Organic Candy Canes Dessert for Christmas from TruSweets

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Organic candy canes are a must have for your sweets list this Christmas. And if you live in the Chicago area, this is a lot easier to do than you’d think. That’s because there’s a local Illinois candy manufacturer that makes healthy organic candy canes. I was fortunate to receive a generous box of Surf Sweets gummy candies and TruJoy organic candy canes from TruSweets candy manufacturers in Wheeling, IL. I am excited to share these organic candy canes and gummy treats from TruSweets with one lucky Healthy Family reader this week. For everyone else, I’ve got a fun kid-friendly recipe that uses organic candy canes. My chocolate dipped candy cane recipe uses TruSweets organic candy canes as both the main ingredient and the topping. 

Make a Cute Treat with Organic Candy Canes from TruSweets

Use TruSweets organic candy canes to make chocolate dipped candy canes.
Make our double dipped chocolate covered organic candy canes from TruSweets.

Why Buying Organic Candy Canes is Better

TruSweets has a healthy organic line of candy products that make a much better choice for your family than other brands of hard candy. Why? Because commercially produced hard candy is made with highly processed corn syrup and unhealthy artificial colors.

About those artificial colors….

Feingold Organization shows five times more artificial colors in our food today than in 1955.
This graph from the Feingold Organization shows five times more artificial colors in our food today than in 1955.

Artificial colors are found to be so unhealthy that they are either banned or strictly labeled in the European Union. There is an organization based on using a diet free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives as their main treatment for ADHD. It’s called the Feingold organization and TruJoy organic candy canes are certified Feingold stage 2 safe for kids with ADHD. They also happen to be vegan, too.

Artificial colors like Yellow 5 are derived from either coal-tar or petroleum. Manufacturers distill the coal-tar to make artificial colors.

So now you know what’s in your Walmart candy canes: coal and petroleum by-products.  Do you know what else coal-tar is used for, besides creating artificial colors?

It’s used to seal coat asphalt driveways and roads! It’s hard to believe that a waste product from industrial manufacturing could still be legally used in so many of our foods. But it is. You will find artificial colors in fake butter, pickles, yogurts, juices, pop, and candy.
Petroleum sounds like a yummy ingredient for your child’s candy, doesn’t it?

About that corn syrup….

Corn syrup is another ingredient that can cause problems for kids with ADHD and people who suffer from inflammation. Corn syrup is made from genetically modified corn in the U.S., which is reason enough for me to avoid it. If you are not sure what it means to be genetically modified or genetically engineered, check out my article about possible labeling legislation in Illinois.

About making the switch to organic living….

Regular readers on Healthy Family know that a couple of my kids struggle with strong reactions to artificial colors and flavors in their foods. Lucky for my family, we realized early on that an organic diet would go a long way in keeping our kids healthy. My kitchen cabinets and refrigerator were gutted in 2007 after a food intolerance test revealed one of our son’s had a severe gluten and corn allergy problem. That same test also showed that he had strong reactions to food dyes, especially yellow 5 and red 40.

Back in 2007 there weren’t nearly as many food choices as there are now. The organic industry has been steadily growing over the past 5 years. I am very pleased to introduce Healthy Family readers to the option of buying from an organic candy company called TruSweets. They have a manufacturing plant right here in the suburbs of Chicago. TruSweets has two brand names. Their candy cane company is called TruJoy Sweets and their gummy candy company is the ever popular Surf Sweets company.

The Most Popular Places to get TruSweets Organic Candy:

The candy tastes fantastic, probably because the ingredients are real. The flavors are strong. Your kids will love them. And you’ll feel good about letting them indulge in a little candy because it’s missing all those nasty ingredients that are proven to make our kids hyper.

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  1. We want to thank Healthy Family for this great giveaway! We received our organic candy package from the giveaway and loved every bit of it!! It arrived right in time for Christmas to stuff stockings for the kids and they enjoyed it – the candy canes were a hit! They were delish! Thanks again for the great giveaway and website. I have enjoyed reading and learning from it!

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