Best Treatment for Eczema and Dry Skin: Using Calendula

Buttercup and Jake an Excellent organic treatment for eczema brand.

calendula oil is best treatment for eczema for baby

Treatment for eczema: You’ve probably been through the mill trying to find the best skin care for eczema or other dry skin problems. You’re not alone. There are many products on the market offering to alleviate dry skin and provide a moisture barrier for eczema sufferers and itchy dryness. I was recently in touch with Patricia Butter, an indie manufacturer of an all natural completely safe skin care treatment for eczema product line. Her skin care treatment for eczema and dry skin product line is called Buttercup and Jake. Let me tell you what impressed me the most about her work to create an organic and safe treatment for eczema and itchy dryness that works. I got to know Patty pretty well this month. I understand first hand just how passionate she is about helping people heal. So I decided to help her spread the word about her special products for people with eczema and stubborn dry skin issues.

Patty’s skin care treatment for eczema line isn’t just about selling safe all natural American made skin products.


For Patty it’s personal.

Like me she found herself struggling to help her child cope with allergies. Unlike my son, whose allergy causes digestive issues and neurological symptoms, Patty’s little girl had severe problems with her skin. Patty went to great lengths to help her little girl. She tried a laundry list of popular skin care for eczema products, like California Baby. It’s a larger brand marketed as the only natural alternative treatment for eczema on the market. For example some people have tried a Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine for treat their skin with good results.

When nothing helped her like it should, including California Baby, Patty started to do her own research. She discovered that natural, chemical free ingredients were safer and more effective than popular brands marketed as skin care treatment for eczema. But she also decided that local sustainable ingredients were best. The result? She ended up designing an entire all natural, chemical free treatment for eczema product line using 80% organic ingredients from local organic farmers right here in the U.S. Even her honey source is local to her community. She closely monitors her ingredient sources and says her products are gluten and corn free. Patty assures Healthy Family that her skin care treatment for eczema products are both safe and effective. She sent us a complimentary sample pack of treatment for eczema products to try out on our kids.

Skin Care for Cracked, Dry Lips and Bleeding Knuckles

We don’t have severe eczema but our three boys are prone to cracked, dry lips and knuckles. My middle guy especially tends to lick his lips when they start to crack, starting a vicious cycle that leads to sore bleeding lips. Since we were sampling the products in the dead of winter during a cold dry spell I think its safe to say they work. She has three simple flavors: Yummy Honey, Strawberry Smoothie, and Chocolate Mint. All of them are GMO free and are loaded with organic oils and flavors. The latter is my favorite. It reminds me of a Girl Scout’s Thin Mint cookie. Those are something I haven’t had in several years. It’s one of the down sides to being gluten free.

Patty gently reminded me that all her lip balms include a touch of honey, so please don’t use them on infants or babies under age 1.

Best Skin Care for Toddler Teething Rash, and Winter Dry Skin

Meet my little Boo. She’s nearly 18 months old. Normally Boo has very healthy looking skin. But when she started cutting her eye teeth the pacifier became an extension of her face. The damage was done in just a few short weeks. Patty suggested I try her Cocoa Calendula Balm, a product so powerful it can heal stubborn eczema and so gentle you could eat it.

Before and After pics of 17 month old teething toddler on Cocoa Calendula Balm for dry skin and perpetual pacifier rash.
Before and After pics of 17 month old teething toddler on Cocoa Calendula Balm. A product to use as a treatment for eczema, dry skin, and pacifier rash.

This product was chosen by American Baby Magazine as their favorite new natural product.

Cocoa Calendula Balm is a buttery balm for dry, irritated skin. Just like the name implies, it smells like chocolate.

That’s something that little Boo and I are very pleased about. She’s inherited a dangerous obsession with chocolate from her mother.

Patty produces her Cocoa Calendula Balm using U.S. produced calendula flower oil from the Hudson Valley.

This is also a preferred skin care treatment for eczema product as well. It won’t burn or irritate inflamed skin.

What does it feel like going on? Well, it’s thick like Desitin but doesn’t have that greasy feel or strange chemical odor.

Need to know the ingredients? Cocoa Calendula Balm is food grade safe, which means you can eat it. It’s made from organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, organic safflower oil, organic olive oil infused with calendula, organic jojoba oil, natural beeswax, organic tapioca starch, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate (from olive oil), olive squalane, organic carnauba wax, natural non-GMO vitamin E, organic coconut oil, organic vanilla beans, and organic chamomile essential oil.

All Natural Calendula Oil for Face & General Baby Skin Care

Patty’s Golden Calendula Oil is safe enough to eat. This makes it perfect for curious babies and toddlers. It’s also so gentle you can use it for general newborn skin care.

Calendula is so powerful it has been proven to reduce symptoms of radiation dermatitis in 20% of cancer patients. It is also a fantastic tool for daily facial care, and a natural antiseptic too. So you can put it on a bug bite or mild scrape or cut. It will help with bed sores and diaper rashes, I always try to be careful with Bed Bug Bites because they can be the start of serious disease.

Are you wondering what exactly is calendula oil? Have you ever grown pot marigolds in your garden? Well, that’s where this very powerful oil comes from. They have antioxidants in them that make them powerful anti inflammatory agents.

Patty says, “Calendula flowers are commonly called “Pot Marigolds” in Europe, they are not the same genus as the flowers we know (in the U.S.) as French Marigolds.” She adds, “It’s very confusing, and a lot of websites mix them up. The French Marigolds we grow commonly as bedding annuals here in the U.S. are the genus Tagetes, and the flower oil we use in our Buttercup and Jake skin care treatment for eczema line are from the genus Calendula.”

We used some Golden Calendula Oil for baby Boo’s dry skin and diaper area. It has a mild scent and isn’t sticky or runny. Of course, she may want to continue using this well into her twenties. Patty tells me it’s a popular trick of supermodels to achieve that soft, dewey complexion that the camera loves.

For Moisturizing Dry Skin that isn’t Cracked or Bleeding

Patty recommends soothing skin cream for a regular moisturizer. It is heavier than the typical foundation moisturizing base. It goes on smoothly and will penetrate the skin fairly quickly. You won’t get that greasy residue, but as with most creams, it has to be reapplied often. Patty’s Soothing Skin Cream also has calendula flowers and honey and is 80% organic. It’s safe for toddlers. You won’t have to worry if your little guy puts a finger in it and tastes it like Boo did. Unlike the Cocoa Calendula Balm treatment for eczema, her Soothing Skin Cream has aloe vera gel for dry skin. She warned that it will sting if it’s applied to cracked skin with open sores. So please only use it as a moisturizer for otherwise healthy but dry and itchy skin. It can be used as treatment for eczema too, as long as there isn’t any broken skin.

We love Patty’s products. They all offer great skin care treatment for eczema and dry skin. They are effective, and non-toxic.

Where to Buy Buttercup and Jake Treatment for Eczema and Dry Skin

Buttercup and Jake Naturals can be found at select Whole Foods stores in the New York Metropolitan area, in Tarrytown N.Y., Pocantico Hills N.Y., and in three Whole Foods store locations in Connecticut. They also have their own webstore.

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