What’s Genetically Engineered Food? See a 10 Minute Cartoon Tutorial

What’s genetically engineered food? Learn what the term genetically engineered means and why it’s an issue in this 10 minute long cartoon by Infomatic Films called “GMO a Go Go!” Sponsored by Natural News, this cartoon will teach you how genetically engineered food is created. You will get an understanding about how it is farmed and how it is studied, too. You’ll also learn a bit about the politics surrounding genetically engineered food. In 10 short minutes you’ll know exactly what’s genetically engineered food.

Natural News Sponsors Cartoon to Educate Public about GMO Foods

Wonder what's genetically engineered food? Watch a 10 minute long cartoon video that will teach you all the basics. Learn why it's both a health and environmental risk. Then spread the word!
What’s Genetically Engineered food?

There’s a new trend in the U.S. to buy organic. But not everyone can afford the sticker price. If you are not buying organic food, then there’s a chance you are eating genetically engineered food.

So what’s genetically engineered food?

There’s a huge difference between conventional crops and genetically engineered crops. This video, produced by Infomatic Films does a fantastic job of highlighting this difference. It’s the brain child of Kirk Rutter and Paul Davies. Please take just 10 short minutes of your day to watch this video. It explains in a nutshell what the non-GMO food movement stand for. You will learn how genetically modified food is engineered. You understand why they kill the things that eat them. You’ll also get insight into the health problems in people that have been linked to them.

What’s Genetically Engineered Food? “GMO a Go Go!” Will Teach You

Now you can understand why there is a strong push by organizations like Natural News to get genetically engineered foods labeled. Please do your part by sharing this video with your friends and family. The more people understand this issue, the sooner we can get labeling. Once consumers are educated and are given the choice, they will no doubt avoid GMO foods if they can.

Thanks for taking the time to watch “GMO a Go Go!” and for visiting Healthy Family. I appreciate your support and encouragement.

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