post a comment with a link.

Looking for Free Online Audio Books for Kids, too?

Check out our Audio Storybook hub page: Kids Books on YouTube: They are a Free Alternative to eBooks. This article shows a free alternative for iPhone, iPad, Nook, or Kindle users that often buy costly eBooks. I found favorite classic kids books on YouTube. Some stories are even read by the author. YouTube is a great resource for read aloud stories. With YouTube you don’t need to buy an app or an ebook to enjoy a good animated story with your child. Click on the article link to learn more and view sample books.

Want to see more Online Gaming Resources for Healthy-Family Kids?

If you found these resources helpful, take a look at our  Kids’ Central page and the article Top Ten List of Online Point and Click Games for Toddlers. It is our home for all kinds of kid-friendly links just like the ones you found here. They are organized under several categories including holiday fun stuff, crafts, online storybooks, games, and coloring pages.

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    • yes i completely agree…thanks so much this is a great start in the search for educational websites for my 2 1/2 year old.

      Whitmore Lk, Mi – Carrie

  1. The most fun my 2 1/2 year old has is on a website called Poisson Rouge. It’s very easy for a tot to navigate and is a good resource for other languages (she can count to five in English, Spanish, and French). It helps build computer mouse skills and has many different places to navigate so as not to get stale. She can navigate this site all on her own because of the simple design (the back button is a red fish, so kids understand “just click the red fish”) By far the best site I’ve found for toddlers.

  2. I second the suggestion of . My kids love it. The number of things to do is astounding. They were enjoying it as soon as they figured out how to use a mouse. It’s great for prereaders because reading isn’t required for any of it, but some sections do help them develop alphabet recognition and reading skills. The best part is the broad range of types of activities (art, music, math, reading, science, nonsensical fun) and the exposure to foreign languages.

  3. Webkinz Jr. is my 3-year-old daughter Karen’s favorite website. She just loves it! There’s a lot to do and they add new activities all the time. We play on it at least three times a week. She would go on every day, if she could!

  4. As a conscientious mom, I scour the internet for quality online activities for my kids ranging in age from 3 to 12. I was recently invited to blog on behalf of a new website TJ & Pals. I was deeply impressed with this site because it is wholesome, teacher approved, kid-safe (not one ad) and highly educational. My 3 and 7 year old have spent hours playing their online, puzzles, reading and playing their online books, singing songs and playing counting and early letter recognition and number games. They have a membership component to the site which allows kids to play with their relatives in a skype like way. My dad, who lives in another country can now read stories, paint pictures and play games with his grandkids. Here is a link to their website.

  5. I checked out funschool and it was nice, I also found games for my youngest, which is in preschool at the moment. Anyway, I also want to share with you a website where my kids love to play, it’s called Club TUKI , They have Math, Geography, Music and memory games for kids ages 8-12, here’s a link

  6. This is wonderful! I am overseas at the moment and finding myself in the role of helping moms with preschool and younger aged children, who are looking for resources to use with their children! This is a great beginning! Thank you for sharing!

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